Register your spot now for the Nokia 9/5 event in New York

Nokia certainly knows how to throw a party. Nokia World 2011 (the first evening) and the Deadmau5 performance are two examples of the kind of events the manufacturer has held here in the UK. We've now learned that Nokia has plans to hold a party in New York on September 5th. So what's in stall for attendees?

We're not entirely sure as details are scarce as to what exactly is on the agenda. What we'd imagine to be on the night (from previous experiences) is loud music, an unlimited supply of beverages, and -of course- new Nokia Windows Phones. It wouldn't be a party without Windows Phone Central, so we'll be heading on down to see what all the fuss is about. 

The event is for those who are 18 or above and will take place between 6-9pm in the Chelsea neighbourhood. You can register your spot at the Nokia event over on the RSVP page.

WPDevCon postponed until 2013 to focus on Windows Phone 8

WPDevCon is an independent developer conference, which was is to be held in San Francisco later this year. We previously covered the announcement of plans to hold the first independent event focusing solely on Windows Phone development. It's set to be a bash with over 50 classes and workshops, not to mention a number of speakers attending.

WPUG wrap up with Windows Phone Developer Day on the horizon

Attending developers prepping for presentation

Last week, Wednesday 18th to be exact, we headed to the Windows Phone User Group meetup in London. The Shooting Star was the venue of the day's presentations and talks about Windows, Windows Phone, apps and other miscellaneous topics. It's a perfect chance for developers to pitch ideas, make contacts, receive help and advice, and meet us folk from Windows Phone Central.

The reason we pop along is simple - to help you (the developing community) receive as much exposure to our readership and beyond as possible. Without developers, apps and games we wouldn't have the same complete Windows Phone experience we have today, so it's important we provide developers with the opportunities to drive more traffic their way. From reviews to update coverage, Windows Phone Central has the means to help developers kick-start promotion and marketing.

Nokia World 2012 to feature new format with multiple events taking place

Nokia World 2012 was announced earlier this year and is set to be held in Helsinki, Finland on September 25-26. As was the case with London 2011, we expected a single event to be held in a fairly large convention centre. It seems Nokia has other ideas for this year as the manufacturer has revealed plans for a new format with holding a number of events separately.

The first of said events will be held on September 5-6, a handful of weeks in advance than previously announced. More information and details will be published in the coming months, but you can be sure Windows Phone Central will be at Nokia World to bring you the latest Windows Phone juice. The first event will target carriers and large partners, but follow-up events will cater different audiences.

Nokia has stated that we should look at future Nokia Worlds as more SXSW, rather than CES. All we know is that it's going to be an un-missable look at what hardware the manufacturer will have for Windows Phone 8 "Apollo".

Source: Nokia Conversations; thanks Kyle for the heads up! 

Windows Phone into Live Session music event in London on May 30th

The Windows Phone UK team are set to host a memorable evening in London at the end of the month. The into Live Session is a planned music event, which will feature artist performances including the popular Noisettes. The evening is expected to be a fairly packed house at the Proud in Camden.

There will also be a number of surprises to be explored. Room-to-room Skype chats, the Nokia Amazing Collective room and getting dared by Windows Phone to name but a few. If that wasn't enough, the team will be supplying two free drinks on the night to attendees. If you remember Pepper, the live music social networking app / service, the team have partnered with Windows Phone UK to host a "Battle of the Bands" contest, where you get to decide which of the four available artists will kick-start the evening. Simply head to the YouTube playlist and "like" any one video. 

The event will take place at Proud, Camden on 30th May. You can sign up for free entry at EventBrite (limited number of tickets available). Windows Phone Central will, as usual and as you'd expect by now, be showing our faces to cover the event should you not be able to attend it. If you do so happen to come along, be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter (@RichEdmonds) for info of our exact location on the night.

