HTC Windows Phone 8S available for £159 from Expansys

HTC's low-end sibling to the Windows Phone 8X has gone on sale at Expansys UK. The HTC 8S is available for just £159.99, a full £40 knocked off the listed price. Packing Windows Phone 8, a unique two-toned design, MicroSD expansion and a rather impressive build quality for the price, the 8S is a Windows Phone that's full of surprises.

Nokia Lumia 625 now available in Qatar, soon in Singapore; gets Netflix and free cover deal with Phones4U

Although Nokia has their Lumia 1020 to start global distribution in the coming weeks, their other new phone, the Lumia 625, is now rolling out worldwide.

The latest country to pick up the 4.7-inch 800x480 Windows Phone 8 device would be Qatar, through Consolidated Gulf Co. (CGC) who distributes for Nokia in the region. The phone is retailing for QR 999 ($275 USD) and is now available “across major electronic retail stores in a range of colours including orange, yellow, bright green, white and black”. The device is expected to help transition the region to 4G and should be a great choice for those looking for a compelling Windows Phone without committing to much money.

Pick up the Samsung ATIV S for just £199 from Expansys UK

The Samsung ATIV S is a premium smartphone running Windows Phone, but it's currently on sale at Expansys UK. Available for just £199, this is an absolute bargain for anyone who's looking for a new Windows Phone. It's the perfect time to get cracking with Samsung too as the manufacturer has started releasing regular updates for exclusive apps, as well as releasing new solutions.

Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale from $20

The Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate is available brand new for $30 through All4Celular. If you're looking at purchasing an accessory for your Windows Phone to get some charge into the device without using wires, this is a sweet deal for you to take advantage of. The product has been on sale numerous times, but it's always grand to know that you can bag up a deal.

Smash neon blocks for free with Glow Arkanoid; price removed for 24 hours

The Windows Phone title Glow Arkanoid is currently available for free on the store, thanks to a partnership with MyAppFree. The game puts you in control of a paddle, much like Breakout, and you're tasked with destroying the glowing blocks. Multiple balls are included in the gameplay to really make thing interesting and gesture or motion sensor controls can be utilised.

An even better deal for SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 in Canada: $575

We’re not too privy on the various outlets for buying SIM unlocked phones up in Canada, but if you are, then you may want to pay attention. Earlier this morning, we reported that Expansys Canada was selling the SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 for CDN $714.56, which seemed a bit pricey for our tastes and evidently yours (Expansys has a mixed reputation, according to comments).

Deal Alert: Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 available for free at TigerDirect with BT headset

The Lumia 928 is currently on offer at TigerDirect, slashing the price to absolutely nothing. Should you take out a new Verizon contract, you'll be able to pick up the unique Windows Phone with a free Bluetooth headset (worth $19.99). If you've not yet picked up a 928 for some reason, now's a perfect opportunity, especially if you're also looking at a new Verizon Wireless line.

Popular Zombie Windows Phone card game, Shelter to be made free on July 29

Shelter is a popular zombie card game for Windows Phone, dragging players into the depths of immersion and enjoyment. We're able to relay some good news today, particularly if you do not currently own this beautiful title. The developer has got in touch to reveal that the game will be available for free (usual price is $1.99) tomorrow in collaboration with MyAppFree.

Nokia Lumia 920 available for £329 in Expansys UK flash sale

Expansys UK has announced a limited time offer on the Lumia 920. The Nokia Windows Phone is available for just £329 (previously £429) and is also available on a financial plan for £26.40 per month. The flagship Windows Phone is certainly no slouch, even with the likes of the Lumia 1020 on the way. This is a steal for anyone looking to purchase a high-end smartphone at a reduced price.

Microsoft offering students and folk involved in education 10% off products

Microsoft has kicked off a rather intersting deal if you're a student or are involved in education. Hardware and software are included, offering a more affordable way to get kitted out for the semester ahead.

The excellent Twitter app Twabbit goes free for a limited time with latest update

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Windows Phone has plenty of solid Twitter clients, enough so that everyone should be able to find what matches their personal preference. Twabbit is one of our top favorite apps as it’s fast, looks great and comes chock full of features.

Normally, Twabbit runs from the $0.99 to $1.49 range, but with the latest update that rolled out on June 26th, the app has gone free for a limited time.

Walmart has limited T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 stock at select stores

The T-Mobile Lumia 521 is essentially the Nokia Lumia 520 with the usual North America mobile operator branding for exclusivity. The Windows Phone has been rather difficult to locate, particularly at Walmart stores. The device has appeared on SlickDeals and we've looked around the Walmart online store at various locations to confirm that there's stock available, depending on your location. 

Tip: Bored and want to try a free Windows 8 app? Download Gravilux - free for a limited time.

This week, Gravilux for Windows 8 showed up free in the marketplace (but it will only be of no-cost for a limited time). The app is an “interactive musical star field visualizer”; simply touch the screen and simulated stars are whirled around and began to change color. You can even set the stars to react to music or other audio files in a custom playlist

Gravilux is a fun tool to amuse your friends with and show them what your fancy Windows 8/RT touch screen can do.

Tip: Grab four months of Xbox LIVE and 400 Microsoft points for $15 (US Only)


Best Buy is having a special sale and if you are an Xbox 360 gamer in the United States, you won't want to miss out. The electronics giant has a special deal that includes four months of Xbox LIVE gold membership and 400 free Microsoft points for only $14.99.

Microsoft offers US consumers free Touch or Type cover with Surface RT

Microsoft is making it cheaper and more convenient for consumers to personalise hardware. To join the deal that has been featured in Europe, Microsoft has unleashed a free Touch (including limited editions) and Type cover offer for consumers when Surface RT Windows 8 tablets are purchased. It's a limited time offer and has only just kicked off, but we're pleased to see such a bundle arise to help push more units.

Here is how to grab the Nokia Lumia 521 for $105 with no carrier contract

Nokia’s Lumia 521 can be picked up for only $105 and with no carrier contract, at your local Microsoft store. There are a bit of tricks involved, but here is how to do it.

Microsoft offering UK consumers free Touch or Type cover with Surface RT

As consumers continue to wait patiently for the Surface Pro to launch in the UK, Microsoft has kicked off an interesting deal for its Surface RT Windows 8 tablets. Should you look to purchase one from the official online store or supporting retailers, the company will hand you a free Touch or Type cover per transaction.

Liquid Daffodil returns with another FUN4FANS special app giveaway

Liquid Daffodil, the developer behind popular apps including Unification, tweepgods, Add to Contacts and more, has returned with another FUN4FANS special, where numerous apps have been made available for free. This price alteration will last for 24 hours on affected apps, detailed in this news bulletin. This isn't the first (or the last) time the developer has rewarded consumers with attractive price drops.

DEAL ALERT: Nokia Lumia 920 available for free through AT&T

Want some free Lumias? Of course you do! AT&T currently has the Nokia flagship Lumia 920 Windows Phone listed for free when taken out with a two-year contract. Checking out the official online store will present one with an online discount that drives down the price of the handset with only the contract to be added to the monthly bills.

Deal Alert: HTC 8X, unlocked with LTE for just $349

Is HTC having a fire sale? Maybe. All we know is their solid and dapper HTC 8X Windows Phone is being offered via Groupon for a very reasonable $349 with free shipping. That’s not for an AT&T version but a fully unlocked one with LTE bands (though those won’t work on AT&T).