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If you have a Windows 10 Mobile phone or Windows 10 PC you will want to see our new hands-on with Playcast. The universal app for Windows 10 lets you stream music, photos, movies, and more from your phone or PC to any DLNA device like the Xbox One, Chromecast or Airplay. Read on for why you will want to add this app to your library today.

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When Microsoft released the Xbox One back in November of 2013, the console came without the ability to play multimedia from an external device, such as a flash drive. It seemed that the ultimate entertainment console would not be able to play any of your personal content and instead you would be locked to approve multimedia apps on the platform, but that is not the case.

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Yesterday we reported on a rare update for the Play To app by Nokia. The DLNA program allows users to stream media, like photos, videos and music, to their DLNA enabled TV or Xbox. The update was intended to improve “Wi-Fi connectivity ensuring it continues working with future devices and firmware updates.”

Ironically, however, many users on our site began having problems with the update. Specifically, reports of users only getting a black screen began rolling in, with warnings to others to not install the update.

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Another morning and another crop of app updates.

This morning we only have four (so far), but we’re sure that will change as the day goes on. Let’s get these four out of the way, since they’re some pretty big apps or games for your Windows Phone, including Flixster finally (finally!) getting UltraViolet support for Windows Phone 8.

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One app that was missing support on the 1080P Lumia 1520 was Nokia’s DLNA-enabled Play To. The app was ‘not available’ to download, presumably due to no display resolution support. Now, Nokia is remedying that by releasing Play To version 3.0 beta.

We just installed the app on our Lumia 1520 and connected it to our Xbox One for a fantastic streaming experience. Photos, video and music were able to show up on our 55-inch TV right from our Lumia phone with ease. Compared to earlier experiences, streaming content was much faster and efficient. We’re not sure if that’s the new Snapdragon 800 processor or the improved Xbox One, but we like the results.

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Nokia is certainly running full speed ahead, with the Lumia 925 being released in areas in Europe, the Nokia ‘EOS’ on the brink of announcement and the Lumia 928 evidently selling quite well on Verizon. Then there’s their other eight or nine Windows Phone 8 devices…

Speaking of those, if you have one, you’ll want to think about following our Store links to grab the latest iterations of Extras + Info and Play To.

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Hurl released an official Windows Phone app last week, but the team has got in touch with Windows Phone Central to confirm that an update has been published to address issue with screen resolutions. Taking into account the feedback that has been provided by the community, the Hurl team has set out to address concerns and any problems that were experienced.

If you're not familiar with Hurl, it's a DNLA-type service, but for PCs. The service works after the official app has been installed on a Windows Phone and page set up on the Hurl website (www.hurl.net). Using your phone’s GPS (and your label) you can then connect up. Users can search online for videos, which can then be added to the queue for playback on the PC. The Windows Phone acts as a remote—it’s like SmartGlass but for everything else.

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Nokia released its DLNA app Play To for Lumia Windows Phones earlier this year, but it has been missing for those who have made the move to Windows Phone 8. According to Eero Penttinen, Lead Programme Manager of Nokia Windows Phone Management, the app is well on its way. The unfortunate matter is it requires DLNA components that still need to be delivered.

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Looks like Nokia was sitting on the release of Camera Extras & Play Now for its Lumia phones as you can now go ahead and download both apps from the Nokia Collection.

Camera Extras is what it sounds like, yet another camera app from the Finnish company that adds a lot of unique features to hopefully improve some of those pics. Features include:

  • Smart Group Shot - automatically selects faces, lets you create the perfect picture
  • Panorama - takes  numerous photos and stitches them together
  • Action Shot - rapidly takes photos
  • Self timer - 10 second countdown

The app downloads as a separate program but it does integrate into the camera module meaning you can just quickly load the whole thing by hitting your dedicated camera button. Overall, the features are pretty good and we think many of you will enjoy the new additions. Nokia may be late to the game but they often get it right in the end.

Next up is Play To, Nokia's DLNA app which has finally made it to their Collection. Allowing you to "stream" your Music, Photos and Videos to any DLNA capable device e.g. your TV, the app is a great way to show off your photos to friends and family.

The system auto searches for any DLNA devices over WiFi such as BluRay Players, PCs and more. We don't have one in house so can't test it, we'll leave that to you for now.

Note: For both apps it says you may need the latest update for your phone in order to work--that would be Windows Phone "Tango" (8773) for some of you or Nokia's latest firmware for others. Things like DLNA require some "ground work" done by Nokia in their firmware to be installed so if you can't install these apps or you don't get all of their features, you may have to wait till you get a phone update first.

If not available in your Market (It appears to be US, China and Inida right now) stay tuned as Nokia is rolling these throughout  July.

Pick up Camera Extras here and Play To here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, CaliforniaDrew, for the heads up


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Nokia today just rolled out their Play To app for Windows Phone which enables the user to share photos and video via DLNA to your large screen TV or other DLNA-enabled devices. The addition of a DLNA app was speculated back in December as coming to Nokia.

Play To has been available for Nokia Symbian devices since early 2011, so it's finally great to be able to extend that feature to their Lumia Windows Phone line up. This software, similar to what LG, HTC and Samsung have offered for their devices brings Nokia Windows Phone closer to their competition in terms of feature support and should be a welcomed addition.

The software is beta at this point, which simply means you need to head to the Nokia Labs page, sign up and they'll give you the Marketplace link to download the app. Much like Nokia Drive, we expect to be testing for a few weeks before it is finally released for all Nokia devices to download.

