Microsoft YouTube app for Windows Phone choking on errors, causing frustration amongst users

It’s been 24-hours since the surprise return of the Microsoft engineered YouTube app, thought to be complacent with Google’s terms of service (TOS). The app, as we reported extensively, is essentially the same as the one originally removed but now with pre-roll ads, no video downloads, voice and upload support.

While reviews and feedback from the app have been tremendously high, one of the core features of an “official” app is stability. The idea here is that since Microsoft is theoretically abiding by Google’s API requirements, the app should ideally never stop working (unlike third party apps). However, tonight it seems to be a fairly wide spread outage of the app on Windows Phone.

We tested the YouTube app on our Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020, on both Wi-Fi and cellular, and we were constantly met with the somewhat befuddling “Something happened and we’re not sure what” error message (see below). Nothing from YouTube would load and the app is basically dead in the water.

PSA: Xbox Music down for some, giving out error code 803a00c0

We all know that feeling. You read about an awesome app on Windows Phone Central and go to download only to see the Windows Phone Store throw up some error right in your face. You want to rage and throw your phone at a wall, but you don’t. And sometimes it’s not an app you want, but a new song or album and well you know where we’re going with this. Yup, Xbox Music isn’t working for some folks. Details after the break.

Service Alert: Windows Phone Store throwing up c101b000 errors today [Updated]

Nope, you’re not alone if you’re seeing Windows Phone Store errors. After hearing that the HERE Drive+ was updated, we tried to download the latest Nokia innovation only to be met with a download glitch on our Lumia 920. Same on the Lumia 928. And soft-resetting has no effect either.

We then jumped to our inbox and sure enough, quite a few of you are reporting to us that you are seeing c101b000 error messages when trying to download apps.

Have to re-purchase again? New Windows Phone Store woe hits a few apps.

Last night as I was loading up a few apps on my phone I hit an anomaly: I was asked to buy Amazing Weather HD. Why is that odd? Well, Amazing Weather (along with Weather Flow) is one of my top apps and I bought it the day it came out, months ago.

As it turns out, it appears that this is becoming a widespread problem with the Windows Phone Store, a return of a similar glitch that hit Windows Phone 8 users last fall. That issue was much more frustrating though as it hit a lot of apps, depending on your purchase history.

Windows Phone Store glitch c101a006 causing frustration for app downloads

In the case you’re experiencing a dreaded ‘c101a006’ error when trying to buy, trial or download an app, you should know you’re not alone.

We’ve had about a dozen tips so far and verified ourselves that the Windows Phone Store is tossing this error out for apps that are buy/try (free apps appear to be exempt).

Angry Birds Space and Star Wars get another update and a small glitch

It was just 4 days ago that Rovio updated Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 8. Both games jumped to version 1.1 and at the time, we did not notice any changes in the games nor new features.

And on this Thanksgiving day, version 1.2 has rolled out for both games--hey, at least they're keeping them consistent! Once again to our untrained eye (we're not hardcore 'bird players around here) we don't see anything new--no new levels and they're still Windows Phone 8 only. But we suppose there are some important "fixes" that are necessary for the updates.

But there's also a potential problem...

Surface not delayed and should be expected on October 26th

A lot of huff and theories have been laid out regarding those delayed shipping notices for those who pre-ordered the Surface RT. Customers have received an email noting that their order should not be expected to be fulfilled until November 2nd, obviously putting a damper on pre-ordering. Turns out of all the thought out reasons for the delay, none took into account the simplest: it was an error.

FYI: The unlocked Lumia 920 does not support T-Mobile’s 1700 AWS band

If you head over to Nokia’s site on the Lumia 920, you may notice that the international version is reported as supporting Pentaband 3G/HSPA with T-Mobile’s 1700 AWS frequency. That contradicts when the phone was announced back in September with only four bands being supported. So, what’s the deal? Have Nokia added support?

Unfortunately, no.

See an update for Adobe Reader on Windows Phone? Don’t do it or you’ll be downgraded.

Users are being told to 'update' only to go back to Adobe's ugly past

We’ve reported on some issues with the Windows Phone Store lately, including oddities with updates. And just a few days ago Microsoft said they had started to roll out some fixes to improve things. We’re not sure if that has anything to do with Adobe’s “issue” here but it is coincidental.

Now, users are being prompted for an update to the app—we had ours this morning. The problem is if you scroll down through the notes, you’ll see the version is listed as 9.0. That’s a downgrade from the “new” 10.1 that was rolled out three weeks ago. In fact, a recent update (v10.1.1) was pushed to users though we have no idea what the changelog was for, but presumably it may have been the start of this recent update error.

Windows Phone Marketplace experiencing global outage with error c101a249?

