Developers: Your beta apps will no longer expire on Windows Phone

Developers, we’ve got some news for you if you have or are planning to do a beta for your Windows Phone app. Microsoft has made some updates to how beta apps work based on developer feedback. The biggest change? Beta apps no longer expire.

Project Spark beta for Windows 8.1 rolling out, lets you build games for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8

Project Spark for Windows is nearly here. As you'll recall, Project Spark is an upcoming game from Microsoft that spans the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 8. It could be one of the most interesting cross-platform experiences from Microsoft in recent memory, if it works as they've envisioned it. Starting today you can try it out for yourself. The beta for Windows 8.1 users is rolling out around the globe now.

VLC for Windows 8 and Windows Phone is almost ready, here’s the latest on its status

We’re inching closer and closer to seeing VLC on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The project started a little over a year ago and was funded by users via Kickstarter. The team gave the community updates at somewhat regular intervals, but has gone silent in recent months. We now have a new update on the status for the project for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Let’s find out the latest news and check out some new screenshots of the app. 

WhatsApp getting new history settings to help you easily clear past conversations

WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messenger, will soon sport the ability for you to easily clear messages in conversations. The beta version of the app (2.11.309) has been bumped with this functionality, showing off exactly what's on the way to the live release.

If you've been holding out for a way to effectively clear messages older than a certain date, without removing the entire conversation then this will be for you.

Sneak peek at the new features coming to the hit game SongArc

We’ve been following SongArc since the app entered beta. The music game is exclusive to Windows Phone and highly addicting to those who play just a few games. The app is currently the most popular music game app in the Windows Phone Store and features nearly 3,000 reviews with an average of 5 out of 5 stars for the rating. It’s also entering v2.0 in the beta. Here’s what you can look forward to with the next big release of SongArc.

Join the Youmigo beta, an exclusive app for Windows Phone to make friends around the world

We’re big fans of apps that chose to launch exclusive on Windows Phone first before going cross-platform. We’re also big fans when those apps revolve around a unique idea. Youmigo is an app that’s currently in beta for Windows Phone 8 users that is not only exclusive to Windows Phone, but pretty unique. Let’s check it out and give you details on joining this beta.

After a month long drought, Facebook Beta for Windows Phone is updated

There was a stretch of time there where the Facebook Beta app was seemingly getting a new update nearly every Friday. And then it stopped. It’s been about a month since the app has been updated, but today we’re finally getting an update. Anything new?

Sign up for access to the Windows 8 beta for and get access for Windows Phone has had a rollercoaster of a relationship with Windows Phone. Earlier this year they said they had no plans for Windows Phone. Fast forward a few months and we’re looking at them instead confirming a app for Windows Phone before the end of the year. Not only are they working on Windows Phone support, but they also confirmed a Windows 8 version of in time for the holidays.

Want in on the beta for Windows 8 and Windows Phone? Yes you do. Details below.

First look at the next version of Weave and details on how you can join the beta

Here's our first look at the next version of Weave for Windows Phone 8 users, along with details on how you can join the open beta. 

Weave recently made the jump to your Surface and Windows 8. It’s one of our favorite news readers on Windows Phone, so we were very happy to see it on our tablets, laptops, and desktops. Don’t worry though, Weave on Windows Phone is still getting lots of support and new features. Here’s your first look at the latest version of Weave and details on how you can join the beta. Bonus, if you join the beta you’re going to get a little treat from the developer. Read on for all the details.

Fitbit Tracker for Windows Phone updated, ready for the Fitbit Force band

When it comes to tracking our fitness, we’re big fans of the Fitbit family of trackers and the overall ecosystem. Unfortunately, they don’t have an official app on Windows Phone, but do have on for Windows 8 and have a desktop app to sync with you tracker.

However, Windows Phone does have a nice set of third-party apps that at least let you view your data. One of our favorites, Fitbit Tracker, just received an update. Let’s check it out.