Source: Windows Phone UK, Into Live Session (Facebook)

More details on Microsoft's Free Time Machine events tomorrow in NYC, Chicago and San Francisco

Tomorrow, April 9th, is the kick off of the Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T (most stores were closed today for the holiday) and as expected, Microsoft will be having their own promotional events coinciding with in-store availability of the new flagship Windows Phone. This of course follows Friday's kick off party in Times Square with superstar Nicki Minaj.

We reported on the freetimemachine.com website a few days ago and although details were scarce it was clear that it was some type of contest for the Lumia 900. Now that we're closer to the the 9th we have more information regarding the event. Besides the online portion (we expect the website to change over tomorrow), Microsoft and Nokia will be hosting events in three cities between 8am and 6pm:

New York City

  • Bryant Park (6th Ave between 40th & 42nd)
  • Madison Square Park (23rd & Madison)


  • John Hancock Plaza (E. Chestnut & N. Michigan Ave)
  • Pioneer Court (401 N. Michigan Ave)

San Francisco

  • Union Square (Post Street & Powell Street)

What's more, we know that Kourtney Kardashian will be on hand from 11:30 to 12:30pm at the Bryant Park location in Manhattan. So if you're a fan, you'll, umm...want to be there.

So what to expect? From a Fox 5 News story on the events there will be "...several Free-Time Machines, or FTMs, for consumers that will be distributing priceless "free time" vouchers in the form of coupons, gifts certificates, and other items from 8 am-6 pm."

Sounds interesting. We'll try to be there to catch some of the event (no guarantees on the Kardashian angle though, we're not that crazy).

Update: In Chicago's Pioneer Court, famed local chef Stephanie Izard will be on hand for the event and in San Francisco, you can expect the 49ers tight-end Vernon DavisThanks, Stephen M., for the info!

The Recap: Nokia Lumia 900 LIVE event in Times Square

So we just came back from Times Square here in New York City where Nokia was throwing a lil' party right in the center of Manhattan for that Lumia 900. Turns out, as you probably know by now, that superstar Nicki Minaj was performing live. In fact, she performed three songs to a fairly massive crowd that was certainly very receptive to the whole scene.

After the songs they introduced the Nokia Lumia 900 while a DJ spun some music -- it was similar to the London-Deadmau5 event, though obviously not as massive. To the side, while the music was pumping, a giant high resolution LCD screen showed off an exciting light show leading up the Lumia 900 finally appearing.

Times Square crowd image via Sokane1/Instagram

All in all in was a fun albeit short event (it lasted about 30 minutes). While not as wow-worthy as the London 3D projection, it will certainly grab a lot of attention and is certainly some great publicity. Oh and a lot of the footage shot there will evidently be used in an upcoming video with the liver performance showing up tomorrow on Facebook.

After the break, you can check two videos we recorded (the second one starts shaky, sorry 'bout that, but it gets better). Also, we have some photos to boot.

Attend a 'Behind the Tiles' Windows Phone event to win a Lumia 900

Microsoft has teamed up with AnythingbutiPhone to provide the Windows Phone community with a number of invitation-only events across the U.S. 36 events will be held at 12 Best Buy establishments on set days that will run from 6:30pm - 9:00pm.

Branded "Behind the Tiles with Windows Phone", these sessions will enable attendees to get hands-on experience with a variety of devices and learn about the design philosophy behind the Metro UI. Also, you could be in with a chance of winning a Lumia 900 for attending. What's on the agenda?

  • Attend a Nokia Lumia 900 instructor-led demo lab
  • Learn about the Metro UI and the future with Windows Phone (three screens dream, etc.)
  • Get the latest information on Windows Phone for IT and Developers
  • Play with some of the latest Windows Phones
  • Network with peers and Windows Phone experts
  • Have a chance to win great prizes
  • Food and beverages will be provided

Should you be interested in attending one of the hosted events, head on over to AnythingbutiPhone (link below) to view the calendar and be sure to register for a place (enter "MVP" during registration) if you can make one.

