Lumia Denim is still on its last leg of being pushed out to carriers and users around the world. However, there are still some holdouts. Although Denim is lagging on US carriers, it is due to extended testing, not it being cancelled. The same evidently cannot be said for T-Mobile Germany, conversely.

The information comes by way of their support forums, which we would consider semi-official.

In response to an inquiry about Lumia Denim for the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020, Telekom forum assistant 'Justina S.' notes that 'Aktuell ist von unserer Seite aus kein Demin Update für diese Nokia Modelle geplant.' Roughly translated, there are no current plans to offer the Lumia Denim update for Nokia phones. (Another representative chimes in that it is "not in bad faith" that they are skipping this update, whatever that means).

So far, T-Mobile Germany has either released Denim as an update or phones with Denim pre-installed, including:

  • Lumia 620 
  • Lumia 625 
  • Lumia 830 
  • Lumia 930 

It is not clear what the status is for their other phones, including the Lumia 920 or Lumia 820.

We should caution that these reps could be wrong, or things can change. However, for now at least, if you do not hear any more news about Lumia Denim for certain T-Mobile Germany Lumias, you now know why.

Source: T-Mobile forums; Thanks, Bernd H., for the tip and translation assistance!

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