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Official Engadget app is here (or back)

Funny thing: months ago Engadget actually had an app in the Marketplace, published by AOL. Then it was pulled after a day or so, no reason given. Flash forward to July 1st and what a shock, they too are pushing their new app. Sure, they've been accused of an anti-WP7 stance, but doesn't mean you can't have them on the go!

Featuring all their major section like HD, Mobile and Alt., the app has a nice and vibrant layout, with videos, podcast and galleries available. Commenting is handled by hopping to the browser instead of native and there's no way to share articles (though you can save them) but at least it looks good for a v1.0 and scrolling is pretty solid.

You can get downloading from the Marketplace here.

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Looks like some of the big sites managed to get a hold of some tester Windows Phone 7 devices (luuuucky!) and the consensus overall seems to be quite solid. The hardware is a Samsung Taylor SGH-i707 with 480 x 320 (HVGA), which is a bit odd although reportedly it looks really good. The Taylor also has a 5MP camera, speakers plus microphone on the top and bottom for both and a non-functional front-facing camera. There's even a dedicated camera button that works if the device is locked.

Engadget points out the great on-screen keyboard, camera and even browser, and finally concluding that WP7 is a work in progress, a promising one, but not quite there yet.

Paul Thurrott also does a fantastic tour of the device and is quite impressed with the OS. Although we have to experience Windows Phone 7 vicariously through him, we usually agree with his insight and highly recommend the full read.

There's also Matt Miller of ZDNet (and of Nokia Experts) who has a nice 8-page review, concluding that  the "...current experience is amazingly stable and fluid and I am quite impressed with what they have done".

Anyways, we'll let their reviews stand for themselves. Read 'em and comment back here if you're more or less excited now.


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Ever since Microsoft showed off Windows Phone 7 Series at Mobile World Congress, one of the major questions has been what kind of hardware can we expect from the device manufacturers. All we saw in Barcelona was a developer device.

But today on The Engadget Show, Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman brought a new toy. It was a prototype LG device, with the Windows Phone 7 Series OS, a sliding QWERTY keyboard -- which was a bit of a surprise -- all of the hardware buttons that we’ve been told to expect, a 5-megapixel camera with flash, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Let's reiterate that this was a prototype, and we'd kind of like to see a production unit with a little more sophistication. An new OS of this caliber deserves something that at least looks like more than the hardware the old Windows Mobile (sorry, but it is) runs on.

Oh, and the fact that Paul and Nilay posted their hands-on with the LG device as The Engadget Show was taping live was more than a little sick. [Engadget]

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Gadgie, Engadget's New Mascot

The WMExperts Store sponsored another one of those Wii-giveaway contests over at Engadget - as we mentioned back when that contest started. Well the contest is over and I gotta say I like the result - Gadgie, at right. Then again, I like a lot of the runners-up as well.

Head on over and check out their gallery of all the entries - makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to be a gadget lover.

Read: Winners of the Engadget Mascot contest! - Engadget

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Another Wii Contest from Engadget

Pardon me while I go off-topic a bit here but Engadget is giving away another Nintendo Wii, in a contest sponsored by our very own WMExperts Store. The contest this time is to design a mascot for Engadget, which is awesome.

The contest is only open until May 6th, so you'd best start Photoshopin' now!

[...] we want you to make us an Engadget mascot to appear on the site, on future t-shirts, and anywhere else you think an Engadget mascot might show up.

Read: The Engadget mascot contest: win a Wii! - Engadget

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Engadget Giving Away a Wii

Engadget is running a contest for their 3rd birthday, one of the prizes is a Wii + 10,000 Wii Points. Why are we posting about that on a Windows Mobile site? Well, our very own WMExperts Store is sponsoring that particular prize. So head on over to Engadget and start making that screensaver they're asking for!

We'll pick the five best Engadget screensavers as judged by the editors of Engadget and award out prizes in order of merit. Oh, and we'll be adding all the winning screensavers to the Engadget software page, too.Also, big ups to the WMExperts store for providing the Wii and 10,000 Wii points to the grand prize winner!

Read: Engadget

(Our own Prize-A-Day contest is going strong, a new one for today will be up in just a bit)

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