Update: You know those bits below that talk about how this is finally a bit of good news for T-Mobile customers? Yeah, strike that. Turns out that the 3G is only for voice communication, not data. So not while we've been waiting for 3G-enabled phones on T-Mo, now we find that even as they arrive they might not be all they're cracked up to be at first. Bummer, T-Mo.

Take the set of T-Mobile users, join it with the set of Windows Mobile lovers, and you get a pretty unhappy lot. With the exception of the excellent Shadow (and the upcoming Shadow II), there's not a lot of good news for this group of people who love powerful phones and customer service that doesn't make you want to stab your eye out with a stylus. So we offer unto this group two potential pieces of good news:

The Boy Genius Report claims that T-Mo might finally be ready to start rolling out 3G, starting with New York City (and presumably elsewhere). For what it's worth, we heard this ourselves from a T-Mobile retention specialist (let us not look too long at the irony of canceling a T-Mobile account mere days before they turn on 3G), but if we reported on everything CS reps told us we'd be promising everybody ponies.

The slightly less exciting news for US customers is that the European T-Mobile is expected to start offering Windows Mobile 6.1 devices and possibly upgrades as well. That should bode well for US T-Mobile fans, but the European T-Mo customers tend to get better Windows Mobile love than we get here. Let's take a guess at what will happen with regard to US T-Mobile handsets and Windows Mobile 6.1, shall we?

  • Wing: Highly doubtful.
  • Shadow: Possible, but unlikely since we're going to see the...
  • Shadow II: When it comes, it will have WM6.1. And Voice over WiFi. Should be exciting.