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Panos Panay and the Surface have just wrapped up their AMA on Reddit. That’s the informal Q&A session with the community at Reddit. The focus was of course the newly announced Surface Pro 3, but the team also fielded questions about Surface in general.

Below we’ve pulled out all the info that Panos and team shared from the AMA. Just sit back and read all his answers right here.

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Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore just wrapped up his first AMA on Reddit. It’s an informal Q&A session with folks in that belong to the Windows Phone section of Reddit. He shared a lot of insight about the current state of Windows Phone. Joe also gave us glimpses into the future. We learned that an official file manager was coming to Windows Phone 8.1 sometime during this month (and even got a first look at it!), we learned that Microsoft is courting Snapchat, we learned about big updates coming to Skype and Facebook and so much more.

Below we’ve pulled out all the info that Joe shared from his AMA. Just sit back and read all his answers right here.

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Microsoft launched Office for iPad nearly two weeks ago. Now iPad owners can enjoy view Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Have (or obtain as Microsoft would like) an Office 365 subscription and you’re able to not just view documents, but edit them as well. The apps have seen over 12 million downloads since launch. The Office for iPad team just wrapped up an AMA on Reddit where they shared a lot of interesting facts about the product. Highlights from the Q&A below.

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The Nokia Lumia 1520 was announced last week and for the most part, we already know what we need to know about it. It’s a 6-inch 1080P LCD display device with a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, it comes with 16 or 32 GB of internal storage, it has microSD expansion and takes a Nano SIM. To power it all, it has a massive 3400 mAh battery and an oversampling 20 MP rear PureView camera.

But wait, you want more information? Although major tech sites are awaiting official review units from Nokia, including ourselves, you can head into our forums to discuss. How so? Forum member 'ALpHa.Q.RoUgH' evidently has one on hand and is taking your questions (you can even see some photos of the device, like the one above).

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A handful of engineers on the Windows 8.1 team just wrapped up an AMA on Reddit. As you may or may not know, AMA stands for “ask me anything” and serves as a question and answer session. The team spent time answering questions from the community on everything from their favorite Windows apps to whether or not we’d see a book store in the Windows ecosystem. We’ve grabbed the highlights from the AMA for you to peruse down below.

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UPDATE: Check out the highlights from Tuesday's Reddit chat by clicking here.

Today is an exciting day that marks the release of Windows 8’s first upgrade – Windows 8.1. The free software update for existing Windows 8 users can be picked up from the Windows Store or purchased from your favorite retailer, if you are running an older version of the operating system (for more details on getting the update, click here).

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Nokia Lumia 1020 – Ask us anything

Hopefully by now you’ve read our review teaser for the Nokia Lumia 1020, peeked at some sample shots and read some reviews.

Of course, no matter how much you read, you may still have burning questions that you have not seen answered anywhere. That’s where we come in as we’re hosting in our forums a dedicated thread where I’ll take your inquires on the super shooter.

Want to know the average photo size? Does it get hot? How is it as a phone? Do my cats like it? Ask away in our forums!

More: I've got the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020. You've got questions. Windows Phone Central Forums.

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My homeboy, William Henry Gates III, started Microsoft back in the mid-1970s. While he stepped down from full-time work over 6 years ago, he’s still Chairman and all around badass. Right now if you mosey on over to Reddit he is doing an AMA – mostly about his current work with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, but he’s also fielding Microsoft related questions. Bill also posted a video asking a few typical questions before hand, check it out after the break.

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Over at the site Reddit, tipster MS_Nerd did an AMA (Ask me anything) where he took questions from fellow Redditors. Specifically, he was talking about Windows Phone news and what's coming down the line.

We should point out that MS_Nerd has a spotty record on these things. First, he claimed that "Tango" would come with a 480x320 resolution which obviously it is not. He also noted that there was a "Tango 2" release that would come at MIX12, where also "Apollo" would be announced. Two things wrong with that one: there's no Tango 2 and MIX12 was canceled, so it'd be odd for the Windows Phone team to make a huge announcement there. Finally there was the "Zune Pass will slowly be merged with Xbox Live Gold" from May 2011, which surely hasn't happened yet either.

Point being, take this with a grain of salt as his accuracy is mixed at best. We'd hardly call him "reliable" as some sites have.

What MS_Nerd did reveal was that supposedly all Windows Phones will be eligible for Windows Phone 8 aka "Apollo" but that the carriers, as usual, will be the biggest roadblock. He also emphasized Nokia's role in hardware development:

"Yes, all current Windows Phones will receive a subset of Apollo. The carriers are the primary obstacle in the US. I hear Microsoft is pushing hard for a Mango-like delivery schedule, as are Nokia & HTC. Some Apollo features will be exclusive to the 3rd-gen devices expected to be released this fall on the MSM8960 platform."

"Nokia's role is in defining chipset support (beyond Qualcomm), designing the camera-to-software interaction model, antenna & battery design, languages & regional services, etc."

In response, we'll just say even Microsoft has dodged this issue lately, leading us to believe that this is not so cut and dry. In fact, Microsoft's Myerson was purposefully guileful on this very topic. Second, we have it from our own internal sources that no, not every phone will get Apollo, in fact it's the opposite: only new hardware will have it on board. Fact is, if this was a simple as MS_Nerd has us believe, we'd imagine Microsoft would just come out and say it.

Conclusion? This is far from set in stone as evidenced by the posting of contradictory rumors by many Windows Phone sites (who seem to revel in these rumors without acknowledging how contradictory they are). While we want to believe that all our phones will get upgraded, there is nothing, absolutely nothing solid here folks. So our advice: sit back and wait for Microsoft to say something on the record or wait for some real proof, otherwise we'll be going back and forth on this topic for quite some time.

Source: Reddit; via PhonaArena, WMPU; WP8 concept image: Jozef Kocúr; Thanks, Vernon S., for the tip

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