If you're already signed up for Nokia Labs, you can try the Marketplace link here to see if it works. Otherwise, head to their site (http://betalabs.nokia.com) to enroll (it's very simple and only takes a minute). Thanks, chriskringel, for the tip!

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Nokia Lumia 800 getting DLNA support?

File this under rumor, but a reasonable one.

The Lumia 800 lacks a lot of things: front facing camera, gyroscope and DLNA support. That latter one though is something that can be added after the fact as we've seen Samsung and HTC do in the past. In that regard, there's no solid reason we know of why the Lumia 800 can't do DLNA if Nokia did some fiddling with the system files.

Over at MobileTechWorld, they did some sleuthing around the ROM and found some files that look necessary for DLNA support in the future. Italian Windows Phone site Plaffo then posted an email from one of their readers that came from Nokia Care. In that email, they basically confirm that Lumia 800 will get DLNA support like other Windows Phone devices, via the Marketplace.

Now word of caution: Customer care is hardly every a reliable source but Nokia rushing some DLNA support via a Marketplace app is the same method that the other OEMs use, so why not? We'll just have to wait and see.

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Samsung AllShare DLNA workaround patched

It's confirmed this time around. Samsung has finally patched the AllShare app to fix the glitch that enabled Focus and Omnia 7 owners to use DLNA and stream content to and from supported devices. Unfortunately Samsung seems to be dedicated to leaving us 1st-gen handset owners in the dark with the latest features.

While we previously brought some good news to the table when reports came in that the manufacturer patched the app and the glitch remained operational, it's game over now folks.

Thanks NaterBater for the heads up!

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Just a few days ago we published a how to that allows Samsung Windows Phone owners to use AllShare, the OEM DLNA app, even though it may not "officially support" the handset (Focus and Omnia 7). It involves exiting the app just before an error appears on-screen and then resuming the app via multi-tasking control.

We've now received reports from readers that this workaround no longer works, thus meaning Samsung has released a patch to prevent use of the app on unsupported handsets. I've attempted to perform the steps in our how to after re-installing AllShare and it does indeed still work, but the time limit we have to press the home button seems shorter. As soon as the transition effect appears on screen when you open AllShare, this is when you must press the home button, before the splash screen.

Let us know if you're hitting a brick wall or can still get around the stupefied error message. Before I forget, here's AllShare for the PC, should you have require the software. As an alternative, may we suggest onePlayer for your DLNA musings? It works exceptionally well for us and has a free trial.

Thnaks everyone who has tipped us on the issue!

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This is pretty sweet, there's a quick trick on the Samsung Omnia 7 with the AllShare app. Should you attempt to run the app an error will pop up stating that this "This device does not support AllShare. AllShare will be terminated." What the app doesn't tell you is that it will be back (in the awesome words of Arnold Schwarzenegger).

In the above video (it's in French but you should be able to follow visually) we can see Sogalas, a MonWindowsPhone reader, walking us through how he can work around the error and actually launch the app. It's incredibly straight forward. As soon as you launch AllShare, quickly hit the home button before the error shows and the app will close. Now hold the back button to enter multi-tasking and swipe to the right to find AllShare. Selecting it will launch the app successfully, bypassing the error.

To recap, here's the full walkthrough:

  1. Download Samsung's AllShare app
  2. Launch and press the "home" button before the error message appears (if it appears before you're able to close the app, just keep trying)
  3. Return to the application by holding the "back" button and enter multi-tasking control
  4. Select AllShare and you're now inside the app, bypassing the error message
  5. You can now connect to your computer, media devices or your TV (configured with DLNA) and select multimedia content shared with your device to view on the big screen or play on the massive speakers

Let us know in the comments should you get this working. I attempted myself and successfully ran the app, however I always seem to have issues with DLNA and my router (Apple Airport Extreme) thus wasn't able to test out the streaming capabilities. We're not aware as to whether or not this trick works with the Focus so do let us know.

Update: We've confirmed that this trick works with the Focus too, updated the title. Enjoy.

Source: MonWindowsPhone

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HTC continues to roll out the news apps. Today they released two of them, the first up is Locations: "Save your favorite locations with photo, voice and note. Share your favorite locations to your friends"

The app is quite basic and is basically HTC's Footprints from their Sense days on Windows Mobile. In short, you launch it, it finds your location and then you take a photo. With that pic you can add a category, give it a title, address and add a voice memo. You can then share it via email or messaging. Pretty basic, but kind of cool. You can find that app here in the Marketplace. Mango only.

The second app is a little more robust. Connected Media, which we reported on earlier,  allows you to "View photos and play music on video stored on media servers. You can also send media from your device to networked media players, such as TVs or set top boxes"

Unfortunately, this app requires a newer phone like the Radar or Titan as our Arrive doesn't support DLNA, which is what this uses. C'est la vie. If you still want to try, pick it up here in the Marketplace.

Update: Links fixed

Thanks, @JohnnieXu, for the tip!

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HTC DLNA app in Mango

Another much requested feature is media streaming to other media platforms (via UPnP protocols) in the house. At the HTC event in London yesterday we managed to get a walkthrough by a HTC representative of the HTC Titan, showing the HTC DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) app.

Check out the video of the demonstration below, you can see the DLNA app at about 2:10 in. We must say that the rep did a good job at showing the top features in the short amount of time (the night was hectic) and both Windows Phone Mango and the HTC Titan looked incredible.

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