Microsoft addresses the 'Hamburger menu' and other design decisions in Windows 10 for phones

Following its monumental Build 2015 keynote earlier today, Microsoft has released a new blog post, penned by Operating Systems Group Design lead Albert Shum, going over some of the design decisions in Windows 10 for phones—even addressing the oh-so-controversial Hamburger menu.

Microsoft's Head of Phones talks colorful Lumia design

The new Lumia Conversations blog (previously Nokia Conversations) caught up with Peter Griffith, Head of Phones Design at Microsoft, to talk about the importance of solid design when it comes to the smartphone.

Microsoft finally receives a design patent for Windows 8 Start Screen

Technology moves fast, but the United States government isn’t exactly as quick. Microsoft had originally filed a patent for the Windows 8 start screen in September 2011 (there was some initial confusion at the time on what it meant). The first release of Windows 8 was on October 25, 2012, so in essence, the patent was filled over a year before the operating system appeared on the market.

The design patent itself has just been approved with a stamped date of January 28 2014 – over two years after it was submitted for approval.

WPCentral extends its partnership with Nokia DVLUP to give away more free design consultations for your app!

Join Nokia DVLUP this Thursday, January 30th at 8 AM Pacific for a one-hour online design seminar and learn how to win a free design consultation for your Windows Phone app.

Last year WPCentral and the Nokia DVLUP team gave away several free design consultations for developers who wanted to enhance the visual design quality of their app.

This giveaway was such a success that hundreds of developers applied to get one of the awarded design sessions hosted by Arturo Toledo.  As a result, Nokia extended the program from 10 consultations to 50 and for 2014 we are giving away 30 more coupons!

Video Interview with Windows 8.2 Concept Designer Jay Machalani

Last week we reported on Jay s Windows 8.2 concept design. Many Windows fans around the world looked upon the concept animation and screenshots with awe, at a design that could not help to amaze. This week, we decided to have a virtual sit down with Jay and discuss his motivations for designing the concept as well as the impact it might have on Microsoft’s future designs going forward.

Jay Machalani's Windows 8.2 concept - this is something you don't want to miss

Whether you love an operating system or you hate it, there is always room for improvement and the grasp of perfection is always one step further ahead than you are. In a video recently posted to YouTube by Interface and Branding Architect, Jay Machalani, he proposed how he would “fix Windows 8”.

Jay stated that “Windows 8 is [his] favorite OS to date, but that [it] is filled with massive flaws”. The one word he uses to describe Microsoft’s latest operating system is “confusion”.

Design an Xbox One controller for a shot at $1,000

Microsoft has not been shorthanded when it comes to giving out prizes based around their latest gaming console, the Xbox One. Previously, the company offered up a chance to design a new Xbox One Gamerpic and have 100 winners spotlighted in the community (along with a free Xbox One controller). If that contest isn’t your style, you can check out Microsoft’s latest contest to design a custom controller.

Developers: Enter to win free DVLUP design consultations for your Windows Phone app

The Nokia DVLUP team has kindly provided Windows Phone Central with 10 free giveaway DVLUP design consultations for your Windows Phone apps! The consultations are usually worth 3,125 XP points so it's a very good deal.

Do you have a Windows Phone app that works great, with good ratings and reviews but not the best UX and design? If you do then this giveaway is for you.

Nokia explains the Lumia 625's unique look and feel

The Lumia 625 was today announced by Nokia, sporting a generous 4.7-inch IPS display and 4G connectivity. While it's an affordale smartphone, the Lumia 625 is really a diamond in the rough, especially if you're looking at a large device with a smooth Windows Phone 8 experience. There are numerous little elements to the device that make it stand out from the rest of the Lumia family.

Nokia Conversations caught up with Kyeyoung Kang and Jenny Cui from the design team to find out what's exactly new in the product.

Nokia explains the design and materials utilised in the Lumia 1020

Nokia has been pumping out information about its latest flagship Windows Phone that will be launching in multiple markets this year. The Lumia 1020 brings to the table the smartphone optics consumers have been calling for since the 808 PureView was released. But it's not just the camera that impressed us, we're also huge fans of the matt usage for the overall design instead of glossy.

