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AT&T is on board with picking up the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520, which is expected to launch in early November according to one of our reliable sources. Windows Phone Central now has some further confirmation from a second person familiar with the matter.

The new info points to a planned Friday, November 8th launch date on AT&T for the colossal Windows Phone.

We can also confirm that the device will come in four colors, including red, black, yellow and white—most of which have already been revealed in either leaked photos or renders. Evidently, cyan for AT&T is a thing of the past as the Lumia 920 was the last phone to feature that hue.

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We recently ran a few polls to help us gauge what you thought of the Lumia 810 v the 820 and what Lumia 920 colour you’d be going for.

We have all had much to digest in the last month or so, new models, specs, colours and even variations on a theme. If these polls are anything to go by it looks like your choices  aren’t easy to predict. Read on to see how it breaks down.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Pandoodle

Pandoodle is an enjoyable, relaxing Windows Phone puzzle game that has enough challenge to keep it from getting boring. Pandoodle is a multi-level puzzler with the goal being to connect color sources with their corresponding colored symbol.

The challenge comes in that you can't cross paths unless you need to combine colors to match the color of the symbol you are connecting. Pandoodle has 75 puzzles or levels that span three worlds or books. Pandoodle is nice time waster and even has a bit of an addictive quality.

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Microsoft all of a sudden loves cyan & magenta, we wonder why. Oh, right...

Throw this under just observations we’ve noticed in the last few months with some of Microsoft’s new hardware but it looks to us like they are adopting some of Nokia’s more bold design efforts.

The latest being the usage of cyan and magenta for some of their hardware, like the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, which gained two new Nokia colors this week.

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Does your color preference in Windows Phones uncover a personality trait? Whether it is a white Samsung Focus 2 or a cyan Nokia Lumia 900, does your choice of colors reflect more than a fashion statement? There is some school of thought that the choice of color isn't a conscious effort but rather a sub-conscious choice. Color psychologist Angela Wright states,

“Every time you make a color choice, you’re making a statement about what’s going on in your head, even though most you the time you don’t know it. Around 80 percent of our color choices are sub-conscious.”

So how do the color choices break down? Here's what the color psychologist has to say.

Cyan - The Thinker: The cyan blue is a happy color that conveys an intellectual and considered nature. It is a balanced color that is inspiring. The blue helps to focus your thoughts and clear your mind.

White - The Sophisticate: White gives off an impression of a sophisticated smartphone aficionado with high standards.

Fuchsia - The Angry Lady: Fuchsia leans towards the sensitivities of female owners. According to Wright, “It’s a very strong statement on the aggressive side of femininity. So this phone is one for the ladies, the sympathizers and perhaps those who’re a bit scared of feminists and want to integrate themselves.”

Black - The Protector: Black comes across as confident and sophisticated but experts say it is more often used as a security blanket. Black is all colors totally absorbed so it creates protection. It's not a reflection of a dark personality but may represent a safe choice for smartphone users.

So is the expert hitting close to the mark? Do you choose the color of your Windows Phone to suit your tastes or is it a sub-conscious decision that is driven by our personalities and character? I'm partial to black because of its conservative appearance and I guess in many ways, its a safe choice.

Who knows... maybe the color psychologists are right?

Source: Conversations Nokia Via: Windows Team Blog

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One down side of the AT&T Lumia 900 is it doesn't come with a Gel Case unlike the Lumia 800. On the other hand, this will allow you to buy a color you may prefer and Nokia gets to shave a few dollars off of the 900's price to hit that $99 price point.

We know that AT&T will have many accessories available in stores for the 900's release including 3rd party cases, screen protectors, Monster-Nokia Purity HD headsets and more. To kick that off, AT&T has already listed those super sweet Nokia Gel Cases on their site and you can buy them now.

Fetching for $20, they are certainly a bit pricey...heck, those are Apple prices. But, we have seen these cases in person and have a similar one for our Lumia 800 and they are fantastic. For one, you can change your device's color just by slipping one on (in this regard, the glossy-white 900 is your best bet). The other great thing is not only does it offer a global "bumper" for the device to protect against scratches, nicks and bumps, it's super thin and adds virtually no bulk to the phone.

