Email Templates

Do you have an email that you send on a regular basis from your Windows Phone 8 device? You know the ones that seem to repeat week after week, month after month?  You may want to give Email Templates a try.

The Windows Phone 8 app Email Templates is an easy way to create these emails. From monthly meeting reminders to re-occurring social events, Email Templates could save you a little time while your on the go.

The interface for Email Templates is rather simple. From the main screen of the app you can create a new template, view your existing templates, use the template, pin it to your Start Screen, edit an existing template, copy a template and delete a template.

Email Templates

In creating a template, you can preset the To, CC and BCC fields, your subject line and the body of the email. If you have fields that need to edited prior to sending, just use brackets to create editable fields that will appear before you generate the final email.

The only downside to Email Templates is that with each email you get a rather lengthy plug for the app as a header and footer. You can delete it but that kinda defeats the goal of creating these re-occurring emails quickly. I also understand the need for the developer to get a little exposure but alot can be said for brevity. Update: The header and footer are only present in the trial version. 

There is a free trial version of Email Templates available and the full version will run you $.99. You can find Email Templates here in the Windows Phone Store.

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