Samsung ATIV S delayed until Feb 2013? – Not so fast

We have been reporting on the Samsung ATIV S since it was first announced. Whilst Samsung were the first to announce a Windows Phone 8 handset they have thus far been unable to deliver it to the marketplace.

We are now hearing rumours that the 4.8” hero device could now be set to arrive in January or even as late as February 2013. Online retailers and stores are all geared up to get the device and the last we saw was delivery being due for mid-December. Missing the launch hype of Windows Phone 8 and the essential holiday season buying, what has gone wrong?

Leaked Verizon document confirms HTC 8X wireless charging. Pushed back to Thanksgiving?

Although Windows Phone 8 was announced last week, we’re still waiting on Verizon to announce some dates for their release (luckily pricing was mentioned).

Windows Phone Central just received some internal training documents that share some points for reps to sell the phones to customers. What’s more, we have the first written confirmation of wireless charging for the HTC 8X. From the training document, Verizon notes the following: “Wireless charger is built in so you can charge your phone wirelessly with a wireless charging pad (sold separately)”

Wireless charging for the HTC 8X was first reported by the Verge a few days ago and although we had little reason to doubt them, it’s still nice to see that feature officially listed in these documents. Indeed, that really is a huge selling feature for what is already an excellent device. Although the 8X doesn’t match the AT&T-exclusive Lumia 920 in some features, HTC can check that off as not being one.

AT&T internal document reveals Windows Phone 7.8 coming after Windows Phone 8 launch

Seeing as Microsoft is busy showing off the new Start screen for Windows Phone 7.8 and knowing so far that it is the only announced feature coming with that update, speculation as to when we will get the update is on the tips of everyone's tongues.

We just received a copy of an internal AT&T document which reveals that the 7.8 update won't come out until after new Windows Phone 8 devices launch. New Windows Phone 8 devices are not expected until the fall, putting the 7.8 update off untill very late in the year.

The document was for specific AT&T employees and it breaks down to the reps what the Windows Phone Summit involved including details on Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.8, updates and more. Regarding the 7.8 update, the document states the following:

When will Windows Phone 7.8 be available?
Windows Phone 7.8 will be made available sometime after the Windows Phone 8 is released. 

Although we have verified that this was from AT&T and it seems quite definitive on the matter, we should leave a little wiggle room here for Microsoft. We have seen a lot of changes recently, including the dropping of one display resolution (480x640) just a few weeks ago from Windows Phone 8. That modification happened just two weeks prior to the Summit demonstrating how fluid Microsoft can be on these matters.

Having said that, it's not looking too good for consumers if the 7.8 update is that far off, especially if Microsoft and AT&T tease current Windows Phone users with new WP8 hardware. In addition, AT&T reaffirms that it is only the new Start screen that is coming to WP7.8. Then again, perhaps Microsoft is planning to add more with all of that extra time. We can only hope.

Update: Joe Belfiore actually says the same thing on the Windows Phone Blog "So we’ll be delivering it to existing phones as a software update sometime after Window Phone 8 is released"

Read the contents of the internal memo after the break. Thanks to our source for the info.

AT&T Lumia 900 delayed till April 22nd? Say it ain't so...

Not minutes after we teased about the Lumia 900 coming to AT&T soon, BGR is now reporting from their "source" that flagship device has been delayed by over a month till April 22nd. In a way, this explains why things have been so quiet around the stores e.g. no SKU leaks, product shipments, internal emails, etc.

While no official date was ever given for the AT&T Lumia 900, Paul Thurrot and Mary Jo Foley both claimed "March" for a release month with Thurrott getting more specific with the 18th. Later, BGR "confirmed" the date as well.

The price point of $99 on contract remains but if accurate, this is surely some bad news for those hoping for an exciting weekend next week.

Source: BGR

Atila and Alexander delayed

If you were hoping to get your hands on an Alexander or Attila any time soon, you might as well take a seat, its going to be a while. Commercial Times is saying were not going to see these bad boys until Q1 2009.

Delays like this are inevitable in the smartphone world, so it's nothing to be shocked by. Still, Motorola is starting to feel like that team that's 14 points behind in the 4th quarter and seems to be sleepwalking through its two-minute drill. What they need to do is squeeze off a couple successful hail mary passes, what they are doing is taking their sweet time with some decided less spectacular efforts in the hopes of getting within field goal range. That, or they just shot themselves in the leg. Football analogies are hard.

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