They're exquisitely crafted to fit the Lumia 900 like a tight glove and come in three colors: black, magenta and cyan. Not a bad choice and we think you'll love 'em.

For more info, take a look on AT&T's site. Thanks, erzhik, for the tip

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Nokia planning Green and Red Lumia 800?

A new video has been spotted created by AdContentMedia featuring the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset. And while that headset is itself pretty darn awesome what is really eye catching are those two new colors for the Lumia 800: Red and Green.

While we've seen fuchsia/magenta/pink before and we all know cyan and black, but green and red have not been shown off before and it remains to be seen if they are actually planned or just concepts at this point. Nokia has certainly experimented with other colors as described in yesterday's article on the subject and we've heard of yellow, green and white before back in December. Of course since that December interview, the white Lumia 800 (and maybe even a white 900) have come forward.

We'll throw this in the "sure, why not?" camp as we know Nokia like their colors and it would make sense for them to extend those offerings if the Lumia line keeps selling well. Personally, we're pretty excited about green and would love to see that infused in some polycarbonate goodness from our Nokia friends. What do you think?

[Edit: As pointed out in comments, these could also be soft-shell cases which have nearly the same color offerings, though it would have been more efficient to advertise that fact. Still, it's plausible]

Check the video after the break and catch the new colors at about 0:40 and onward.

Source: AdContentMedia; via Unleash The Phones

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In celebration of the Super Bowl, Colorful Apps is offering their Windows Phone app Colorful for free.

What is Colorful? Much like the Augmented Colors app we mentioned a while back, Colorful is a color detection app for your Windows Phone. It helps color blind people recognize, tag and compare colors. Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Use advanced filters that will compensate for your specific color deficiency.
  • Recognize colors in your surroundings using the new Mango camera capabilities.
  • Save up to 3 color tags for future reference and comparison.
  • Save an image with the additional information given by Colorful algorithms.

Colorful allows you to detect colors from photos on your Windows Phone as well as tagging colors from the live camera mode. You can save an unlimited number of color tags with Colorful as well as customize selecting the detail level or mode of the color name (simple, descriptive, artistic and developer). Colorful also gives you the ability to choose your color blindness type to further dial in the app.

Even if you aren't color blind, we can see Colorful coming in handy for painters, interior decorators, and others who have the need to identify colors.

You can find Colorful here at the Windows Phone Marketplace and remember through this weekend it is a free app. There is also a Lite version of Colorful that you can find here at the Marketplace but it has some functionality limits.


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We're always a fan of augmented reality apps even if we don't have a specific use for them. Augmented Colors by SimzzDev fits in that category as we're not designers or artists by any stretch. Still, that didn't prevent us from recognizing just how cool this is.

In short, the app uses your Windows Phone camera to dynamically label colors in the world by using their RGB values and HTML color codes (e.g. #FF0000 for red). When you find a color you like, you simply tap the on-screen color bar to "lock it" in. The app then hops to the share screen where you can post that color code to Twitter/Facebook/Live, email/SMS or pin-to-start for saving for later. You can even create solid wallpapers for your Lock screen based off the color for some added function.

We could see painters and graphic designers making great use of this app or even if you're just repainting a room and you're looking for that exact color for the paint store. The app works exceptionably well for what it is meant to do and for $0.99, we think it's a bargain. There's also a free-trial where you can test out the AR part (you just can't share results), so no reason to not give it a spin.

Pick up Augmented Colors here in the Marketplace.

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The other big news today is the two new accent colors found on the Toshiba IS12T--namely a grey and citrus. Some people have taken this to mean that Mango itself will have these additional colors, to which we reply "probably not".

For one, Joe Belifiore has stated before that there are no new colors in "Mango" and we see no reason why that would change in the remaining builds of the OS. Second, OEMs and carriers have always had the ability to add custom accents to their devices. Case in point, my HTC Mozart from Orange UK--it literally has an accent called "Orange UK" and yes, it's different and in addition to the regular Orange (the former is darker).

That's obviously what is going on here as Toshiba wanted accent colors to match their unorthodox bright scheme--so they did. But we're going to bet you won't have any citrus in the final Mango build.

via: WPSauce, Mon Windows Phone, WinRumors

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