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Canadian theater chain Cineplex Cinemas has introduced an interactive gaming app called TimePlay where users will be rewarded with prizes and loyalty apps.

TimePlay allows users to challenge their friends or a theater full of strangers with interactive gameplay. The app, previously available or Android, BlackBerry, and iOS users has now reached Windows Phone allowing multi-player game play on a secondary screen. The mini games within the app will be continually updated and users can take advantage of special offers when they play.

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Classic arcade games, more often than not, involved defending the earth or another planet from alien invaders and other extraterrestrial threats. Missile Command, Galaga, and many more games took that simple concept and branched out into unique gameplay directions.

Nowadays we have a trend of producing retro-style games for modern gaming platforms. That was Throwback Entertainment's goal with Deflector Mobile (also simply called Deflector). The game purports to be a classic arcade-style game in which players have to protect the earth from aliens and asteroids alike. Deflector has potential, but a number of UI issues keep it from having much-staying power. At least it's free!

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Spider-Man Unlimited is the latest endless runner from mobile gaming giant Gameloft. The game's premise involves Spider-Men and villains from various universes converging into a single universe. With slick production values and dozens of different Spider-Men to collect, Unlimited is a real treat for fans of the web-slinger.

Want to get ahead on the Spider-Man Unlimited leaderboards and fill out your roster with Spidey's coolest costumes? Our latest tips and tricks guide will teach you the best ways to spend your time and energy while thwarting the plans of the Sinister Six.

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Last year Windows Phone Central's "Gorgeous" George Ponder reviewed an indie game about hot air ballooning called Reach for the Sky. It came from Copenhagen-based indie developer Aemto and utilized a charging pixel art style. Sadly, that game is no longer available on the Windows Phone Store (per the developer's decision). From the ashes of the first Reach for the Sky comes a new Reach for the Sky sharing the same title.

Although the name has not changed, the new game is essentially a sequel. Reach for the Sky (2014) is still all about climbing the screen in a hot air balloon, but the visuals and gameplay have changed quite a bit. It still features a lyrical theme song from these guys that sounds catchy at first but becomes maddening before too long. It's completely free (with unobtrusive ads), compatible with phones with 512 MB of RAM, and only takes up 4 MB of storage. Just be sure you switch the controls to "Tap" before playing…

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Game of Legions is a match-three styled Windows Phone game that has a fantasy combat twist. You create the matches to attack your opponent and advance through the gaming levels.

While the graphics are a little on the dark side, game play is challenging and it's kinda fun seeing your matches hurl spears, swords, axes and other items at your enemy.

Available for low-memory devices, Game of Legions is a nice break from the typical match-three games you see in the Windows Phone Store.

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Unicorn Rush is a fun endless runner styled game for Windows Phone that puts you on horseback in an effort to save the fantasy Kingdom of Grant.

The back-story has a riot occurring at the Kingdom's border and as soldiers are dispatched to deal with the riot, the evil Duke Hogan has snuck into the Kingdom's Capital and captured the King and Princess. You play the role of one of the King's Knights who will have to rush back to the Capital and defeat the evil Duke. The ride back to the capital isn't a gingerly stroll in the park with a wide range of obstacles, traps and monsters to overcome.

Available for low-memory devices Unicorn Rush makes a nice impression. Graphics are nice, game play challenging and if you can overlook that the game's Knight looks more like a farm hand, it's a Windows Phone game worth trying.

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Have you ever had a nightmare where you endlessly fall? Well, that's the premise of the Windows Phone and Windows game Kami's Nightmare.

Kami is sound asleep and is dreaming of floating away on a bundle of balloons. Suddenly Kami's grip slips and she begins her endless fall. Along the way she has to avoid several evil stuffed animals that want to end her journey.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, there are a few bugs with Kami's Nightmare that need to be ironed out. However, for the most part the game is a casual but challenging game for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices.

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Windows Phone Collections: For The Kids

Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: For The Kids Collection

One of the nice features of the Windows Phone Store is the Collections. The Store Collections are a wide range of popular apps and games, sorted by subject matter. If you aren't sure what you need, these collections can help get you pointed in the right direction.

The Collections include golfing apps, running apps, indie game spotlight, bicycling apps, apps for Saturday Night, Disney games and more. For this week's roundup we're going to turn our sights towards our younger Windows Phone users and highlight a few titles from the For The Kids Collection.

