Ffffound will make your Windows Phone look like art. Now ready for Windows Phone 8

One of our favorite "visual" apps for Windows Phone has been Roguecode's Ffffound, which pulls down the image feed from the site of the same name (ffffound.com). And much like his other apps, Ffffound does it with minimalism and flare making it one of the most eye catching creations around.   The app has now been updated for Windows Phone 8 and includes one of the useful functions for such a visually focused app: lockscreen support. Starting with version 1.4, users can now set the lockscreen to auto-update with either the latest Ffffound item or cycle through their Favorites. Either option is great and so far, we're really enjoying the look.  

The effects of making a WP7 app free, and the numbers to go with it

Every now and then we feature apps whose prices are going down for a small promotional period.  Obviously, in general people seem to like free stuff. But how much?

Well, I have an app called FFFFound in the Windows Phone Marketplace, which has been mentioned here on WPCentral a few times.  It's has quite a niche target market, and because of that doesn't have many users.  So before going into numbers, you need to realize that this is an app that not too many people actually want or need.  BUT for the few who are looking for something like this, they love it.  Because the users who have reviewed it have made it quite clear that they love the design, I wanted to get it into more hands.

Deal Alert: Ffffound is free in the Windows Phone Marketplace for one week

We covered the app Ffffound by our own RogueCode a few weeks ago. The app pulls down user created pop-art from the site of the same name, Ffffound.com, but in a really svelte manner--great transitions, minimalist design and the ability to save to your device for use as wallpaper or sharing with others.

The app was recently updated to fix issues with saving and some device memory problems, letting it work fully as it should. It's a nifty little app that even has a Live Tile that shows the latest image, giving your Start screen a little pizzazz.

For $0.99 the app was a great deal, in our opinion, but now for the next week you can pick it up for free--no strings attached. That's a great offer for a very well deigned app, so might as well take advantage while you can.

Check out the video review after the break and grab the app here in the Marketplace.

Ffffound update lands in the Marketplace

Ffffound was our first WPCentral App request, where we saw a need for an app and reached out to developers to make one. Ffffound is a client app for the website of the same name that is essentially a photo sharing site. Ffffound, the website, allows users to post and share their favorite images found on the web and also dynamically recommends inspirational images based on users tastes and interests.

Ffffound, the Windows Phone application, pulls all the image joy from Ffffound (the website) to your Windows Phone. Key features include:

  • Images can be save to your phone for wallpaper use
  • Share images via SMS, email, Twitter and Facebook
  • Images can be tagged as favorite for easy access
  • Live Tile support is present to view random images on your Start Screen.

Ffffound's (the app) update takes the app to version 1.2 and includes several fixes to saving images and Live Tile performance. The update also addresses speed issues and adds the option to load images sequentially.

There is a free trial version available for Ffffound and the full version is running $.99. You can grab your copy here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Das Image and Designspire bring art to your Windows Phone [Video]

We like art, photography and images just like a lot of you. And sometimes we just want to find a photo on the internet. So we're pleased to present two great apps that we figure you'll want to know about:

Das Image - This app has been out for awhile already and it's garnered  4.5 stars out of nearly 500 reviews. There's a reason for that: the app is buttery smooth, has a gorgeous layout, allows you to save images and search to your heart's content. The app is very Bing-centered but also brings down Flickr, 500PX and other sites with just a tap. In addition it has predefined categories to help you get your browse-on.

The best part? This app is completely free and has zero ads. So why is it not on your phone already? Go get it here in the Marketplace.

Designspire - This app is also not new but it did just go to v2.0 with Mango features.  More importantly, it was completely re-written giving this app a much needed fresh start. This app is great for graphic designers our there, those who love imagery, art or just like to look at cool stuff. The app is very Metro, based on the Start screen design and features an intuitive and unique layout.

The app pulls images and articles from some of the top sites out there including Adaptive Path, Core 77, Cool Hunting , Colour Lovers, Design Critique, Frog Design’s blog, Design Shack, Dexigner, Design Observer, FFFFound, Ideo, IXDA and more. All of those sources are also pinnable which is a nice touch. Designspire goes for a modest $1.29 with a free trial and we're more than pleased with it. You can pick it up here in the Marketplace.

Overall, two outstanding apps in the Marketplace that will sure to keep your eyes and senses busy. QR codes after the break...

Ffffound finds trouble in the Marketplace. Adult content rears its head again.

A few weeks ago we highlighted a new app called Ffffound by developer RogueCode. The app, based off of the website Ffffound.com, quickly became one of the more popular apps in the Marketplace, earning excellent reviews from users. The app pulls images from Ffffound.com and allows the user to view, save, favorite and even share the images in a elegant and beautiful way.

However, there were some memory issues with the app, causing crashes on the Samsung Focus. The developer quickly dispatched an update to fix that but in turn, that broke the 'save' option for many users. Not to be deterred, RogueCode quickly sent out another update but this one hit a snag: Microsoft suddenly rejected it based on the grounds that the app showed 'adult content', specifically images with partial nudity. 

Now the developer is in a bind: he can't filter those images automatically and therefore can't push out his update. He would, in essence, have to filter them manually resulting in large delays before you saw the image--not to mention all the work involved. Result? Consumers lose.

This is reminiscent of the app ImageWind, which pulled a stream of photos from Twitter. That app too was pulled from the Marketplace only to appear months later with a 'safety filter'. Now, in doing this story, we learned that app received another update (v1.3) and they have completely removed the Twitter feed altogether as Microsoft still wasn't happy with the "Flickr as a filter' option. ImageWind is now just a Flickr-streaming app, losing its original purpose.

So we ask the question: Does Microsoft need to revise its policy on 'adult content'? Perhaps offering a way for us adults (the majority) to opt-in? We of course think so but we want to hear what you have to say. And maybe, just maybe, Microsoft will listen.

In the meantime, we're not sure what will happen to Ffffound, which is a real shame.

1st WPCentral App Request - Ffffound by RogueCode

It's well known Windows Phone is missing some apps that we'd like to see. A few weeks ago we were missing a solid app for the site Ffffound and decided on a whim to ask developers to make one. RogueCode answered our app-request and bam...here we are.

If you have never been to the site Ffffound (www.ffffound.com) you should take a moment and do just that, don't worry, we'll wait. Okay, as you can see, Ffffound is a site dedicated to pop art, photography and image design. Some really interesting pics are curated there and they more often than not they tend to make exciting wallpapers for your Windows Phone Lock-screen, hence our interest in wanting an app. Within a few days of RogueCode taking us up on our offer and tossing some ideas back and forth between us and him, he had a finalized app that was ready.  And darn it all, it's a gorgeous little thing--fast, smooth and intuitive to use.

The app features the ability to save, favorite and even share any images, not to mention it is easy to navigate and surprisingly fast, even over 3G. The app features a Live Tile too that flips over revealing the latest image on the site. So if you're into pop art, interesting images or photography, or you're just looking for a sweet resource for wallpapers, this is your app. You can grab it here for $0.99 with a free trial in the Marketplace. Also check out his other apps, like Tweet This Song.

Oh and we're thinking of making this a regular feature: we ask a developers to make an app, work with them on design and features and then we highlight it on the site. Anyone else think that's a good idea?