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myAppFree gets new features in latest update, helps you nail those Windows Phone deals

When it comes to bargains, we like to think Windows Phone Central does an admirable job of bringing you the latest and greatest. At the very least, you can consider us a filter on what is worth looking at. But even with all of our efforts, we still miss occasional offerings or niche apps that may of interest to you.

Luckily, the developers behind myAppFree have you covered. We brought you news of this app back in March and since then, it has been continuously developed. We also have many new Windows Phone users, and we figured we’d play catch up.

Deal Flux gets bumped to version 1.2, adds social integration

Deal Flux is a popular deal finder app for your Windows Phone. It was recently updated to version 1.2 that adds social integration and a few new deal sites to the app., Tech.Woot and Sport.Woot has been added as deal sources. This brings the total number of sources/categories that Deal Flux taps into up to seventeen.  All of which should bring you more deals to choose from.

ShopSavvy barcode scanner, deal finder finally gets its Mango update

ShopSavvy was one of the first bar-code scanners to hit the Marketplace and it has quite the following, mostly because of its super "deal finder" capabilities. Sure, in Windows Phone Mango we actually have this feature built into Bing Vision, but ShopSavvy ain't half bad either.

Now with version 1.8, ShopSavvy finally goes to Mango, making it reach its full potential by giving it live-scanning ability. In addition, you can now pin new scans directly to your Start screen, which is a great way to (a) remember you wanted that item or (b) quickly check on internet and local prices to see if there are any changes.

The app's scanner is quite nice, using the flash when necessary and performing as good if not better than Bing Vision. We easily found the lowest prices for our items with little effort, although the local-mapping feature leaves a lot to be desired (despite being a good idea). Actually, one of the most useful features is the "Deals" area which highlights specials going for major chains like Target, Macy's, Best Buy and more.

Of course it's a free app and we're not too sure how it performs in other countries, but with the Mango update, it's well worth a spin. Pick it up here in the Marketplace.