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At first glance, the Windows Phone game Shift may not be very impressive. It is a game of tic-tac-toe so it cannot be that challenging of a game, right?

While Shift is a tic-tac-toe game for Windows Phone 8, the game adds an interesting twist to the game. Game play is done in match style where you have to be the first to win three games, but you have to win by two games. Game play has a continuous pace until someone wins the match, which gives Shift that twist to make it stand out a little.

Shift is a fun, casual game for your Windows Phone gaming library and the twist in game play helps give the game a little staying power.

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A while back we reviewed Spirit of Hero, a 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) from Vietnamese developer TeaMobi. Although fairly buggy and riddled with translation errors, the game offered a lot of content and a unique look at Vietnamese history and mythology. And there aren’t exactly tons of free to play MMORPGs on Windows Phone.

It turns out that TeaMobi is something of an MMO specialist. They offer two more massively multiplayer online games on our favorite smartphone platform: Ninja School and Avatar. Today we look at Ninja School (aka Ninja School Online), a free platforming RPG similar to the popular Maple Story series. Surprisingly, this one works with both Windows Phone 7 and 8. Do technical problems and poor translation keep this game from ninja awesomeness? Find out in our full review.

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Blazin' Aces is a new air combat game for Windows Phone 8 that was released last week. The game is nicely drawn up, has its fair share of challenges but can also be a little on the frustrating side.

You play the role of a pilot in the golden era of aviation (World War I/II periods) and have to defeat the invading forces. Blazin' Aces has two gaming modes, a soundtrack that fits the action well and plenty of power-ups/boost to help you with your mission. The game is similar to Mini-Squadron (which is sadly no longer available), just a little more edgy.

Blazin' Aces will require a little patience until you get used to game play and the controls, but will begin to grow on you once you get a hang of things.

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Mini Motor Racing is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 arcade styled racing game with quality graphics and challenging racecourses. The cars remind me of those miniature RC cars and there are plenty racing car styles to unlock. Add over three-hundred races to win with two racing modes and Mini Motor Racing will not grow stale too quick.

The game has seen decent success over on iOS and based on what we've seen, Mini Motor Racing should see similar here on the Windows Phone 8 platform.

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AE Cap Mania is one of the more recent releases from AE Mobile for Windows Phone. The game is a match-3 styled game but instead of working horizontally or vertically to create the matches, you are moving puzzle pieces diagonally and vertically.

You have your customary bonus caps that will help you reach your gaming goal with bonus rounds scattered about to keep things interesting. AE Cap Mania is a well presented, casually paced Windows Phone game and not a bad option for your gaming library.

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Blazin' Aces is a new air combat game for Windows Phone 8. The game is a retro-aerial dogfighting game with quality graphics, challenging game play and music that gives the game an epic feel.

We have shared a sneak peek of Blazin' Aces and it made a very good first impression. The game went live in the Windows Phone Store today and we think this new arcade styled game is worth a look.

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Pigs Can't Fly is a light-hearted Windows Phone 8 game that has you helping a lost little pig who has crash landed in Hell. You will need to guide the pig through eighty levels filled with dangers and eventually escape the perilous underworld.

Pigs Can't Fly has nice graphics, straightforward gaming controls and plenty of challenging game play. It is a nice choice to have in your Windows Phone gaming library when you are in the mood for a game with a slightly more relaxed pace.

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Duet is a relatively new Windows Phone game that is insanely simple to learn but frustratingly challenging to master. None of which is bad.

The game has you spinning two colored dots around a circle in an effort to dodge objects that are falling from the top of the screen. Duet has over fifty levels scattered about nine chapters. Duet will test your patience, speed and reactions. While Duet can be painfully irritating at times, it is a fun game to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

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Long ago, the gods of Olympus gave the world a dinosaur-themed fighting game called Primal Rage. Sadly, we lowly humans were not ready for its awesomeness, and so the creators never bestowed us with a sequel. There may have been a great flood in there somewhere too.

Still, humanity never forgot how cool it was to put two dinosaurs into a ring and make them duke it out. And so an indie developer named Gluten Free Games has taken up the torch to make a new dinosaur fighting game for Windows Phone called Jurassic Arena. It’s nowhere as good as Primal Rage, but it does have 10 dinosaurs, and it’s completely free (for now). Head past the break for our full review with video.

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CrazyMaze Lite is a challenging Windows Phone puzzle game that has you maneuvering a marble through a series of creative mazes. Mazes that are full of holes that will end your journey, portals that will send you across the maze and other pitfalls that you will have to negotiate around.

