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Become a shepherd and rescue cute bundles of fluff in Pocket Sheep for Windows Phone

A strong variety of cute indie games are available on the Windows Phone Store, with more being added for everyone to enjoy. One of these titles is Pocket Sheep, a game by No Brakes Games and Pin Studios through the App Campus program. Head on past the break to learn why this addictive little title is worth downloading.

See a video of Project Tripod, the upcoming app that will become the world’s virtual tripod

Way back in late June we showed you guys and gals the early work of an upcoming app for Windows Phone called Project Tripod. It’s an app that aims to eliminate the need for tripods with a unique social twist. Think of it as a virtual tripod. But if you’re having trouble imaging the app, there’s a video below of it in action. Let’s check it out.

Sing your heart out, karaoke style with Singster for Windows Phone

Singster is more than just a karaoke app, we're talking about a new community that enables you to tune in, sing and either rock to or ultimately destroy more than 1,300 classics. It doesn't matter if you can or can't sing. As long as you have a voice, some confidence (alcohol is said to help, adults) and the app installed on your Windows Phone, you'll be able to sing your favourite hits, recording the performance and take part in competitions.

Project Tripod aims to eliminate tripods for time lapses, exclusive to Windows Phone

The majority of the crew here at Windows Phone Central digs photography. Between our DSLRs and smartphones we’re all about wrangling photons. And we’re not alone, a lot of you are into photography too. If you count yourself among the photography loving crowd you should sign up to join the beta of Project Tripod, an exclusive app coming to Windows Phone first.

Over $1 million going to 36 startups through AppCampus development programme

While we continue to impatiently approach Nokia's event this coming week where we'll hopefully see what the Finnish manufacturer has to offer in terms of Windows Phone Apollo hardware, news has unearthed today surrounding the AppCampus (, which was set up earlier in the year.

The joint venture between Microsoft, Aalto University (Finland) and Nokia was established at a cost of $23 million to promote quality app development on Windows Phone. AppCampus has revealed that it has distributed the first $1 million of its budget on 36 developers out of a total of 900 submissions.

Microsoft and Nokia to launch €18 Million app development program in Finland

In partnership with both Nokia and Microsoft, Aalto University in Finland will use an €18 million (a tad over $28 million U.S.) investment kitty set up by the two companies to launch an app development program. The program, named "AppCampus", will act as an umbrella for the development of innovative apps to take place for Windows Phone, Symbian and Series 40.

AppCampus will attempt to attract students, developers and entrepreneurs to the Windows Phone platform and help boost the quality of apps found on the Marketplace. While it's pleasant to see Symbian and Series 40 still receiving some attention from Nokia (as well as Microsoft with this investment), it'll be exciting to see how the program will affect the situation with Microsoft's mobile platform.

"Within the AppCampus program, mobile entrepreneurs can benefit from comprehensive support, training in mobile technology, design and usability, and funding to create innovative new mobile apps and services. Windows Phone Marketplace and Nokia Store offer local and global business opportunities to program participants via distribution to consumers around the world. Mentored by veterans in the mobile industry, program participants will be given insights and business coaching to help them commercialize their ideas while retaining the full intellectual property rights for their innovations."

With Windows 8 just around the corner, along with the "three screens" dream for Microsoft and Nokia's apparent tablet plans, we wouldn't be surprised to see development for Metro apps outside of the 480x800 resolution. Exciting times for developers and consumers, nonetheless. Check out the press release after the break.

Source: AppCampus, via: Gizmodo