GAME Reward now has a full universal Windows 10 app for PC and Mobile

UK-based retailer GAME has released a universal GAME Reward app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile devices. The app allows customers of GAME to collect points from their purchases in store and online and includes support for Live Tiles and Cortana.

GAME UK teams up with Overclockers to bring PC gaming hardware to the high street

GAME is the UK's leading video game retailer when it comes to consoles, but PC gaming has been restricted to actual titles rather than a combination of games and hardware. That's about to change as the company has teamed up with Overclockers to offer PC components in-store.

GAME Rewards finally gets updated to fix annoying crash issues

UK high-street retailer GAME finally updated its Windows Phone app a few days ago, which enables customers to collect points on their Rewards cards to spend on new games and gadgets. The app was plagued with issues recently, rendering the app useless to the majority of users who simply couldn't get the app to load without crashing on start-up. Thankfully, the development team have addressed said issues in the latest update.

Race The Stig, an endless driver game for Windows Phone 8

Race The Stig is an endless runner styled game for Windows Phone 8 where you take on Top Gear’s driver, the Stig. You will need to stay a car length ahead of Stig while you jump over parked cars, dodge parked semi-trailer, and weave in and out of traffic.

For those not familiar, Top Gear is a popular BBC motoring show (you also have a U.S. variation on the History Channel). The Stig is a character from the show whose primary role is to set lap times for cars showcased on Top Gear. The game was recently released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and after spending a little time with the game, it is an enjoyable game to pass the time with. Catch the full review after the break.

Windows Phone puzzle game Link goes free for a few days (US, UK)

We all enjoy a puzzle game here and there to test the mind and Link is a sweet title for your Windows Phone. The game itself is currently available for nothing at all, a welcomed drop from the usual $0.99 price tag. If you've never tried to connect the dots on your smartphone, now is the perfect chance to give it go and see how you get on.

In 10 days you'll be able to ragequit Flappy Bird on Windows Phone

Dong Nguyen's hit-game Flappy Bird is on its way to Windows Phone, that we already know. But what we didn't know was an expected date. The developer took to Twitter to reveal that Flappy Bird has been submitted to the store and needs to be approved by Microsoft. This means the game is well on its way and it shouldn't be too long until we're able to ragequit while mobile. 

Play as the Avengers on your Surface in Marvel Run Jump Smash!

While there are a zillion endless runners on Windows Phone, Marvel brings one on Windows 8 as well. Marvel Run Jump Smash! is an endless runner where you play as superhero characters like Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, or Black Widow.

Master of music? Prove it with MixMaster for Windows Phone, powered by Nokia MixRadio

So you've got your headphones on full blast with your favourite playlist wrecking havoc on your ears, but just how knowledgeable are you when it comes to music in general? It's time to put everything you know to the test with MixMaster. The Windows Phone game makes use of Nokia's MixRadio API to bring together intuitive and addictive gameplay.

GAME Reward for Windows Phone gets updated with cool new features (UK)

The official GAME Windows Phone app is a sweet companion app for anyone who enjoys shopping at the UK retailer. The company has had an app available for Microsoft's mobile platform for some time now and we've witnessed numerous updates released, further improving the user experience. Today, we're looking at version 6.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush for Windows Phone receives minor update

It was only a few days ago when we covered the release of Despicable Me Minion Rush for Windows Phone, but already the popular title has received an update, bumping the game to version Since this is such a minor update, we can only assume that bug fixes have been implemented, alongside some possible optimisations.

Disney to bring back Mickey Mouse with mobile game and cartoons

Disney is finding a new lease of life for its Mickey Mouse intellectual property with a mobile game and cartoon shorts series that will go head-to-head with the likes of Angry Birds and Talking Friends to win the hearts of children. The company will be targeting Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The latter being a perfect solution with the Kid's Corner, enabling parents to restrict what their children can access but offer Mickey Mouse content.

Cool GAME Reward advertisement highlights Windows Phone app

UK video game retailer GAME has a Reward app to help those with loyalty cards collect and spend points when in stores. We've just spotted an advertisement on the GAME YouTube account, which shows off apps for both iOS and Android as well as "Windows 8 phone". 

Check out what real city builder simulation is like with My Country for Windows Phone

Tired of old-school construction games that lack real action? You're not alone. This very quote kicks off the description for Game Insight's latest release for Windows Phone, My Country. The game is essentially a challenging city builder with more content than one would expect. Players are tasked with developing industries, transportation infrastructure, hiring employees, eliminating ecological threats and controlling energy use.

Oh, did we mention you're building your own country too? 

GAME Reward updated, enables further customisation and favourites

Video game retailer GAME is continuing to push its mobile app for Windows Phone. The company has now released version 4, which follows the recent update that only came out last month. Version 3 of GAME Reward sported Wallet integration and a user interface refresh. It was a welcomed bump, but there's always room for improvement. Cue yet another update.

GAME refreshes Rewards app for Windows Phone, adds Wallet integration

UK video game retailer GAME has bumped its Windows Phone app to version 3, introducing a new interface and features to help enhance the loyalty card experience. So what's new in the latest release? Well, the team has managed to implement a brand new layout, which looks much better. As well as this, the app now supports Wallet integration.

NumberTap now available for Windows 8, sports synchronicity with Windows Phone

NumberTap is a popular game available for Windows Phone. The team behind the title has now released a version for Windows 8, which is now available for download from the Windows Store. The Windows Phone game, which has been listed on Microsoft's mobile platform since 2011, has been updated since released and is highly rated on the store.

Break some orbs, save the world in Sparkle for Windows Phone 8

Enjoy the classic marble shooting games where you're centralised and have to shoot and match gem colours to prevent the trail from hitting the end? You might want to check out Sparkle for Windows Phone 8, which is a game that will take to your liking and offer up many hours of gameplay to pass the time.

GAME Rewards updated with price checker and more.

The official GAME Reward app for Windows Phone has been bumped to version 2.0, which introduces a number of features and addresses a few bugs. We previously looked at the app when it was made available for Windows Phone 8, but were stunned to see just how limited the experience was - if one managed to get the thing working.

The developer has managed to sort through some of the issues and what we now have is a usable client. So what's new in 2.0?

Become a video game developer with Game Dev Tycoon for Windows 8

Have you ever played through a video game you really enjoyed and thought to yourself, "Wouldn't it be great if I could run my own video game developer studio?" Well, now you can with Game Dev Tycoon by Greenheart Games ( The Windows 8 title is a simulator that puts the player in charge of a video game studio, which all starts in the garage.

Cut The Rope for Windows Phone 8 updated: Bugs will be fixed

Today we saw an update arrive for Xbox Live title Cut The Rope, this update looks to have cured the graphical bug seen when launching the game from a dedicated tile on the Start screen.

The otherwise excellent app has exhibited a bug whereby pinning the game to the start screen and launching it would display an odd multi-colour screen and a progress bar. That same thing wouldn’t happen if the app was launched from within the Games Hub.