Source: AnythingbutiPhone; thanks William for the heads up!

Nokia Lumia Live augmented reality stunt in Sydney [Video]

A video capture of the augmented reality event in Sydney has been uploaded to YouTube showing the stunt in action with a member of the public having a go. The dance-off was with Australia’s Got Talent and now local recording star Timomatic, who was also present at the event for signing and promoting the event.

As well as this event, there are two more lined up this month in Brisbane and Melbourne so be sure to head on down.

Source: YouTube

Nokia Lumia Live augmented reality event in Sydney

With the launch of the 800, we've been anticipating Nokia's upcoming marketing strategy in Australia with what the manufacturer can do to maintain the standards of promotion we've witnessed in other countries (think back to London with Deadmau5). With the recent announcement that will see Nokia holding Lumia "Live events" in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney this month, we now have more details surrounding the first one on the calendar - Sydney.

As one can probably guess from the above photo, the live event in Sydney sports Nokia's largest augmented reality experience. The public can step up on the Nokia mat to witness an interactive experience powered by an Xbox and Kinect. The video from the console is displayed on a massive 12 metre screen for everyone to enjoy.

Should you choose the Nokia Music tile, you'll be able to compete with Australia’s Got Talent and now local recording star Timomatic in a dance-off. But if that's not your cup of tea, and you're feeling slightly adventurous, then the Nokia Drive tile will produce a random character next to you on-screen; be it an Angry Bird or kangaroo.

Timomatic said the following when asked about his experience working with Nokia on this stunt:

"I was pumped about working with Nokia on this project.  I loved the idea of combining cutting-edge technology like Augmented Reality with my passion for music and dance. The footage was filmed in a studio and we experimented with a range of dance moves, both free-style and choreographed.  It's pretty amazing to see it all come together like that on the big screen."

Are you interested in giving this event a looking? Be sure to head on down to Martin Place between 7am - 7pm (16th March). 

Source: WPDownUnder

The Nokia Lab at SXSW [Pics]

Nokia has uploaded a number of photos from the Nokia Lab at SXSW (South by Southwest), showing devices, coloured test tubes, live music, presentations and general enjoyment. There were some photos in the album of particular interest, including a "SmokedbyWindowsPhone" type promotion. "Are you the fastest draw at SXSW?" provided guests with the opportunity to try and best the Lumia 900 at snapping a photo.

The manufacturer gave Windows Phone developers the opportunity to have their app showcased on Lumia demo units in the Lab for more exposure. Check out some more shots after the break, as well as the rest of the slideshow at Nokia's Flickr album.

Nokia World 2012 to be held in Helsinki on September 25-26

Nokia has announced the dates and location of this year's Nokia World - the event that covers everything 'Nokia'. While Nokia World 2011 in London was a blast, we're looking forward to the next event from the manufacturer as it's most probable that Windows Phone 8 ("Apollo") handsets will be unveiled. All we know for the moment is that it's going to be a fairly sizeable show with it being held on Nokia's home turf in Helsinki, Finland.

September 25-26 are the set dates and the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre is the designated venue. 2012 will be the first year that the event has been held in Finland, which couldn't be better timed with Helsinki being officially titled as the World Design Capital for the year.

For more information, be sure to hit the links below.

Source: NokiaNokia Conversations

Nokia launches Mobile World Congress page

Looks like Nokia is quite excited about the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain at the end of the month. The company has just put up a page dedicated to the even which will be a source for all of their announcements and events.

Nokia will have an hour long presentation on Monday where they are expected to reveal a few new devices including some new Windows Phones. We'll be there covering everything during the week but feel free to keep track of things on Nokia's page too for background information.

