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In addition to the developer programme announced today, Microsoft has also revealed secrets behind the keyboard in Windows Phone 8. The keyboard in Windows Phone has been praised by consumers and critics alike since the platform launched back in 2010, and it has gone through heavy usage and development to further improve the user experience.

So what's the secret to Microsoft's success?

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Urban Dictionary 7 & ArkWords get Mango updates

Afflicted with glossophilia? Fear not word mavens, we have two apps for you that we highly recommend, both of which are now Mango-ready and rich with features. Bonus? Both are free.

ArkWords (see earlier coverage) is a free dictionary app that allows you to look up words, use a thesaurus and translate words/phrases uing Bing. Our favorite feature though is the 'Word of the Day' which allows you see multiple definitions, hear how it sounds, look it up in a thesaurus and share using WP7's social network integration. On top of that, it has a Live Tile that displays the word of the day and the app itself has two color schemes, including all-black for AMOLED devices. The app is not only free but ad-free as well, making it a rare bird. There's nothing to not like here, folks.

Urban Dictionary 7 has been around for awhile and just hit version 2.0. Think of it as a dictionary app but for hot buzz words on the internet--we're talking the cutting edge of slang and colloquialisms, often boarding on the NSFW side. They're also hilarious. While the app is not "official" it might as well be as the developer, Social Ebola, has been churning out regular updates for this app for a long time time.  The Mango version adds some slick animation, fast-app switching, various new options, fixes and a new feature called Urban Zen. Urban Zen pairs terms from Urban Dictionary with related Bing images in an elegant slide-show format--indeed it is very relaxing with the transitions, but you'll be chuckling at the definitions and photos. So stay hip and cool with this little guy.

ArkWords can be found for free in the Marketplace here and Urban Dictionary 7 comes in a free, ad-supported version here or an ad-free edition for $1.99 here. We don't care for ads on our top apps and use this everyday, so we've opted for the $1.99 version, but the choice is yours.

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Can't think of that word and have no Internet connection at present to use the Dictionary.com app? Annoying, right? Well not any more with the app being updated to take advantage of Mango goodness with the addition of offline usage. Over two million words are available from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com, putting the power of language and constructive writing in your hands.

Pick it up here in the Marketplace.

Via: @techjunky79

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, for

Samsung as an odd habit in their Marketplace aka the 'Samsung Zone': they tend to release things and then pull them, no reason given and then sometimes, they return.

Such was the case with Diodict (see review) awhile back, which was a pretty robust off-line dictionary app for any Samsung Windows Phone. About a month after our review, the app was suddenly yanked from the Marketplace without explanation and it has yet to return. Flash forward to today and at least in the U.K., some other offerings from Diodict appear to be listed, for free, specifically six Collins dictionaries:

  • English
  • Portuguese-English
  • Italian-English
  • French-English
  • Spanish-English
  • German-English

The apps are not yet listed in the Samsung Zone and that usually happens right when it something goes live to the Marketplace (it takes a few days for it to work over to the OEM app stores), so you'll have to search for 'Diodict' on your phone to find 'em. Now, when we tried this on our phone in the U.S., we found the dictionaries but they are all going for $22.99 or higher. However, reader Steve aka 'Tahiti Bob' supplied us with the above photos showing at least in his part of the world, there are two listings for the apps and clearly some are co-listed as Samsung Electronics and are completely free.

So is this a sign of things to come for the rest of us? Maybe. We'll keep an eye out and you let us know if you find anything similar, m'kay? Thanks, Steve, for the info and pics

Update: Looks like we won't be getting this here in the U.S. (nor China, Korea or Japan), as the app as the image below demonstrates. Thanks, VoodooKing, for the screen grab.

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DioDict 3 pulled from Marketplace

For those not familiar, DioDict is a dictionary application available exclusively to Samsung Windows Phones.  If you've recently launched DioDict from your Samsung Focus, more than likely you received an alert saying,

"Only a trial version is available, as your device has not yet been authorized to run the full version."

If you attempt a search (using any dictionary style), you then will get the following alert,

"Lite version can be searched only up to "a". If you want to buy the full version, press the OK button."

Pressing the OK button sends you the Samsung Zone page in the Marketplace with no option to buy, download, or re-install.  This essentially disables DioDict from any practical use (unless you have an "A" word to search for).  In searching the Marketplace and Samsung Zone, the app is no longer listed.

We have yet to find any indication as to why DioDict was pulled.  We've seen apps pulled from the Marketplace before for certification issues, stability issues, questionable content and what not. This may be the first time we've seen a functional, working app pulled from the Marketplace as well as reverted to a trial version.

Which is a little disappointing because DioDict was a nice app.

Thanks goes out to Patrick for the tip!

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DioDict - Review

We've mentioned the Windows Phone application DioDict before. It is a dictionary application for Windows Phone 7 that is exclusive to the Samsung phones. The app taps into Collins Dictionary libary and includes multi-language support.

Recently updated to clean up some text formatting issues, DioDict offers more than definitions. It's a free application located in the Samsung App Zone and to read more about DioDict (plus see a video of it in action), just follow the break.

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DioDict updated, format issues fixed

DioDict is a multi-language, dictionary app for Samsung Windows Phones. It's a free app available from your Samsung App Zone but was plagued by poor formatting. Words were cut off in mid-sentence and picked up on the next line of text.

While I'm sure the update contained performance tweaks, the most noticeable improvement is with the text formatting. Words are no longer broken up and definitions are justified to the right. The update gives DioDict a much cleaner appearance and it does appear to have a little more zip to it.

If you're a Samsung user, check your Marketplace app for the update.

Thanks goes out to David for the tip!

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ArkWords is  a great little app by Arktronic that features not only a great dictionary and thesaurus but an impressive, multi-language translator. In addition, it has a swanky Live Tile that updates every morning with the WOT (word of the day).

The app is superbly built with a very minimalist and fluid UI. Plus it's free, so there's little reason to not give it a shot. And now that the Live Tile has been fixed in v1.1, all seems right with the app and gets our strong recommendation.

Grab it here in the Marketplace and go here for the developer's blog.

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DioDict added to Samsung Zone

The DioDict dictionary app has been added to the Samsung App Zone in the Marketplace. The dictionary application is being described as bringing together "the most comprehensive lexical contents over the world with the rich-functional dictionary search engine."

DioDict taps into the Collins Dictionary library that includes multi-language dictionaries including English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The dictionary application also has a flash card feature to help memorize definitions.

It's a nice looking dictionary application and it's free. If you own a Samsung Windows Phone 7 device, you can find in your Marketplace application in the Samsung App Zone.

Thanks goes out to David for the tip!

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