Ultimate Cartoon Quiz, name that cartoon character

Ultimate Cartoon Quiz is a trivia game for your Windows Phone that is designed much like Logoarama. With the Logoarama you're given a brand logo and you have to identify the associated product.

With Ultimate Cartoon Quiz you are given a silhouette of a cartoon character and you have to name that character. Ultimate Cartoon Quiz is a decent trivia game just a little short lived.

Manga Reader for Windows Phone is now free

Manga Reader, a popular Japanese comic reading app for Windows Phone, has recently turned free - as in completely free with no advertising. Users are able to browse comics from multiple sources and download multiple chapters / titles. It's a full-featured client with favourites, orientation lock for reading in bed and zoom functionality, to name but a few features.

Some feature highlights of Manga Reader:

  • Multiple sources of manga series
  • Search titles on multiple sources
  • Set multiple chapters and title for download
  • Pause and resume download
  • Streaming of manga to read
  • Single or continuous viewer is available
  • Pinch and Pan to zoom
  • Double touches for quick zoom
  • Lock Screen feature to read in bed
  • Add manga to favourites and manage it
  • Library of manga for downloaded chapters
  • Recent list of viewed manga
  • Latest update from server as reference for manga update
  • Custom background of the application
  • Sort chapters in settings

Should you be interested in checking out Manga while on the move, you'll definitely need to have Manga Reader in your app arsenal. The offline viewing functionality gives the app an edge with expanding usage to commuting and when in roaming situations. You can download Manga Reader for free from the Marketplace.

Thanks, Jeremie, for the tip!

Windows Phone App Review: WeeMee

Dilbert Hub - App Spotlight

We were tipped about a highly recommended Dilbert app over at the Windows Phone Marketplace and decided to take a gander. The Dilbert Hub is your one stop for over twenty years of daily comic strips.

The app is designed nicely, taking full advantage of the Windows Phone hub. Pages include:

  • Menu Page: links to the latest strips, pull up strips at random, and access the apps settings.
  • Archive Page: The Archive page displays a months worth of comic strips. By default this page will display the current month's strips but you can change the month displayed from the date field.
  • Search Page: Here you will find a keyword search field.
  • Featured Page: The Featured Page highlights eight comic strips.

Comic strips are displayed by thumbnail images of one frame of the strip. To view the full comic strip, just tap on the thumbnail.  Dilbert Hub supports vertical and landscape orientation. The only downside to the Dilbert Hub is that the comic strip view is not zoomable.  Some of us old-timers may have trouble reading the fine print.

When you find a comic strip that needs to be shared amongst friends, you can tap the three-dot menu to share the strip via Facebook, email or SMS. The app does use your location services (can be turned off in the settings) to localize the ad banners.

All in all, the Dilbert Hub is a nice looking app that brings all the Dilbert you could want to your Windows Phone. Dilbert Hub is a free, ad-supported app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Mark for the tip!

Cartoon TV is back!

Just over a week ago, several apps were mysteriously pulled from the Marketplace. One of which was Cartoon TV. While MTV Newsm Colbert Report's The Word and are still missing, Cartoon TV has been re-released and is now available at the Marketplace.

Even better, Cartoon TV has returned as a free app. For those not familiar, Cartoon TV streams classic cartoons to your Windows Phone such as Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny, and The Flintstones.

No telling why it was pulled but it's nice to see it back. You can download your free copy of Cartoon TV here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to David for the tip!

Quick look: Cartoon TV for Windows Phone 7 [Video]

Fact: I grew up in the 1980's, meaning Saturday morning cartoons was my religion when I was a child--Smurfs, Popeye, you name it, I watched it. So it was a blast to play with 'Cartoon TV', an app currently "on sale" for $1.99. While that price may seem a little high, if you're into cartoons, it's certainly worth it.

The app is split into two parts: live, streaming cartoons, which often presents random, vintage stuff that is sometimes very odd and the catalog, which features full episodes (usually 30 or more each) from Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, The Flintstones, Foghorn Leghorn, Mickey Mouse and more. The choice for entertainment is quite extensive and impressive. The quality when streaming, especially over WiFi was as good as it'll get for vintage cartoons i.e. non-HD, that is to say great quality with no hiccups.

What can we say outside of we highly recommend this app if you have children or, like me, you're just a fan of cartoons/reliving your youth. The app is $1.99, sitting at a 4.5 star rating and there is a free trial, so give it a go. Grab it here in the Marketplace.