Grab a Nokia DT-900 wireless charging pad for $14.99 (U.S. only)

Nokia's DT-900 wireless charging pad is no stranger to the deals corner and it's back once again. This time out if you head on over to Tanga, you'll be able to pick one up for $14.99 plus shipping to anywhere in the mainland U.S. It doesn't say which color you'll be getting, though the pictures on the site at least show black and white. So maybe it's pot luck.

Nokia Lumia 1320 available at MobiCity for just £250

The Nokia Lumia 1320 is a sweet Windows Phone, sporting a massive 6-inch screen. The sibling to the Lumia 1520, this handset is a phablet at a more affordable price point. MobiCity currently has the Lumia 1320 available unlocked for just £248 (for the black variant).

Media Browser goes on sale for the weekend; live TV support on the way

Media Browser ( is a handy service, which turns your home PC into a multimedia server. With apps available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, consumers are able to access remote content on smartphones, tablets and other supported devices.

The Windows Phone app is on sale for this weekend only, so if you've yet to set up your own home server, be sure to give Media Browser a shot.

Charge your phone wirelessly with the Nokia DT-910, available on Amazon for £33.95

Charging your Windows Phone is a thing of the past with certain Nokia Lumia smartphones. The ability to rest the handset on a cradle or stand makes it painless to give the device a few hours of charge before heading out. If you haven't yet bought a Qi wireless charger to go with a compatible Windows Phone, the Nokia DT-910 is available for just £33.95 on Amazon.

Unlocked Verizon HTC 8X available for $149 on Groupon

The HTC Windows Phone 8X has been around for some time, but it's still a relevant smartphone and will be upgraded once Windows Phone 8.1 is released by Microsoft.

If you're still seeking a Windows Phone deal, check out Groupon where you can pick up the 8X (Verizon refurbished and unlocked) for $149.

Awesome Lock goes free for the day with myAppFree

Awesome Lock is one of those apps that you need to have installed on your Windows Phone should you enjoy customising your smartphone. With Awesome Lock you can get the latest news, weather forecasts, calendar events, tasks, Tweets and more straight from your lockscreen.

Today, the developer has paired with myAppFree to put the premium version on sale for no cost.

Windows Phone puzzle game Link goes free for a few days (US, UK)

We all enjoy a puzzle game here and there to test the mind and Link is a sweet title for your Windows Phone. The game itself is currently available for nothing at all, a welcomed drop from the usual $0.99 price tag. If you've never tried to connect the dots on your smartphone, now is the perfect chance to give it go and see how you get on.

Purchase a Dell XPS 12 and receive a free Venue 8 Pro from the Microsoft Store

In the world of Windows devices, there is usually an ongoing promotion of sorts to let you dive in into the experience headfirst, while saving a bit of your hard-earned cash. The latest offer comes directly from the Microsoft Store and offers up the opportunity to grab Dell’s XPS 12 2-in-1 Ultrabook convertible, along with a free Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet with 32 GB of storage.

Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 920 available for just £169 at Tesco UK

The Nokia  Lumia 920 is a special Windows Phone. Not only was it the first Nokia Windows-based smartphone to sport wireless charging, the Lumia 920 was also the premium handset when Windows Phone 8 was released. Even though new hardware has been released with more advanced components, the Lumia 920 is still a high-end experience and runs Windows Phone 8 smoothly.

We've been alerted to a sweet deal at UK supermarket Tesco, where the Lumia 920 is available for £169.

Nokia Philippines offering 20GB extra SkyDrive storage with Lumia purchases

SkyDrive storage and integration with Windows Phone is a feature many take advantage of, whether it be for storing shots snapped with the great Lumia camera capabilities or Office documents created while on the move. Nokia Philippines currently has a sweet deal going on where you can bag 20GB extra cloud storage for an entire year when purchasing a Lumia Windows Phone. 

Deal Alert: Grab the original Microsoft Surface Pro for just $499 at Best Buy

The original Microsoft Surface Pro launched last year and while the Windows 8 tablet itself has yet to celebrate an entire year in the hands of the general public, Best Buy in the US has the product available for just $499.99. The regular listing price is stated to be $899.99, saving consumers $400 when making the purchase. While this isn't the Surface Pro 2, if you're looking for a premium tablet to power through daily tasks this deal will be a difficult one to overlook. 

Deal alert: Nokia "Fatboy" DT-901 Wireless Charging Pillow available for just $29

Wireless charging and Windows Phone have gone hand-in-hand since Nokia entered the scene back in 2011. If you own a Windows Phone (or any compatible Qi device) and don't currently have a wireless charging dock at hand, you may want to check out the latest DailySteals offer for the Nokia "Fatboy" DT-901 Wireless Charging Pillow. 

Deal Alert: grab the Nokia Lumia 720 from Amazon UK for just £180

The Nokia Lumia 720 is an awesome little Windows Phone and is currently available for just £180 over on Amazon UK. That's a substantial price cut from the recommend retail price (RRP) of £332.99. Looking for a solid Windows Phone on sale? Look no further than past this break for the details and store link. 

Popular Windows Phone puzzle game Glean goes free for 72 hours (US and UK)

The popular puzzle game Glean has gone on sale on the Windows Phone Store. Not only is this a sale, but you're able to pick up the title for absolutely nothing. If you're not familiar with the name, the goal of the Glean is for players to draw a path with their finger from a provided starting point, collecting all the small and large objects without crossing paths.

It may sound like a simple concept, but it can prove challenging. Hop past the break for more details and download links.

Popular and addictive game Yatzy goes free with myAppFree for 24 hours

Are you a fan of dice games? If so, you've probably heard of Yatzy for Windows Phone. The game boasts three game modes as well as multi-tabling support for up to 4 games at any given time. Also available on iOS, the Windows Phone counterpart is racking up positive reviews and downloads. Partnering with myAppFree, the developer has made Yatzy available for free through the next 24 hours.

Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale for just $25

Who said all stories around the time of CES 2014 would be covering news and hardware alone? We've also got some awesome deals in our feeds that you'll definitely want to take advantage of to save some bucks. Should you reside in the US, you'll be able to snatch a Nokia DT-900 wireless charger for just $25. 

Popular Windows Phone Twitter client Mehdoh is free today [Update]

Mehdoh is an old Twitter client, and by old I mean it has been around for some time. Forming a large user base through Windows Phone 7 and now on Windows Phone 8, not to mention the numerous releases pushed to the store, the app has come a long way. Today, you can pick up Mehdoh for free, thanks to a sweet deal offered by the developer.

MyAppFree kicks off 2014 with NinjaCat Bombay as the next free deal

Since 2013 is coming to an end (we trust you all have your parties to attend to?), myAppFree has thrown yet another deal together for you all to grab NinjaCat Bombay for free over the next 24 hours. The deal has already kicked off, so head past the break to learn more about the title and to grab the game from the store.

The Skype Collaboration Project: get free group calls and more for 12 months

Microsoft is currently offering a sweet deal for those who use Skype. The Skype Collaboration Project is a special offer for those who pick up Premium using a voucher code, bagging free group calls, screen sharing, no advertising and even access to live customer support. Usually you'd have to fork out the full price, but with this special offer, you'll get everything for free.

Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 520 (AT&T) for $49.99 at Amazon and Best Buy

The Nokia Lumia 520 is so popular that a deal alert is necessary whenever it goes down in price. Is your wallet ready? The best-selling Windows Phone device is now only $49.99 at Amazon and Best Buy without any contract. Go grab it now before it everyone else buys it as his or her holiday gift.