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Two Dots is a casual, Windows Phone puzzle game that appears to be the third installment of connect-the-dot styled games from Data Arc. Two Dots follows Pop The Dots and Dots, sharing the same minimalistic design and mildly addictive game play.

Two Dots has over three hundred levels of play, which gives the game a little staying power and while game play is easy to pick up, it's no pushover. Two Dots does a nice job of picking up where Pop The Dots left off and is an entertaining puzzle game for Windows Phone 8.

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Commando Jack is a tower defense game for Windows Phone 8 that has you battling wave after wave of alien invaders. While game play isn't much different than other tower defense game, Commando Jack steps out slightly by letting you jump inside a defensive turret for a first person perspective on things.

The game has plenty of weapons upgrades, a wide range of enemies to defeat and several global venues to defend. Graphics are nicely drawn up and with plenty of gaming variations and difficulties, Commando Jack will keep you on your toes. Commando Jack has been well received over on iOS and should see similar success here on the Windows Phone platform.

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Every game can't be a comic book-inspired dash through the streets and rooftops of New York City. Sometimes you just want to relax with a nice puzzle game to relax with on your phone. Or maybe a really hard puzzle game – I'm not here to judge you guys.

That's what Slovenian indie developer Dawn of Play has given us with their first Windows Phone game, Dream of Pixels. You can describe Dream of Pixels as a "reverse Tetris" game, given that it involves pulling apart a pile of blocks into Tetris-shaped pieces. But the game play really is quite fresh and challenging. Plus it's one of the loveliest puzzle games you'll come across, with a sharp 3D engine and gorgeous use of colors. Check out our impressions and hands-on video after the break!

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Slingcat is a Windows Phone game where you play the role of a cat, which bears the same name, who is on a mission to find buried treasure. Armed with only a bow, Slingcat faces an assortment of dangers during his quest for treasure that include charging bulls, canaries armed with boulders, bomb dropping vultures and more.

Gameplay is a combination of a platfomer styled game and an action shooter. This combination of game play styles helps add to the games appeal and will definitely keep you on your toes. Animations are nicely drawn-up, game play challenging and Slingcat makes for an enjoyable gaming option for Windows Phone 8.

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One of the biggest names in free-to-play mobile games, Kabam, has announced a new agreement with Microsoft that will bring many of its titles to the growing body of Windows Phone games and Windows 8 games. One of their most popular casual games is The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. In addition any future games from Kabam will be launched for Windows platforms around the same time as their iOS and Android counterparts.

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Slots Club is a Windows Phone 8 game that has you tackling six different slots with over forty paying lines. The machines are nicely animated, aren't impossible to win at and each themed slot machine has a bonus game to keep game play from growing stale.

The Slots Club title has enjoyed decent success as an online game over on Facebook and in play the Windows Phone version, it should have similar success as a mobile gaming option.

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Ice Rage: Hockey is a relatively new game for Windows Phone 8 that puts you on the ice for a two-on-two hockey shoot-outl. The keeper is controlled automatically and you control the player to out-score and flatten your opponent on the ice or smash them into the glass.

While you can knock your opponent around a good bit, with Ice Rage: Hockey you do have to score a few hockey goals to win. Unlike another recent hockey game released in the Windows Phone Store, Hockey Fight.

Ice Rage: Hockey has been well received over on the Android platform and in playing the game for a short time, it should do well on the Windows Phone 8 platform.

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Oponki is a simple Windows Phone game that will challenge your reactions. The game's layout is uncomplicated and calls upon you to tap the left or right side of your Windows Phone screen bases on a series of instructions that will vary from level to level.

Oponki is an easy game to pick up but don' let the plain appearance fool you. It won't take long before you find yourself tapping left when you should be tapping right or see the game timer run out before you figure out which side of the screen to tap. If you're looking for a way to test out your reflexes, Oponki is a Windows Phone game worth trying.

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I'm not one to cover many soccer oriented games (or football as my friends across the pond would say) but a tip came across the wire on a Windows Phone 8 game that caught my eye, Soccer Team Bus Battle - World Cup 2014.

The premise of the game has your rival team stealing the World Cup before the tournament and are escaping down the road in their team bus. You have to give chase in your team's bus in hopes of catching up to the culprits, force their bus off the road and rescue the trophy.

Soccer Team Bus Battle is definitely not your typical World Cup game and while the game has hope, it is plagued with annoying pop-up ads and a few performance issues.

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Goldfish in the Sewer is a relatively new racing game for Windows Phone that approaches things from a different angle.

You are tasked with racing a goldfish through the twists and turns of the local sewer system for time. Make the run fast enough to earn a medal and you get to advance to the next race.

Goldfish in the Sewer has potential with nice graphics and challenging game play. The biggest drawback to the game is the racing controls that may have you swimming upstream with little hope for success.

