T-Mobile Lumia 640 still expected for spring release

Last week, we reported on what seemed to be confirmation from a T-Mobile support rep that the Lumia 640 would arrive at at the carrier on July 16. As we noted, neither T-Mobile, nor Microsoft, had given an official announcement of availability at the time. Today, another rep has confirmed that the July 16 date was incorrect, and the device is still vaguely expected for a spring release.

According to a Twitter exchange between a T-Mobile rep and a Windows Central reader, the cause for the mixup was a misquote of last year's Lumia 635 release date:

"The device can make or break the deal. We totally get it! This date was a representative of T-Mobile that accidently quoted the release date of the Nokia Lumia 635 to a customer. This is 100% our error. The closest we have to a specific date for the Lumia 640 is "Spring"."

While it may be slightly disappointing that there is still no firm date for the Lumia 640 on T-Mobile, the spring timeframe should mean that the device will be here a tad sooner than expected (summer "officially" begins on June 21, for reference). We still don't know what the device will cost from the "un-carrier," but a Microsoft Store listing from late last month pointed towards an $89 price tag. However, the Lumia 640 is already available from Cricket Wireless starting at $129.99, so that price is in no way set in stone until we get a formal announcement.

Source: Twitter Thanks for the sleuthing, Jay!