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Debugs Pool


De-Bugs Pool - Mango App Spotlight

XIMAD has released yet another De-Bugs game over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. De-Bugs Pool has you battling the same pesky bugs but this go around your extermination duties have been transformed into a game of pool.

The Mystery Pond has frozen over for the winter and holes have been drilled to resemble billard pockets. You goal, sink bugs into the holes as fast as possible in the fewest amount of shots. Once you're left with one bug on the ice, you'll advance to the next level.

You loose points with misses shots and by shooting your bugs directly into the holes. You choose a bug to act as a cue ball to shoot other bugs into the holes (much like you would in a game of billards).

Shots can be controlled in three ways. Flick has you swiping at that screen to send your bugs into each other. Yield has you tap, hold and pull back to make your shot. Tilt has you tapping the bug that will act as a cue ball and tilt your phone to line up the shot (only accessible after you pause the game and go into settings). Personally, I like the Yield method for its accuracy.

De-Bugs Pool is a simple yet challenging game from XIMAD that isn't a bad choice when you need to pass short periods of time. There really needs to be a help/how-to section to explain the rules but after about the second level, you get the hang of things.

De-Bugs Pool is a free, ad-supported game that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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