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Watch Dogs is a great-looking console and PC game that just came out, and alongside it is a companion game that allows mobile players to compete against others live online for free. Anyone on an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC plays as a vigilante bringing justice to a futuristic Chicago by hacking the world with their phone. Meanwhile, players on Android or iOS act as the police force, viewing the pursuit of the criminal from a bird's eye view.

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Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the best racing games available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The graphics are stunning, game play challenging and you'll find yourself leaning into the turns as you speed down the track.

An update was pushed out this morning for Asphalt 8: Airborne, taking the game to version 1.3.1a and adds the SSC Tuatara sports car to the game's garage.

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Pic: The Invasion of the Nutcrackers is a platform Windows Phone 8 game were you have to fend off an invasion of nutcrackers. These are not your Holiday Season styled Nutcrackers but odd little creatures that remind me a little of Pac-Man.

You play the role of a Pic, a strange looking creature with eyes, hands, feet and a huge nose, who works his way through various puzzle platforms to defeat the Nutcrackers. Animations tend to give things a children's game feel and controls are a little cumbersome. Pic: The Invasion of the Nutcrackers does have a bit of potential, but it may be best to give the trial version a shot before buying the full game.

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Windows Phone Central Gaming Roundup: Match Three Styled Games

Match three styled games can be an entertaining and challenging way to pass the time with. The Windows Phone Store is full of these type games and they are the focus of this week’s Windows Phone Central Roundup.

We’ve all likely played or seen these styled games before where you are presented a playing field that is full of assorted items be it gems, jewels, bottle caps or other items. These games challenge you to swap the items around or connect them to create adjacent matches of three or more of the same items. Most of the match three games award you with bonus items if you create matches that go beyond the three of a kind variety.

This week we picked four of the top rated match three Windows Phone games to highlight and we’ll add a few honorable mentions in for good measure. If we’ve overlooked your favorite match three styled game, feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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Disney seems to be on a roll lately releasing several Windows Phone 8 games over the past week. We've seen Maleficent Free Fall and Disney Solitaire already hit Store shelves and today we are seeing the Disney gaming titles Lost Light and JellyCar 3 arrive in the Windows Phone Store.

JellyCar 3 and Lost Light have been available for a while over on iOS and Android platforms and it is nice to see Disney giving the Windows Phone platform more attention. Both games look interesting and if you prefer your gaming from a larger screen, both have Windows 8 versions available as well.

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If you think you have mad math skills and quick reactions, Kaboom is a Windows Phone game that might be of interest.

The premise of the game is that bad times have befallen on major cities worldwide. An evil mathematician has launched a reign of terror on these locations and it's your job to save the day.

You will need to solve basic math problems to prevent bombs froe destroying the city. The pace of the game picks up the longer you survive and while there's not much to Kaboom, it comes across as a fun Windows Phone game.

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Last month Disney released Disney Solitaire for Windows 8 with word that a Windows Phone 8 version would be released soon. We are happy to report that "soon" happened today with the release of the Windows Phone 8 version of Disney Solitaire.

Disney Solitaire does feature saving your game progress to OneDrive, which will allow to pick up things where you left off from a Windows 8 device.

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Maleficent Free Fall hit the Windows Phone Store last week in advance of the Disney movie Maleficent that is due out in theaters on May 30th. The latest Windows Phone 8 game from Disney Studios places a dark twist on the match three game.

The multi-level, multi-chapter game has you following a young Maleficent through the years tackling a wide assortment of match three challenges. You earn magic that can be used to unlock power-ups that will help you survive the puzzles.

Maleficent Free Fall is a well animated, entertaining gaming option for Windows Phone 8 and if you're looking for a challenging puzzle game, it's worth checking out.

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Anybody remember Doodle God, the alchemy simulator/puzzle game? The gameplay involved combining pairs of random ingredients in order to try to create new things. A sound enough idea in theory, but it boiled down to endless trial and error (or following a guide) and very little fun. If not for the easy Achievements and pretty good sense of humor, I’d never have finished it.

Somebody out there must feel differently though, because the Doodle series continues to multiply. Developer JoyBits has just released a new sequel/spin-off called Doodle Creatures on Windows Phone and Windows 8. On top of that, JoyBits is branching out into the hidden object genre with Around the World: Hidden Objects (just for Windows Phone). Now that’s a genre much closer to this gamer’s heart. Head past the break for descriptions and Store links!

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Tap Master: Mondrian is a simple Windows Phone 8 game that will test your ability to react to commands and objects flying down your screen. The game's design is inspired by Piet Mondrian's minimalistic style and has you tapping colored shapes as they run down (or in some cases up) the screen.

The challenge to the game is that you can only tap the pieces as directed by the game. It sounds easy but as you progress through game play, the pace increases and you might be surprised how challenging it can be to keep up.

Tap Master: Mondrian has a simple layout, challenging game play and is a nice addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

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