SVT Play Windows Phone 8

Good news for our friends in Sweden, as evidently you will be getting an official SVT (Sveriges Television AB) app to watch on your Windows Phone 8 device next month, give or take a few weeks. The SVT for Sweden is analogous to the BBC in the UK and is considered to be a major source of news and some entertainment.

The info comes via their help forums for SVT Play (their mobile service) and right from the mouth of technical project leader Anders Herbert who noted that it will be here around April but only for Windows Phone 8 devices (due to restrictions on the earlier platform).


“Hello again, I'm sorry you had to wait for an answer. The decision has been delayed because a yes or no on the issue of support for Windows Phone was very dependent on how a possible solution would look like. We develop SVT Play internally with limited resources and we need to ensure that any new platform support won't limit service development in general.

Anyway: we have now found a sustainable way to get video playback on Windows Phone, and as it looks right now, SVT Play will function in [windows] phones later this spring, probably sometime in April. Because of the differences between Windows Phone 8 and earlier versions of the operating system SVT Play will only work on Windows Phone 8, not Windows Phone 7, 7.5 or 7.8.”

We’re told by be reader of the site Daniel P. that the lack of SVT Play on Windows Phone has been a “deal breaker” for a lot of potential customers in that country. If that is the case, then getting this service to work on new devices will certainly give a boost to the platform in Sweden and that's a good thing.

Source: SVT Play Forums; Thanks, Daniel P., for the links and translation assistance!