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Microsoft's Bing engine shows where 2016 U.S. Presidential candidates stand on issues

Microsoft has launched a new feature on its Bing search engine called the Bing Political Index. It's designed to give users a clear view of where the candidates running in the 2016 U.S. Presidental race stand on a variety of important issues.

Follow the 2014 South African elections with the official IEC app for Windows Phone

The IEC has released an official app for Windows Phone to keep everyone in South Africa up-to-date with the 2014 elections. With the app installed, it's possible to view registration status and details, locate voting stations and remain in the loop with the IEC via social media channels.

Lok Sabha is a fun Windows Phone game as India heads to the polls

India is in the midst of General Elections 2014 as a billion people are voting for the next Government of the country. A new game on the Windows Phone Store arrived last week that attempts to serve as a funny ode to the diversity of the nation and the world’s largest democracy.

Lok Sabha is a funny spin-off about the political parties in India. In the game, two people play with their political ideologies placed head to head and compete each other for seats in the Parliament. Lok Sabha comes across as a fun, entertaining game for those who enjoy a little political satire.

Reminder – Watch the US Election results on your Xbox 360 + SmartGlass

In case you’re into the new game show “Who wants to be the next US President?” where $6 billion dollars are spent to get one job, you may want to tune into your Xbox 360 where at 7PM ET/4PM PT, NBC will be covering the election returns throughout the night.

What’s more, this is one of the first new SmartGlass experiences where your phone, Surface, tablet, etc. will act as a second screen, allowing to participate in some Xbox LIVE polling and view other incoming data. Whatever your politics, you have to be just a little psyched to see SmartGlass in action. So fire up some popcorn, turn on your phone (or Surface) and see if it’s any good. Read more at Xbox.com.

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Poll - Which flagship Windows Phone 8 would you elect and why?

With the U.S. Presidential Elections right around the corner, we felt the need for a Windows Phone poll to get people in the mood to cast a vote.  Not wanting to get into politics too much, we're curious which Windows Phone 8 handset listed in our poll is fit for presidency? Which would you elect to be our spokesperson for the Windows Phone nation?

The feature packed Nokia Lumia 920? How about the light-as-a-feather HTC 8X? Are you a fan of the silent but deadly looking Samsung ATIV S? If you had the chance to vote for one, which would you elect? This is a lighthearted poll to run alongside the U.S. elections that are currently ongoing.