Howdy folks, we're still here, rocking away at the T-Mobile-Nokia Lumia 710 launch event in SoHo, New York. Anywho, above you'll find out hands on with the 710, which we're impressed with. The screen is gorgeous, the camera is great and it feels perfect in the hand.

The device features a powerful 1.4Ghz CPU, 3.7" "clear black" screen, 8GB of memory and low-aperture camera which should meet most people's needs who are entry or mid-level smartphone users. Heck, even we want one.


Nokia is planning on supporting this device through their "concierge service" which allows customers to basically interact with Nokia directly for support on their phone--not just problems, but on how to maximize the device's use to its fullest potential. That sounds a lot like an Apple-experience, but you didn't hear that from us. In addition, expect some Nokia-backed advertising for this device--not Deadmau5 kind of things, but strong, consistent support which is a win for the Windows Phone ecosystem as well as Nokia/T-Mobile.


Look for this phone for $49.95 come January. Finally, we're expecting a large Nokia presence at CES in Vegas, where we we'll be reunited for whatever they have to announce or show off. Stay tuned! A few more pics after the break...

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