Just yesterday it was brought to our attention that T-Mobile had posted details about the upcoming ‘Portico’ OS update for the HTC 8X Windows Phone. The combined over-the-air update was to bring new firmware in addition to the OS update to fix stability issues.

That update was announced to go live today but a few hours ago, T-Mobile and Microsoft pulled the plug on the update, resulting in a temporary delay.

From the T-Mobile support forums as posted by their moderator:

“I know you were eagerly anticipating a new software update today and I wanted to give you a status update. In order to ensure the best possible experience with your device, we have temporarily delayed the release of the update to perform a few tweaks. We’re working hard to ensure that we get the update to you as quickly as possible.”

That means only one thing: Microsoft, HTC and T-Mobile may have found a few issues with the update and are taking a step back before throwing the switch.

We’re a bit shocked that T-Mobile we cancel plans hours before the expected push, especially since there are isolated reports of unlocked devices (Nokia and HTC) getting this update right now.

So sorry folks, looks like for T-Moible usrers there will be no OS and firmware update today. We’ll keep you posted.

For AT&T Lumia 820 and 920 users, we’re unsure of what this means as well…stay tuned. [Update: AT&T is still on...]

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