This Collection has a series of apps and games designed to entertain kids while subtly teaching them a thing or two. All these titles would be nice additions to your Windows Phone Kid's Corner and well suited for those times you need a little help in keeping your child occupied (e.g. waiting for the table at the restaurant, in the doctor's waiting room, on road trips, etc.). Heck, some of these games will appeal to the older crowd as well.

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If you are searching for a simple, entertaining Windows Phone game to waste the time with you need to give Beyond Gravity a try.

It does have an endless runner feel to it but you do more jumping than running. The goal is to jump through space, from planet to planet, collecting nuts and bolts along the way.

The Samurai Jack graphics look great, the game play challenging and overall Beyond Gravity is a Windows Phone game you gotta try. It lacks a trial version but on the brighter side of the coin, Beyond Gravity is available for low-memory devices.

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Last month we reviewed Snuggle Truck, the first Windows Phone game from Owlchemy Labs. Snuggle Truck impressed with its sense of humor, vast array of levels, level editor, and great visual style. Sure, the level select bug I encountered still needs to be fixed (ahem!), but the game remains my pick for best side-view driving game on the platform.

This month Owlchemy returns with an equally exciting game: Jack Lumber. The game plays a bit like a more methodical fruit ninja, as the titular lumberjack must slice through mass quantities of wood that fly on-screen with his trusty axe. But Jack Lumber is much funnier than Fruit Ninja and packs a lengthy campaign mode filled with distinct levels, missions, and tons of silly things to collect. You won't believe just how fun chopping through trees and bottles of syrup can be until you play Jack Lumber.

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If you are looking for a casual puzzle game, that has plenty of challenging levels to tackle, take a look at Plumber Reloaded for Windows Phone 8.

Available for Windows Phone 8 devices, including low-memory models, Plumber Reloaded calls on you to connect various elemental symbols together with pipes. The challenge comes into play in that you cannot cross the pipes.

Plumber Reloaded isn't an overly complicated Windows Phone game but six levels of difficulty, 430 puzzle levels and three game modes it'll keep you busy for a while.

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Microsoft fans dream of a connected ecosystem in which we can buy a game once and play it on phone, tablet, PC, and console. We're not quite there yet, but at least some game developers are supporting all of those platforms. Take London-based indie developer Mudvark Limited. Mudvark's debut title Mortar Melon is already available on both Windows Phone and Windows 8 and RT. And soon it will come to Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program.

Mortar Melon is a physics-based puzzle game in which players try to fire watermelons through obstacle-filled levels and safely into a basket. The game is free to play on both Windows Phone and Windows 8, with an extra batch of levels available as an in-app purchase. It runs on Windows Phones with 512 MB of RAM, so everybody can have fun breaking, I mean saving watermelons.

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Tap Tap Glider is a nicely drawn up endless runner styled game that has you piloting a paper airplane through a maze of obstacles.

Controls are minimal and game play has its moments. Tap Tap Glider plays out like Line Birds or, dare I say, Flappy Bird and is an enjoyable time killer of a game. Available for low-memory devices, Tap Tap Glider could use a few more features but as is, the game is an appealing addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

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Death Drop isn't your typical Windows Phone game in that you are tasked with jumping your gaming character from a perfectly good airplane and guide him to a target on the ground.

The gaming concept doesn't sound too off-beat until you realize there are no parachutes involved in this game. Each jump destination has multiple targets to strike that range from park benches to garden gnomes to moving vehicles. It's your mission to slam your daredevil into these targets with little regard to safety.

Available for 512MB devices, Death Drop may not hold up to marathon gaming sessions but if you are looking for something off the beaten path, it may be worth a try.

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Some time ago, we ran across a decent endless runner styled Windows Phone game from Loon Apps, Covy Rush, where you guide a rabbit through an obstacle course full of dangers. Covy Land is the follow-up to Covy Rush that has similar dangers but is presented as more of a platform styled game.

Covy Land has you guiding the rabbit, Covy, across thirty levels of play and help Covy find all her children. You will have traps and blocks to avoid along with secret passages to discover.

Available for 512MB devices, Covy Land does have a certain amount of appeal. Graphic are nicely drawn-up, game play is challenging with a fast pace but the game does have a Kid's Corner feel about it, which may not be attractive to everyone.

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