According to some of our readers, the Windows Phone Marketplace appears to experiencing some issues. We've confirmed ourselves that the UK and US Marketplaces are down, throwing a "c101a249" error when an attempt is made to download an app. As was the case with previous outages, we'll not get too worked up about potential maintenance.

Hopefully this downtime will be minimal. Have you experienced any issues today? Let us know in the comments. 

Update: Xbox LIVE and Zune are also down for a lot of users, so evidently the two are connected

Thanks, revamp, for the heads up!

Apple 'fixes' Siri, no longer recommends Lumia 900 as "best cell phone ever"

You could sum up this news with a simple "Boo!", but I'm sure you are all aware how we love to babble on slightly. Siri, Apple's personal assistant for iPhone 4S owners, has been 'fixed' after the fiasco surrounding the helper stating the Lumia 900 as "the best cell phone ever". The humorous result / answer was due to Siri's reliance on an external service, namely Wolfrom Alpha, which took into account user reviews when performing the search. 

Apple has since replaced this search and altered what is relayed back to the user. Answers now provided to the query include "the one you're holding" and "you're kidding, right?" You can still perform a manual search on Wolfram Alpha and receive the same result, but this shows that Apple has zero sense of humour. No longer is Siri accurately useful to Windows Phone fans.

"What can I help you with?" Not much, I'm afraid.

Source: Apple Insider, via: The Verge

Windows Phone Marketplace down? Error c101abb9 rears its head [Updated]

What could be a very temporary glitch, we're seeing the Windows Phone Marketplace erring out for new downloads of apps. Numerous reports have just been sent in to us that users cannot download new apps to their Windows Phone.

Upon trying it ourselves, we repeated the error, listed as c101abb9, numerous times on a few devices.

We're not going to get too worked up about this as Microsoft could be updating some of those backend servers (and Saturday nights are probably lowest in traffic) or maybe it could be something bigger.

Update: Seems to be widespread as it is affecting Xbox 360 and some general LIVE services at the moment. Hotmail is working though.

Update 2: As of about 9:45pm EST, the Marketplace on our phone and others has started to work again

We'll keep an eye out but for now, if you're experiencing the same, you're not alone. Thanks, XboxOmac and Kalet B., for the tips

HTC Mazaa doesn't like HTC apps

Here's a funny little anecdote that will affect about 0.2% of you: the HTC Mazaa, basically a limited edition developer device, doesn't seem to recognize that it's an HTC phone. Poor thing.

Reader of the site Achia S. won an HTC Mazaa from Microsoft's WPAppItUp contest. Wanting to install the HTC Flashlight app, they get a notice stating that this app only runs on HTC phones and therefore, you can't have it. Obviously the problem here is that HTC along with this build of the OS aren't recognized by HTC's validating process--something they could probably fix, but are in no rush to address. In fairness, HTC was kind enough to respond to Achia's inquiry on the matter:

"I understand the importance of having an HTC 7 Trophy that functions as it was intended. Unfortunately, with developer devices, we cannot ensure that the ROM on it will function as the released model. I recommend contacting Microsoft to see if they can push the Release build to your device and have it running the appropriate software. I do apologize for any inconvenience."

It's interesting that HTC tech support conflates the 7 Trophy with the Mazaa--they are similar devices but different internals and it's not clear that a finalized ROM will fix the matter either. It sounds more or less like HTC needs to add the Mazaa to their recognized database, but whaddya we know? Thanks, Achia S., for the heads up!

Windows Phone Marketplace error c101b00b, anyone?

So we just noticed we're getting a nasty little Marketplace error when trying to download any app today. We're running on Mango and noticed this on a few of our phones, but we sent out a request on Twitter to see if anyone else was experiencing the same.

Turns out it's mixed, but definitely a large portion of you are experiencing irregularities in the Marketplace today--regardless of Mango or NoDo. We've heard from Portugal, Norway, Switzerland,  US, Romania and Australia so far with parts of the U.S. Italy and UK doing okay.

We're not sure what's going as it could be just a temporary hiccup, but we'll keep you posted.

Facebook app having issues with photos?

Maybe it's just us, but we've been asked whether our Facebook photos and galleries were loading in the official app. Sure enough, we can see the galleries but when we click on an image, we get the above error message, which is quite interesting (and annoying).

Photos seem to load in our Mango Picture Hub, but some are having problems there too.  The issue seems to be hit or miss with some users reporting to us no problems at all while quite a few others are getting the "Unable to load this page" message.

If it's the latter case, then it seems something on Facebook's end and not the app itself, presumably meaning no "fix" is needed for our app. We'll keep an eye on this one... Report in comments on your situation. (Thanks, Amir and our Twitter followers!)

[Oh and yes, notifications are wonky. All we can say on the matter is they work better in Mango than NoDO.]

Some homebrew apps are currently blocked in Mango? Yes.

Question: Can you currently install homebrew apps on Windows Phone 'Mango'? 

