The big news for developers with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is of course the coming together of the two platforms under the same core. While it is far from being a 1:1 overlap in terms of coding, it is clear that developing on one platform will naturally lend itself to developing on the other, often with devs being able to recycle much of their code and design.

The site Windows Phone Geek, one of the main places for WP devs to gather and discuss items of interest ran a survey recently. They had a nice response with 1,853 respondents, which from our experience is right at the point where data comes to be very reliable. The results reveal that 94% of current Windows Phone devs are interested and planning to co-develop for Windows 8 too. That’s certainly a large percentage and it seems like an obvious business decision—if you already have an app, why not extend it to Windows 8 for even more exposure and revenue?

The question remains of course for Windows 8 and specifically their RT apps if it will “catch on”. The Windows 8 store recently passed 2,000 apps, which is not terrible considering the OS has yet to even launch. Still, many in the tech world are a bit skeptical, as “real” development won’t take place until more mass adoption in early 2013.

And yes, Windows Phone Central is planning on having a Windows 8 app at some point too, no worries there.

Source: Windows Phone Geek