Nokia releases Glance Background beta; allows you to add awesome photos to the Glance Screen

Have you looked at the Glance Screen on your Nokia windows Phone and wondered what it would look like if you added a background image? Nokia has released a beta app that enables you to achieve just that. Glance Background is a new app for Nokia hardware that allows you to pick and choose images to have set as a background when the Glance Screen is active.

Telstra launches 24x7 Windows Phone app beta, calling on customers to help with testing

Australian mobile operator Telstra has been behind Windows Phone since the beginning, but the company is rolling out the beta for its 24x7 Windows Phone app. Customers are now able to sign up to the program and try out the features available in the solution. Just like other apps already available from other mobile operators, Telstra 24x7 will enable customers to check account usage and perform tasks.

In the SongArc beta? Watch this video to create game winning music sheets

SongArc is currently in beta for Windows Phone. It’s a really cool rhythm game coming to the platform that allows users to play along with their own songs. Are you in the beta and having trouble with creating music sheets to play along to? Here’s a video to help you.

Connect to devices on your home network with the Nokia Device Hub Beta

The number of "smart" hardware connected to home networks is increasing, with televisions, storage, video game consoles, computers and more all able to communicate with one another and provide a more rich experience. There are those of us who understand how all the technology works and how it can operate, but what about consumers who doesn't have the foggiest idea what's happening? This is where Nokia Device Hub comes into play.

Interested in a Feedly app on Windows Phone? Join the open beta for Phonly

Windows Phone has been out for nearly three years, but there are still a handful of apps and services missing in the Store, at least in official form. Thankfully, we’ve got a strong community of devoted developers who take time to make a strong offering in the form of a third-party or alternative app. Phonly is an upcoming app on Windows Phone that will be a Feedly app on Windows Phone. There’s a beta opening up right now, but first let’s check the app out.

Foundbite beta going strong, now sporting improved Live Tiles and updated UI

Foundbite is a unique concept. We previously looked at the beta stage kicking off with a superb looking app that allows you to capture photos with a whole new level of depth. Not only can you casually browse a gallery of photos taken by friends, but you'll be able to hear ambience recorded with the Windows Phone when the shots were taken. It's a great way to immerse yourself.

Facebook Beta updated: brings inline tagging, photo attachments in messaging, and much more

The original Facebook app on Windows Phone back in the day was pretty bad. Thankfully the forces who can make a difference have over the past few months with the Facebook Beta app. That original beta has since become the official app for Facebook users, but the beta is still going strong. That very beta just received an update to version that brings a slew of new features. Let’s check it out.

Beta update: #6tagram for Windows Phone 8 progressing nicely, aiming for a launch next week

It’s been a few days since we’ve mentioned anything about Instagram and Windows Phone, so we figured we would update you on one of the most anticipated projects: 6tagram from developer Rudy Huyn.

Starting last Friday, the app went into private beta with a few thousand lucky users getting early access to hunt down and find bugs. Since then, the app has had a steady stream of updates (sometimes two a day) as Rudy has added new features and refined any usability issues.

The app is planned, roughly, for a release next week though that’s not a guarantee. Still, at the rate at which the app is progressing and the positive feedback so far, we’re confident that the app will be making a lot of people happy.

Developer looking to kick off Wheel of Wealth v3 beta, looking for Windows Phone testers

Wheel of Wealth is an established game for Windows Phone, having been with us for almost two years. We've covered the game multiple times in the past, but today the developer is opening up the beta for version 3 to consumers. Billed as the "first major overhaul," version 3 has been completely rewritten from the ground up and sports numerous improvements. Interested? Read on and sign-up today.

Join Microsoft's Xbox Live Enforcement Team and help protect the community while earning rewards

Ever imagine being a vigilante? You throw on a cape, some tights, and run out the door to serve the people! Sound exciting? Oh well, that isn’t going to happen. You can do the second closest thing though, you can take action and help to improve the future of Xbox Live.

Microsoft has just announced a new beta which will be known as “Xbox Enforcement United” (I know, it sounds epic). The new project calls upon Xbox Live members to become involved within the community and help create a “fun, fair, and safer place for everyone”.