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AT&T had a great quarter that was driven by the addition of 2 million new users to its wireless and wireline businesses. Combined with the rest of its operations, the carrier reported that revenues were up 1.6 percent, meaning that it took in $32.6 billion. The carrier noted a higher $1 billion operating expense compared to a year ago at $27 billion giving it an operating income of $5.6 billion.

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This week the two biggest components of the Windows Phone ecosystem reported financial results.  Microsoft and Nokia both printed decent numbers.

I won’t spend much time on Microsoft.  It was a fairly boring quarter. The Redmond giant came in with results that were in line with analyst results.  They’ve now sold a grand total of 60 million Windows 8 licenses, but this includes licenses sold to Dell and other manufacturers. So it’s hard to pin down exactly how many boxes consumers are actually buying with the latest and greatest Windows OS.

In the land of mobile, Microsoft won’t say how many Surface tablets they’ve sold.  I can’t say I blame them.  If they revealed numbers they’d just be compared to iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab sales. Why would Microsoft want to give people more reason to print negative headlines?

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Nokia has released its fourth quarter financial report for 2011. While the good news is that the company is reporting the shipment of over 1 million Windows Phones, the bad news is that Nokia has experienced the third straight quarterly loss.

Nokia's revenue dropped 21% from last year and profit dropped from €884 million (about $1.1 billion U.S) to €954 (about $1.25 billion U.S.) loss. While Nokia is pleased as punch about shipping over a million Windows Phones, overall smartphone revenue dropped 38% and overall smartphone shipments dropped 8%.

On the positive, Nokia reported an infusion of €180 million ($250 million U.S.) from Microsoft in the form of platform support payments. The strategic agreement with Microsoft covers both platform support from Microsoft and minimum software royalty payments from Nokia to Microsoft. The life of this strategic agreement is expected to measure in billions of US Dollars.

Overall, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop was pleased with the performance of their mobile phones business citing the release of the Windows Phone Lumia series (Lumia 710 and 800), introducing the series to consumers in Europe, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

With the third straight quarterly loss, Nokia's hopes are likely riding on the company's re-entry into the North American Market (with the T-Mobile Lumia 710 and AT&T Lumia 900) and the success of the Windows Phone line world wide. Additional expansion will see the Lumia Windows Phones to China and Latin American markets during the first half of 2012. Hopefully, the global distribution will stop the downhill slide and give Nokia a positive first quarter report in 2012.

You can find all the numbers and stats from Nokia's fourth quarter report of 2011 here at

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AT&T has released it's second quarter earning report and life over at the wireless company is looking pretty good. AT&T experienced positive revenue growth during the quarter with consolidated revenues totaling $30.8 billion, up $194 million from last year's second quarter. AT&T can also boast a 25.9% boost in EPS (earnings per share) of $.68 compared to $.54 last year.

Wireless service revenue increased 10.3% and Wireless data revenue experienced a 27.2% growth, up $936 million compared to year-earlier quarter. Apparently the new data plan structures haven't been that bad.

Total wireless subscribers rose to 90.1 million, a 1.6 million net increase, setting a best-ever second quarter mark. The other wireless highlight was, despite "antennagate", AT&T set a company record by activating 3.2 million iPhones.

Confidence is high over at AT&T heading into the second half of the year. As a launch partner for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, AT&T should be at the forefront this Fall when WP7 hits the shelves. It will be interesting to see what impact the new Windows Phone will have on future earnings.

You can read the full press from AT&T here.

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HTC posts Q2 earnings

HTC has released self-assessed financial results for the second quarter of 2010 and things are looking really good for the Taiwanese company.

HTC is reporting a revenue growth of 58% and net profit increase of 33%. This well surpassed the April forecast of a 50% revenue growth. Total revenues reached NT$60,532 million (about $1.88 billion US dollars) during the second quarter. For the month of June alone, the company experienced a 66% revenue growth from June of 2009. 

With HTC's commitment to Windows Phone 7 and their continued commitment to Android Phones, the remainder of 2010 should be just as profitable.


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Microsoft reported its fourth-quarter numbers this afternoon after the markets closed. As expected, numbers were down. The details of the period that ended June 30:

  • $13.10 billion in revenue, down 17 percent from the same period last year.
  • For the fiscal year that ended June 30, Microsoft pulled in $58.44 billion, down 3 percent from last fiscal year.
  • For the fiscal year, profit fell 17 percent to $14.6 billion, down from $17.7 billion.

Along with the economic problems all businesses have faced, Microsoft also took hits from $193 million in legal charges, $108 million of impairments to investments, and $40 million in severance charges from cutting staff. Because of the upcoming release of Windows 7, $276 million of revenue from the Windows division was deferred.

After-hours trading Thursday saw shares fall to $1.94, or about 7.6 percent, to $23.62.

Full presser after the break.

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Motorola loses $291 million in Q1

We're not really expecting great financials from anyone anytime soon, and Motorola keeps that trend going. The Big M had a $291 million loss in the first quarter, with cell phone sales down 45 percent compared to the first quarter of 2008.

Moto made $5.4 billion in sales in the first quarter – $1.8 billion from phones – but failed to meet the $5.62 billion previously forecast.

Despite recent rumors of a new/old Motorola Windows phone headed to Verizon, we're really not expecting much else from Moto this year – makes sense, seeing as how Windows Mobile 6.5 is focused on touchscreen phones – and Moto's CEO says to expect "differentiated Android-based devices" on sale in time for the winter holidays. So, we'll hope for some new Windows Mobile love in 2010.

Via Moconews

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