It is never easy mass releasing a new app for any OS because testing on a few devices with a few users is one thing, mass testing with the world is another. Foursquare's new Swarm app came out two days ago, and it is now on its second update since then (the first came out just hours after the initial release). Being good developers the Swarm team is passing on the changes too with some specificity, so they get a small golf clap from us for keeping us informed.

Headed to the Store, and you can see version ready for download, up from from Wednesday.

Swarm (fixes)

  • Plans tab crash in certain languages
  • App not working when in airplane mode
  • App not working when location services are off
  • Errors in Login with Facebook
  • Checkin page not showing the map in some languages
  • Some errors when trying to check your friends in
  • Give more space to the friend list when checking in.

Considering Swarm is batting 2.6 (out of 5) rating on the Store, this update could not come soon enough as many users are left with a crashing or unstable app. Although it is doubtful that this release fixes all issues, here's to hoping it addresses the biggest ones facing users.

Grab the update and let us know if things are any better for you below (and if you left a negative review, it is always nice to adjust your rating in the Store if you think it warrants it!)

Thanks, Sanjeev S. and Mathieu G., for the tips!

QR: swarm