lumia 635

The US Microsoft Store website is once again taking pre-orders for the T-Mobile Lumia 635, over a week after the site pulled its previous listing for the Windows Phone 8.1 device.

Now that T-Mobile has confirmed it will start selling the phone next week, it looks like Microsoft is ready to let folks buy the Lumia 635 directly from the manufacturer. The 4.5-inch smartphone can be bought from the site for $129 without a contract.

As we previously reported, T-Mobile will begin a limited sale of the Lumia 635 this weekend on the Home Shopping Network cable TV outlet, before selling the phone online themselves on July 9. The wireless carrier will being selling the phone in some of its retail stores on July 16 and MetroPCS stores will do the same on July 18.

We are still awaiting word from AT&T on exactly when they will begin their own sales of the Lumia 635, which could be priced lower than the T-Mobile version. Are you willing to wait for AT&T's model or do you plan to jump in and get the T-Mobile version now?

Thanks to Brandon Boyer for the tip!

Source: Microsoft Store

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