We last covered the swinging-jumper Benji Bananas back in September when it was first released for Windows Phone. The game, which earlier arrived on iOS and Android, is one of Nokia’s exclusive games for its Lumia customers. It's free with ads and although it’s not an Xbox title, its smooth graphics and fun arcade gameplay make it a worthy game for your collection.

Today, version is live in the Store and it has a fairly significant changelog, including a new "scenario".

Benji Bananas version

  • New scenario: INFERNO!
  • Fix for handling incoming phone calls during gameplay.
  • Fix for handling background music when exiting application.
  • Removed back buttons according to UI guidelines, use the hardware back button instead.
  • Other minor fixes.

This is the third update to the game and it shows some nice dedication from the developers behind it. Indeed, the game maintains a high 4.5 stars (out of 5), with lots of positive reviews from players.

It’s a fun game with great graphics, one that we always add to our Lumia phones. Speaking of, Nokia still has an exclusive on this game, so HTC, Samsung and Huawei owners will have to wait until that expires.

If you’re new to Nokia Lumias and missed this game or are in need of an update, head here to the Nokia Collection to grab Benji Bananas. It’s free, works on 512 MB devices and is well worth the 38 MB download.

Thanks, Anderson S., for the tip

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