Although AT&T users are finally having their day, T-Mobile is swooping in with another firmware update for their flagship (and Windows Phone Central favorite) Nokia Lumia 925.

By heading into Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates, users should now be greeted with a message about a new one being available. The update is strictly related to firmware and it will bump it from 1330 to 1336.

This will be the second update for the T-Mobile Lumia 925, which shipped with GDR2 and Amber on board. Back in September, T-Mobile bumped the OS from 10327 to 10328 and the firmware from 1325 to 1330.

So what is new with the 1336 firmware from Nokia? Nothing specific as T-Mobile’s support page simply notes “User experience improvements”. This may be related to network performance or even Wi-Fi calling, which has been flaky for us on occasion.

Update 5PM ET: Changelog has been posted

  • Full version of Nokia Glance Screen
  • Enhancements to Bluetooth audio, FM radio, and call audio quality
  • General performance and usability improvements

Regardless, it’s great to see T-Mobile and Nokia continue to support such a great device. Indeed, Microsoft is now advertising the T-Mobile Lumia 925 and its low-light camera prowess in new TV ads being broadcast across the US. We saw it no less than four times at the gym last night, so make no mistake they are standing behind this fantastic phone.

Do you have the update? Noticed anything new? Let us know in comments.

Thanks, MaRkThE40KiLLeR, for the tip!

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