T-Mobile Lumia 640 headed to Walmart shelves on June 20

If you're a T-Mobile prepaid customer looking to get your hands on a Lumia 640, you may not have much longer to wait. As spotted by a Windows Central reader, the Lumia 640 looks set to hit Walmart shelves on June 20. Here's a look at the advertisement was spotted by Twitter user @sedp23 at a Walmart location in Chicago:

T-Mobile Lumia 640 at Walmart

The June 20 date is the interesting bit here. While the Lumia 640 has been listed by T-Mobile as coming soon for a while now, we recently got word that it would launch for the carrier on June 17, albeit as a "ship to (direct fulfillment)" system, rather than being available on T-Mobile's store shelves. It's entirely possible that T-Mobile could stick with the June 17 as the official launch, with the device coming to Walmart just a few days later.

Between the previous release date leaks and this latest advertisement from Walmart, the Lumia 640 launch on T-Mobile looks to be imminent, and it's a good thing too. So far, Cricket Wireless has been the only route to snagging the Lumia 640 in the U.S., and hopefully that's about to change.

Thanks for the tip @sedp23!