BBM beta update brings stickers, timed messages, message retraction

BlackBerry has rolled out a new version to its BBM beta app on Windows Phone today, and it brings a number of new features. For you sticker lovers out there, you can now look forward to sending stickers back and forth in your chats. Also coming along for the ride are timed messages, message retractions, and a number of bug fixes.

Join the Windows Phone beta for comic reader Cover

Comics are wonderful things and, to this day, a guilty pleasure of mine. There's a beta starting up soon for a comic reader app on Windows Phone that you might want to join if you too like to read comics.

First look at the next version of Disqus for Windows Phone

Ready for your first look at the next version of the official Disqus app on Windows Phone? Of course you are, which is what we're going to show you now. Disqus is probably one of the largest blog comment systems on the web. One that you'll find on a good majority of websites. The Disqus Windows Phone app was their first for mobile, so we're excited to see what's in store for the new Disqus 2.0 beta.

Destiny beta event to be held at Microsoft's San Diego store Wednesday

Microsoft will hold a special event at their retail store in San Diego on Wednesday to celebrate the start of the four day beta test for Destiny on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

Join the beta for a Windows Phone 8.1 Pushbullet app

Pushbullet is coming to Windows Phone thanks to an enterprising third-party developer. Pushbullet is a popular product to bridge the gap between your phone, tablet and PC. You can easily share files, links and more from your phone to other devices around you. Let's check out this unofficial app and detail how you can join the beta.

Halo 5: Guardians beta to run for 3 weeks starting December 27

If you are a Halo fan and own an Xbox One, the holiday season of 2014 will be very merry indeed. Microsoft has confirmed that the beta test for the Xbox One exclusive first person shooter Halo 5: Guardians will officially begin on December 27.

Viber looking for new Windows Phone 8 beta testers

Viber is using its Facebook page to recruit some new Windows Phone 8 beta testers in order to improve the popular VoIP app. The Facebook post itself doesn't offer any details of what exactly Viber has planned for new app features, but it sounds like the company is eager to get some feedback on something they want to launch later to the general public

Developer of Baconit app opens up early access program

The developer of Baconit, a popular Reddit app for Windows Phone, has opened up an early access program. What this program does for consumers is it allows those who wish to help out test new functionality and enjoy features before the stable app is updated. If you're an avid beta tester, this is certainly the option for you. Read past the break to see how you can get involved.

Official Facebook beta updates with bug fixes and more reliable notifications

Facebook Beta was updated to version 5.2 today, bringing along some performance improvements and the ubiquitious bug fixes. Users on the beta track for Facebook can enjoy faster and more reliable notifications, as well as suport for additional languages.

First look at the next version of Endomondo for Windows Phone

Last week we learned that Endomondo was taking requests for users to join an upcoming beta for Windows Phone. The beta features the next version of Endomondo for Windows Phone with new features and a redesign. If you signed up for the beta you should check your inbox. Invites for the beta is now rolling out to users. Here’s your first look at the next version of Endomondo for Windows Phone.

Boxcryptor coming to Windows Phone, join the beta today!

The majority of us all rely on cloud storage in one form or another. OneDrive is what most Windows Phone and Windows 8 users rely on, especially since it’s integrated into the operating systems. Other popular cloud storage services include Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Mega and others. How secure are they though? Boxcryptor is company focused on protecting your data that you upload to other cloud storage services. And they have an app for Windows Phone being developed.

BitTorrent Sync coming soon to Windows Phone, currently in private beta

BitTorrent Sync is coming soon to Windows Phone. The app was discovered in the Windows Phone Store and appears to be undergoing a private beta at the moment. Fans of BitTorrent will be pretty excited to learn about their new Sync service. Ready to access your files from anywhere on the planet for free? How about sharing files with a free and not having to worry about upload limits on the size of the file? You can do all of that with BitTorrent Sync.

Facebook app for Windows Phone picks up minor update to fix date crashing bug

The official Facebook app for Windows Phone received an update today. The latest release address crash bugs that have affected some consumers due to the months switching to March. If you haven't yet updated your Facebook app and have been experiencing issues, we urge you to check the store. Pass the break for store links.

Join the beta for Toib, an upcoming YouTube client from the developer behind Phonly

The day we get a good official YouTube app for Windows Phone is the day pigs fly. In the meantime we rely on solid third-party apps like myTube and Metrotube. You’ll be able to add another app to that list very soon. Toib is an upcoming application for YouTube that’s currently in beta. You can join that beta and you really should. It’s a great app with a lot of potential. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Heatmiser UK looking for beta testers to trial their Windows Phone app

Heatmiser ( deals in thermostats and other hardware for the home, which help consumers utilise today's technology, namely smartphones to control the climate indoors. Heatmiser currently does not have an app available for Windows Phone, but this is set to change with a beta stage kicking off.

Titanfall beta becoming available for everyone on Xbox One

If there is one game that just about everyone seems to be champing at the bit to play on Xbox One, it’s Titanfall. So when the signups for the public beta went live a few days ago, people were clamoring to get in. But if you didn’t happen to be one of the lucky ones to get a beta code, don’t fret. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, aka Larry Hryb,  has just announced that Microsoft will be making the Titanfall beta available to all Xbox One owners.

Join the beta for Threepointer, an upcoming Dribbble app for Windows Phone

If you’re a designer you've probably used Dribbble a number of times. It’s by far one of the largest community’s for web designers, illustrators, typographers, logo designers, graphic designers and other creative to highlight their work. It’s also a great place to connect with fellow designers. Developers have also used it successfully to find developers to work with. It’s a great place for design.

Dribbble doesn’t have any official apps, but they do offer the Dribbble API so that others can create apps. If you’re at all interested in a Dribbble app for Windows Phone you need to sign up for the beta of Threepointer for Windows Phone. It’s beautiful and does things we’ve never seen in any app for Windows Phone.

SSH client PuTTY moves into closed beta; available on the Windows Phone Store

The popular telnet/SSH client for Windows, PuTTY has finally gone into closed beta for Windows Phone. Should you be on the beta list from when we last covered the app being in development, you'll be able to get a first look at what's coming to the mobile platform. For those who aren't sure what PuTTY does, the app essentially enables you to connect to remote machines through a terminal.

With PuTTY being in beta as we speak, we can't see it being long for the testing phase to complete and the app be published for everyone to download. Pass the break for some details and screenshots.

Zello for Windows Phone 8 going into beta, sign up today!

We really like when new apps come to Windows Phone. So we’re pretty stoked to hear that Zello is closer than ever to hitting the Windows Phone Store. We first reported that the push-to-talk service was coming to Windows Phone back in June of last year. Interested in the app? We’ve got a beta sign up link below for you to click. Let’s go!

Microsoft launches new Photosynth experience to make places 'worth a thousand views'

Microsoft's Photosynth service has been available to the public since 2010, providing the ability to create 3D models from user uploaded photographs. The service has been using what they call "point cloud recognition" to see where images may align. Today, the company has announced a new preview that brings the service leaps forward. 

Essentially, the software can now create more immersive Photosynths using four basic techniques (or what Microsoft is calling "experiences"); they are spin, panorama, walk, and wall.