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Here are some Windows Phone apps to help you welcome the New Year in style

Some Windows Phone apps to help you say farewell to 2014 and welcome the New Year with a few drinks.

As everyone prepares to bring in the New Year, we thought a Windows Phone app roundup of mixology apps would be in order. Many are planning social gatherings where you'll need to showcase your bartending abilities or maybe there will be those who would like to impress their dates by ordering a fancy beverage while out on the town. These apps will help with both tasks.

We've got a few mixed drink apps and a few beer apps for those who prefer the brewery to the distillery.  As always, if we missed your favorite cocktail or beer app please feel free to sound off in the comments. There are plenty alternatives available in the Windows Phone Store and we picked the ones that jumped off the screen at us.

Top Windows Phone Apps to help survive Super Bowl XLVIII

Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Super Bowl XLVIII Apps

Just in case you were not aware, Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off tomorrow from the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  For those not fortunate enough to experience the outdoor experience, we thought a quick roundup of Windows Phone apps was in order for those roughing it from the comfort of home.

We’ve got apps that will help conquer the munchies, keep up with the game’s stats, check in on player tweets, replay all those fantastic commercials and give your bartending skills a fighting chance.  Plus, for good measure, we will toss out the available Windows 8 versions for some of these apps just in case you prefer the larger screen of your Windows tablet.

Mix drinks app Cocktail Flow gets a refresh for Windows 8.1, just in time for Christmas

Cocktail Flow is one of those apps that's not only gorgeous and really shines on Windows Phone, but the app itself has been available for years. The team behind Cocktail Flow also released a Windows 8 version, which has recently been refreshed for Windows 8.1. Sober up and pass the break to see what's new in version 2.0.

Red Stripe Deals: Koozac, Cocktail Flow and Submarine Patrol

The Windows Phone Store Red Stripe Deals this week deal with an Xbox puzzle game, an app to help you tend bar and a game to sink battleships.

For those not familiar, each week Microsoft slashes the prices on three titles in the Windows Phone Store. The Red Stripe Deals consist of an Xbox Windows Game, an app, and a game from an independent developer. Discounted titles will have a red stripe around it's icon tile.

Cocktail Flow update brings a beautiful new design and features

When I got my Dell Venue Pro over two years ago, one of the first apps I would show off to people was Cocktail Flow. It oozed the Metro Microsoft Design Language principles left and right. Beautiful typography, fast and fluid motion, and no chrome in sight. It was a beautiful app. Well Team Distinction, the developers behind Cocktail Flow, have updated the app to version 4. With that bump comes a completely new design and some new tricks.

Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Cooking Apps

Okay... so yesterday was Thanksgiving and many of you are dining on leftovers for the next week (or longer). The last Windows Phone Central App Roundup some may want to see if one on cooking. Still this roundup may give you a few ideas on what to do with all those leftovers or help you get a jump on cooking for the upcoming Holiday dinners.

Regardless of the Holidays, you can always find a reason to prepare a great home cooked meal. The apps in today's roundup will help you find recipes, walk you through preparing the meal, find an appropriate beverage and even help you when you really don't feel like cooking.

We picked five apps from the Windows Phone Store that stood out but realize that we might have missed one or two worth mentioning. If so, feel free to share your favorite cooking app in the comments.

Cocktail Flow adds Big Game package to the mixology

Cocktail Flow is a popular cocktail/mixed drink application for your Windows Phone. The app is well presented and one of Cocktail Flow's main features is the drink packages. These are collections of drinks for special occasions, holidays, and classes of drinks (e.g. shooters, non-alcoholic drinks).

In preparation for this weekends Super Bowl, the developer has added the "Big Game" package to the mix. The package contains thirty football themed drink recipes that can be served not only during the Super Bowl but any football event. Drinks include the Quick Kick, Brady Bomb, Go for it on 4th Down, and Manning Martini.

Cocktail Flow has a free trial version and the full version will run you $2.99. You can grab Cocktail Flow here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, Gergely, for the tip!

Developer Interview: Gergely Orosz

This week, for our series of developer interviews, we're joined by Gergely Orosz who is an established developer with the likes of  AppFlow Cocktail Flow and Flashlight 7 under his belt. Head on past the break for the interview and to read up on his advice and thoughts on the Windows Phone developer experience as well as the platform itself from a consumer perspective.

Cocktail Flow updated to Mango v3.4

Cocktail Flow is an app that allows users to find and try new cocktails with combinations of alcoholic beverages. You can input into the app what ingredients you have in your bar and cocktails are then identified that can be created for any event or occasion. We covered the app just before MIX'11 when a pack of cocktails named after Microsoft products was released.

We're now back reporting on version 3.4, which has just been pushed out. This update brings Mango goodness including pinnable tiles for individual recipes, live tile, push notifications and performance improvements. Cocktails can also now be rated and users can upload photos to the database. The app is continuously updated with new recipes being added and is often cited as the pinnacle of Windows Phone app design.

You can download Cotail Flow from the Marketplace for $2.99. Thanks Argenys for the tip!