Answer: No, you cannot

One of the firs things we did with the Samung Focus with "Mango" (see review) was to developer-unlock the device using our AppHub account--no problems there. We were also able to sideload official apps from developers not yet released to the Marketplace (e.g. beta testing, early reviews, etc.). However, when it came to side-loading XAP files from say, XDA or other developers, they would not load. Things like Registry editors, themes changers, etc. would result in Error 0×81030120 (see above image).

A few days ago, Rafael Rivera, of ChevronWP7, gave some details about the situation on his blog, which you can read in detail here. [Warning: only developers will understand the lingo]. In short, the technical reason is "Mango won’t officially support the deployment of custom applications with the ID_CAP_INTEROPSERVICES capability flag".

What is not clear at the moment is (a) Is this is a permanent change that will be in the final build of "Mango"? and/or (b) Can there can be a work around for it? (Rivera notes that he hasn't "...figured that out yet, you'll need to standby." in response to developer). It is quite perceivable that Microsoft will keep this as a way to prevent communities like XDA and the homebrew crowd from running Interopservices aka native code on Windows Phones, which will negate a lot of the homebrew communities work. As alternative, developers can release apps to the Beta Marketplace, however even there, running native code (the point of homebrew for many) would not be acceptable there either.

Update: Scratch (a) up above. The final version of "Mango" will have this limitation, according to Rivera, which means the fate of homebrew is up to some ambitious devs.

All we can say is stay tuned.

Source: Within Windows; via NanaPho

Streaming Zune music to two devices: solution offered

Back a few weeks ago, we detailed a small and unique problem when you tried to stream music from two Zune devices, serially:  Basically you would pause music on one device e.g. your phone and then you would try to stream it on your Xbox.  While this was supported, it would result in an error only solvable by rebooting your phone.

Microsoft has now responded to the problem by adding a small note on the Zune how-to on their site, which shows how to get around the streaming error:

If you have a Zune Pass, keep in mind that you can play streaming music on only one device at a time. (For example, you can't simultaneously play Zune Marketplace streams on your phone and your PC.) In certain circumstances, Zune Marketplace might think you're still playing a stream on your phone when you've stopped playback and temporarily block you from playing streams on your PC. If you encounter this problem on your PC (sometimes identified as streaming error C101A9CA), go back to your phone and play something that isn't streamed (for example, a song that you ripped from a CD or bought from Zune Marketplace). Then go back to your PC and try playing the stream again.

Seems easy enough to us and according to Steve M who sent us the tip, it works just fine. Thanks, Steve.

Dell Venue Pro replacements are in; now there are SIM card errors?

Oh Dell, the world is on your side: everyone wants a Dell Venue Pro and you have a unique chance here to really make a splash in the smartphone market. Too bad you can't seem to get this launch right. First there were delays, broken dates, mislabeled batteries, Wi-Fi issues and now we're hearing SIM card problems. They finally responded recently.

Issue is this: the few customers who had bought early "engineering" models are being called and told that the new replacements are available at the Microsoft stores. Upon exchanging and replacing the SIM, it turns out the Venue doesn't read them and errors out stating "Sim is invalid or not inserted". It's evidently not an isolated problem either:

Popped my SIM card in there and was faced with a SIM card error message. Having lots of phones I figured the card was not seated and opened it up and reseated it. Well to make a long story short.. I tried three different SIM cards in two other units and none of them would take the card. -Dan S

Going to XDA turns up more stories:

My brother's phone still works fine, but I rebooted my phone once and now my SIM won't be read. I've tried three different SIM cards and all won't read. -Arcarsenal

...same problem now that I have rebooted. The Sim can't be recognized anymore. -richlee111

And the same people witnessed multiple others in the store with the same problem. In the same thread, it is mentioned that Qisda is actually manufacturing the device. Looks like Dell has some calls to make. We still think the Venue Pro can make a solid phone, once these issues are sorted out. Lets hope that happens.

Thanks, Dan S., for the tip!

Epix 'Slog Dump' to get another fix

Good news for those of you dealing with the "slog dump" error on the Samsung Epix (and good news for those of us looking for another reason to type "slog dump): Another fix is on the way. We say "another" because, well, the first fix didn't do so hot.

Sammy help-site has the deets on the new update:

Outrage is a choice word for the effects of the FOTA update provided by AT&T that we’d initially addressed. While the intentions were genuinely helpful, the patch did cost more problems for some users. The most apparent behavior includes the device freezes randomly when trying to dial. It is however notable that the problem (both SLOG DUMP and the effects after patch) does not apply to all Samsung Epix users.

AT&T has planned to release a revised patch in about two weeks, so if you’re experiencing frustration with the problem, help is under way.

So hang in there, Epix fans (henceforth referred to as Survivors of the Slog). Another fix is on the way. It might even work.