Caller ID

Truecaller with real-time Caller ID launches for Windows Phone 8.1

Truecaller, which allows smartphone owners to see who is calling them, has been available for Windows Phone owners for some time. Today, a new update for the app has been released specifically for Windows Phone 8.1 users that adds real-time Caller ID features.

Windows Phone 8 Quick Tip: Audible Caller ID

One of the new  renovated features of Windows Phone 8 is the audible Caller ID. But not everyone wants their Windows Phone to announce incoming calls. Sure it's a neat feature but can be annoying and not really appropriate in certain situations.  But how do you disable this feature?

TrueCaller heading to the Marketplace

TrueCaller is a global number search with integrated call blocking functionality.  TrueCaller has been available over on iOS and Android platforms and it will soon be available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

With TrueCaller you can see who is calling by connecting with yellow and white page directories from all over the world. TrueCaller also offers Social Caller ID that lets you know what your friends are up to before you answer their calls by displaying information from their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

One of the more interesting features of TrueCaller is the ability to automatically block calls by adding unwanted numbers to a spam list. It also appears that you have the ability to tap into a centralized spam list.  A list that is created from other users on numbers that have been deemed as unwanted or spam.

TrueCaller is expected to be a free app that should be in the Marketplace any day now. Until then you can check out all the details on TrueCaller from their website.

Windows Phone 7 tip: Caller ID Settings

*67 has been widely used to block your Caller ID from being seen. But did you know that you can turn off your Caller ID with Windows Phone 7? That you can also limit who can see your Caller ID?

Simply go into the Settings Menu, swipe over to Applications and choose the Phone. The Caller ID settings are down below your Voice Mail number, maybe half way down this page.

You will see the setting, "Show my caller ID to:" with the options to:

  • Let everyone see your number
  • Let nobody see your number
  • Only allow your caller ID to be seen by your contacts.

It's a nice feature of Windows Phone 7 to help keep things private when need be.