Bubble Burst

Magnet Balls, bubble-burst with a twist

Magnet Balls is a bubble-burst styled game for your Windows Phone with a small twist. The balls are magnetic and will shift as groupings become un-balanced.

It's an interesting twist that will open up moves that will keep the game going or close the gap making finding a move all the more challenging.

Sure, it's another bubble-breaker game but the magnetic effect does help Magnet Balls from playing like any other bubble-breaker game. Game play is challenging and somewhat addictive making Magnet Balls worth a try.

Gravicon, a bubble bursting Windows Phone game

Gravicon is a new game for our Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices that is a bubble burst styled game with a new approach. You still have to match three or more of the same styled bubbles but with Gravicon, the bubbles act like bubbles.

That is they float to the bottom of the screen, as a bubble would, and if you rotate your Windows Phone around they shift and bounce around with the movements. Gravicon is an interesting play on a classic mobile game that definitely grows on you.

Bubble Twist - Review

Looking for a simply, yet entertaining game for your Windows Phone? Like the Bubble Burst styled games but wish they did more? Check out Bubble Twist over at the Marketplace.

Bubble Twist puts a twist on your traditional lined, bubble bursting games. The object remains the same; grouping three or more of the same colored bubbles. But the playing field rotates.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when Bubble Twist was downloaded. To see if I was pleasantly surprised, follow the break.

Bubble Burst - Review

Do you miss the Bubble Burst game that was pre-installed on just about every Windows Mobile phone? If so, Z Games has just what you need. Bubble Burst for Windows Phone 7 brings you the classic Windows Phone game and takes it a step further.  You've got a few new game modes and a challenge feature that helps add a little variety to the game.

To see what's new with this classic game, follow the break.