Nokia and HTC steal top spots at international design competition for Windows Phone efforts

Windows Phone 8 launched over half a year ago and the message was clear from both HTC and Nokia. Devices were going to be loud, colorful, and playful. They were to be an expression of the operating system they housed inside. The HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 led the charge of premium handsets we could choose from. Both OEMs have recently been recognized for their work by the industrial design community. They did it by taking top spots in the communication tools category at the International Design Excellence Awards.

Microsoft's newest series takes us behind the scenes - learn where Windows sounds come from

Microsoft has launched a new web series, “On the Whiteboard”, to take you behind the scenes of where and how technology mixes with culture.

The first episode follows our host, Pamela Woon, speaking to Oscar winner, Randy Thom, about the importance of sound in technology. Randy Thom has contributed to famous films including The Incredibles, Return of the Jedi, and Forest Gump.

Windows 8.1 screenshots leaked, redesigns showcased

Today a collection of screenshots, showcasing redesigns within key Windows 8.1 applications, were leaked online. The shots showcase changes in the Windows Store and Xbox Music, along with brand new apps including a calendar, alarm clock, and voice recorder.

The newly leaked store design showcases an application “shelf” with more upfront descriptions. The new UI introduces more text to the interface and while it is still inspired by Microsoft’s modern design, it doesn’t have the close-feeling connection to the Windows Start screen that it previously had.

Meet the latest Windows Phone incarnation, iOS 7

Today has been an exciting day for both video gamers at E3 and Apple fans at WWDC. Despite what you may think, I actually followed Apple’s event just as closely as Microsoft’s press releases on the Xbox One.

As I sat on our sister site,, and watched the WWDC Live blog I realized that I absolutely loved the updates to iOS7. Apple decided to go for a “flat” design and get rid of faux textures for a completely modern approach. As I watched on and became more excited I realized something; flat design, no faux textures, and Bing integration – this was Windows Phone.

Xbox One's controller is what you've been dreaming for; more details emerge

Our friend Major Nelson posted some new details on the Xbox One’s controller redesign. The new controller, which was unveiled at the Xbox One Reveal Event, will feature a collection of new abilities and a new ergonomic design for gamers.

Microsoft highlight's Xbox One design in new video

Microsoft wants to take you behind the scenes of Xbox One in their latest YouTube video, “Xbox One and Design”. The six minute video discusses the coherency that the team achieved between the Xbox One Console, Kinect 2, and Xbox One Controller.

256 GB Surface Pro shows up for Japanese market

Until recently, the largest amount of storage you could pick up for a Microsoft Surface Pro has been 128 GB. Now a version of the tablet has surfaced in Japan with 256 GB and a 120,000 YEN price tag (approx. $ 1,200).

The new larger capacity sized Microsoft tablet will also include a pre-installed copy of Office 2013 Home and Business. Only Surface RT tablets have come pre-installed with Microsoft’s productivity suite, so this marks a first for the Pro model.

New cases for Xbox One games revealed

There’s this thing called the Xbox One and it’s coming out later this fall. Apparently it’s some new console from Microsoft. Maybe you’ve heard of it. We’ve got a fairly good picture of the hardware story for the Xbox One and will learn more about the software and games throughout June during E3 and Build. Now we know what the cases for Xbox One games will look like thanks to Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson.

Spice up your networking with some Metro business cards

Ever fancied spicing up your networking when handing out personal information? You can now enjoy that Windows Phone look with some business premade cards. These beauties, compiled by 1800PocketPC, are particularly useful should you not be incredible at graphic design. What's more is that you'll be promoting Microsoft's new design language.

Former Experience Designer for Windows Phone, Arturo Toledo, tells you why the new Facebook app is still very Modern

With the arrival of the new Facebook beta app for Windows Phone 8 this week, the discussion immediately focused on two aspects (1) functionality (2) design. The first one is one of those “in motion” issues that all betas face, meaning some functions may yet have been added (especially when combined with the ever changing feature set of the Facebook ecosystem). The second though ranges from personal opinion to a higher discussion of Design Principles.

More specifically, the question of whether the new Facebook app is “Metro” enough (or whatever you want to call the Modern UI Design Principles that runs through Windows Phone) has become one of the hot topics amongst commenters.