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flight information

Flight Status is a popular travel app over on the iOS and Android systems from Touchmeme and we're getting word that a Windows Phone version is in the works. According to Touchmeme,

Yes, we are going to produce the app for windows Phone soon. Our team is working for that.

We don't have any more details beyond that.  Nothing on features, pricing or appearance for the Windows Phone version.  But, if you look at the iPhone version's features and layout, Flight Status doesn't look too shabby. 

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Windows Phone App Review: FlightPredictor

FlightPredictor is a Windows Phone app that delivers a hefty amount of flight information to your Windows Phone. FlightPredictor covers flight times, status, and also has a series of major airport maps to help navigate the friendly skies.  Flight information is provided by FlightCaster.com and if you need to keep track of flight times, delays, along with a little help finding your way around airports, FlightPredictor is worth a try.

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Flight Monitor - Mango App Spotlight

Flight Monitor is a handy app for your Windows Phone that will allow you to track any flight world wide. Flight Monitor tracks flights in near real time and has live tile support so you can monitor things from your Start Screen.

Flight Monitor has a Search Page where you choose your airline and search by flight number. From there a page will be generated to display the flight information and a map that flags the flight's positioning. Down below you have a buttons to refresh the map, pin the flight to your Start Screen and return to the search page.

Flight Monitor uses a two sided live tile where one side displays a map view and the other side displays the status and arrival time.

Flight Monitor is a handy little app to help you keep track of flight status. The only issue I found in testing Flight Monitor is one of stability. That is, the app wasn't very stable.  More times than not, the app crashed when I initiated a search. Get the bugs ironed out and Flight Monitor is worth a look. As is, I'd have to give the trial version a run around the block first.

The full version of Flight Monitor is running $3.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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