Swarm is the next evolution of the Foursquare check-in phenomenon with a heavier focus on the social. Launched earlier this spring, Swarm was a little late to the Windows Phone party but at least it was always planned to get support. When Swarm finally arrived, it had quite a few bugs and usability issues out the gate, although the developers were keen on making things right.

Earlier today, version went out to those using the app, and truth be told, the app is now hitting its stride for stability and feature parity with iOS and Android. Let us see what is new with today's latest version.


  • Word Flow keyboard support!
  • Category mayorships - compete with your friends!
  • New sticker book so you can see all your stickers (and unlock new ones)
  • A new photo picker when you're checking in
  • An easier way to see details about a place

Putting aside your thoughts on Swarm as a service (versus Foursquare), this update sets many things right for the Windows Phone app. Understandably adding Word Flow keyboard support is a pretty big deal for those of us who like to use Microsoft's swipe keyboard. The new photo picker matches the version on iOS, and it shows your most recent images for quick access and uploading. The rest of the features also bring the app up to speed with the Swarm service.

Finally, the developers note in the changelog "We also fixed a bunch of bugs and made the app faster! " something with which we agree. Swarm indeed does feel more responsive and less prone to crashing.

Overall, it is great to see a new app like Swarm find its feet on Windows Phone, even if the UI is not exactly Modern.

Do you use Swarm? Tell us why or why not below.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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