Source: Nokia; Thanks, theWeeBear, for the link

Malaysia: Nokia launching the Lumia 710 and 800 today

If you're in Malaysia, you best get your spare cash together as today you can finally purchase the Nokia Lumia 710 or 800 (see our earlier coverage). At about 5:30 pm local time, Nokia's big push into that market will finally begin and the first 100 buyers of the Lumia 800 will get a pair of Nokia Purity HD Stereo headset by Monster, Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and an "exclusive Nokia premium worth up to RM 1,000". Not too shabby!

Though they have a few hours before all of this happens, people are already lining up. The last count was about 80 people with 5 or so hours before the purchases can be made--not huge but that's not bad either.

The blog Smashpop.net is covering as it happens, adding new photos as the day goes on so make sure to keep up. You can also follow them on Twitter for live updates @smashpop.

To all of Malaysia...congrats! (I've always wanted to say that)

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone launch event in Denmark [Video]

Nokia has already proven to consumers that they've still got the magic to produce some incredible marketing efforts, like Deadmau5 in London, the Haunted House in Berlin, and flash mobs in India. Now we have Copenhagen in Denmark witnessing a football stadium (PARKEN) lay host to the Finnish manufacturer for a Lumia launch presentation.

As one can see in the video above, this wasn't just any presentation. Throw in fireworks, Master Chief (from the Halo video game series), a Ferrari, F.C. København, some music, and you have a spectacular event. The clip montage is only a few minutes long but we're sure it was more than mesmerising in person. Wonder if Nokia aims to continue to smash marketing expenditure records?

Source: YouTubethanks, Markus, for the tip!

10 meter Windows Phone erected in Paris

We previously touched on Paris being the next location where a giant Windows Phone is to be constructed, just like the event in New York last month. Today, we've got an idea of what the setup looks like. In the photo above we can clearly see the erected display (behind a tree) with what appear to be demo stands situated just in front. Luckily this is in France, since here in the UK the health and safety baboons would not like the event being that close to a main road.

The massive structure (as well as everything else that's planned) will be unveiled this evening, and will run on for 10 days in Champs Elysées. Professeur Thibault speculates that the Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Radar and Acer Allegro will be on display.

Source: Professeur Thibault

Nokia and T-Mobile bringing 'something exciting' to NYC on Dec. 14

Nokia and T-Mobile are teaming up for an event Dec. 14 in New York City, and it looks like we might well get our first glimpse of some sweet, sweet Nokia Windows Phone love here in the United States.

As you'll recall, we've already seen the Lumia 710 pass the FCC with its AWS bands intact, so that's a strong bet. Hopefully we'll get the Lumia 800 here as well. We've got our invite in hand. Guess we'll see what's what in a week.

More: Lumia 800 hands-on; Lumia 710 hands-on

Big Windows Phone display heading to Paris

It looks like the big phone that was erected in New York earlier this month is heading for Paris, according to a report over at Smartphune.fr. The proposed 10 meter-plus mammoth of a Windows Phone is set to be constructed at the intersection of Champs-Elysées and Avenue Dutuit and will remain standing from December 9th to the 18th. 

While the report is still awaiting confirmation, many sources are pointing to a Zune Santa Clause playlist being played, the ability to send SMS and mail (via terminals) to Santa,  and children will be able to provide Santa with their wishes. Gregory Olivier, Director of Marketing and Consumer Communications at Microsoft, had the following to say about the coming holiday season:

"In this holiday season, we wanted to allow the public to discover the new features offered by Windows Phone 7.5 in offering an original and creative, with an iconic character."

Source: Smartphune.fr, via: MonWindowsPhone

Nokia deadmau5 event details and live stream

Nokia's Lumia Live event planned for November 28th is drawing closer and details have now been published on Facebook with an RSVP event listing. The one-off night, starting at 21:00 and finishing at 21:30, will see deadmau5 performing live with a 4D visual presentation being run on the Millbank Tower.

Should you not be able to attend the event, fear not as there will be a live stream available. We'll be there taking photos and mingling with everyone so if you're down be sure to pop by.

Source: Facebook (Nokia)