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Beezz v1.2 bringing updated live tile, conversations, favorites and more

While it has only been a few days, the popular Twitter client Beezz is gearing up for a v1.2 update that should make a lot of folks happy.

First off is the new Live Tile, with counters for messages, new Tweets and mentions--not too shabby, though it looks a little crowded. Still, we like innovation. The next features are some biggies that a lot of folks have been clamoring for:

  • favorites
  • lists
  • saved searches
  • conversation view

That just about fills out the most popular Twitter features and we're pretty excited about giving it a spin. No word on ETA this time, but hopefully it will have less hangups than the last update ;-) Stay tuned for more.

Source: @beezzapp

Beezz v1.1 goes live--push and live tile notifications are a go

We've been waiting on it for two weeks but late tonight (morning for most of you), the Beezz update finally happened. [See our earlier hands-on video]

A cursory look of the app shows no major changes to the UI, but the big new feature is the ability to receive Direct Messages and Mentions as pushed "toast" notifications (those at the top of the screen) and Home (live tile) notifications, which gives you a counter of how many new Tweets have happened since your last check in. (Also, search now works as well).

Overall it seems to be working very well--it's quick to push the messages/alerts and we're quite pleased. Along with GoVoice (Google) and everything is coming along nicely on WP7 just one month out. Of course the app is still free and you can download it here (opens your Zune desktop).

Beezz updated validated, headed to Zune

We made mention of an update to Beezz some time ago.  The update would add a live tile, toast for direct messages, language support, and other fixes.  The update ran into some snags when first submitted for validation.

Based on the Beezz Tweets, the problems have been addressed, corrected and the update has been validated.  Next stop the Zune Marketplace.

Not sure how long it takes to go from validation to being pushed out by Zune but keep an eye on your Marketplace Tile for the update.  Based on the Tweet, we should see it later tonight.  If you haven't downloaded Beezz, you can find it here (opens your Zune desktop).

Source: @beezzapp

Beezz (Twitter) update adds live tile, push notifications later today

We mentioned an update was in the works when we first took a look at the Twitter app Beezz. We are now learning that the update is on schedule for release tomorrow.

Along with adding a Live Tile to Beezz, the update will also include new features such as:

  • Toast for direct message and mentions
  • An innovative way to access writing a tweet
  • Choose your language in the preferences panel
  • Enhanced Search
  • Bugs fixed
  • New organization of the lists in the pivot.

If you haven't checked out Beezz, you can find it at the Marketplace here and if you've already installed the app, look to your Marketplace tile for indications that the update is available.

Thanks Sebastien for the tip!

WPCentral First Look: Beezz Twitter app for Windows Phone 7

While the official Twitter and Seesmic apps get all the press, this little program has snuck by a lot of people. It's free, just like the others, but offers some unique features like counters and very smooth scrolling.

The app is quite fast with an intuitive layout, making it one of our favorite Twitter apps out there.

Next week, the developer is planning to release a new version featuring a Live Tile for your start screen, as teased below.

Grab Beezz from the Marketplace here.