It should be clear now that OEMs and partners have begun to roll out the second Windows Phone 8 OS update for the year, dubbed ‘GDR2’, to various devices. With the Samsung ATIV S and HTC 8X getting the update in the last 48 hours, it’s obvious that things are now moving.

Earlier, we told you that T-Mobile US was testing the GDR2 OS update for the Nokia Lumia 810. On that device we were unsure if it actually will be updated versus the carrier just testing it. However, we can now definitively say that another device, the HTC 8X will get the update and it is scheduled to happen within the next four days, on July 22nd.

T-Mobile HTC 8X GDR2

We say “scheduled” only because T-Mobile has cancelled previous updates in the past with very short notice, due to some bugs found. While that could happen here, the company seems confident that the update is “gold” and ready for distribution.

According to an internal memo obtained by Windows Phone Central, and seen above, the OS update (10327) will begin to roll out next Monday and it will include Data Sense (much like their Lumia 925). The memo also notes and improved camera and an “improved user experience”.

Hopefully more specifics will come forward in the coming days, including whether or not Wi-Fi calling will be on board as well as FM Radio and the temporary file cleaner.