CrazyMaze Lite has a bit of a casual feel to game play but challenging enough to keep things interesting. If you are looking for a change of pace for you Windows Phone gaming needs, CrazyMaze Lite is worth a look.

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"Kochadaiiyaan The Legend" is an upcoming photo-realistic 3D animation Indian movie that utilizes performance capturing technology used in films such as Avatar and The Adventures of Tintin. The movie stars Rajinikanth, a leading Indian film actor and a cultural icon. The mannerisms and inimitable style of Rajinikanth, the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan, contribute to his mass popularity and appeal and much like Chuck Norris facts, Rajinikanth jokes are widely circulated all over.

The official game for the movie, Kochadaiiyaan The Legend Reign of Arrows, has recently arrived on the Windows Phone Store. The third-person, action arcade archery game gives you a chance to step into the shoes of the superstar as Kochadaiyaan, and attempt to single-handedly push out an invading army out of the prosperous city of Kottaipattinam which is under siege.

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Another Case Solved is a challenging mystery game for Windows Phone 8 that is a collection of puzzles, riddles and matching games. You play the role of a detective working to get to the bottom of a curious candy conspiracy. Along the way you can pick up small jobs to generate experience and cash as well as tackling the mysteries of the main story line.

We highlighted Another Case Solved last week when it was released and have been able to spend a little time with the game sense. The game made a nice first impression and after playing the game for a few days, the impression hasn't faded by much.

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There aren’t many complaints about Windows Phone 8.1, but one of them is the ‘listing’ of games in the App list instead of just under the Games hub. If you have 5 or 10 games, it’s probably not a huge deal, but for gamers out there with dozens, it quickly makes things messy.

In the Reddit AMA today, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took to answering this complaint about why they did it and if they could make it optional going forward.  Belfiore gave a pretty reasonable response to the question and it’s noted that the development team seemed pretty split on the decision.

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Raining Blobs is a relatively new Windows Phone arcade game that has a bit of a Tetris styled flair to it. You have to group blobs of color together as they fall from the top of the screen and clear them by adding two of the same colored blobs that have stars.

Raining Blobs has five gaming modes, plenty of challenges and is colorfully animated. The controls are a little cumbersome to begin with but you do get used to them the more you play. There is a slight addictive quality to the game and if you're looking for a casual game that has a little challenge to pass the time with, Raining Blobs is worth a try.

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Bowling Western is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 game that puts an old west twist to the sport of bowling. From the cactus in the background to the wooden bowling pins, one can only imagine that your bowling shoes are fitted with spurs.

Bowling Western has nice graphics, decent animations and has single and multiplayer gaming options. The Windows Phone 8 game could use a little fine-tuning but as is, Bowling Western makes a decent first impression.

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Turret Commander is a fast-paced air combat game for Windows Phone 8 that places you behind the turret gun of a B-17 Flying Fortress.

You are tasked, as one can imagine, with defending the B-17 from enemy aircraft intent on ending your flight early. Graphics are well done, game play challenging and with an endless gaming mode on top of over twenty mission flights, Turret Commander makes a nice first impression.

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Splemy is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 game that is wonderfully animated, full of challenging levels and a fun game to pass the time with. The story line has you helping Splemy, an odd little character, journey through seventy-five levels of play to find his creator.

Along the way you'll have to navigate through, around and over mysterious caves, mushroom forests and an abandoned factory. Splemy's journey isn't a cake walk by any stretch with plenty of dangers to avoid.  Each level has goals for the number of moves, number of critters you collect and the time it takes you to go from start to finish. Splemy will test your aim with a slingshot, your skills at strategy and speed.

Splemy is an odd little game for Windows Phone 8 but in a good way.

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WMW? XYY is the latest installment to the Where’s My Water? series of Windows Phone games from Disney Mobile. It features the Chinese TV cartoon character XYY who is on a medieval adventure through China. Game play has you solving puzzles to help XYY find his way through an underground city and save his friends.

The game also features the Big Bad Wolf, who has his own series of puzzles to solve. Where previous installments of the Where’s My Water series involved physic based puzzles featuring water mechanics, WMW? XYY adds oil and fire mechanics to the mix. While WMW? XYY is an appealing gaming title with nice graphics and mildly challenging puzzles, the game may come across as too easy for some.

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Top Car Racing games for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: Car Racing Games

While there are plenty of games in the Windows Phone Store, racing games can be some of the more enjoyable genres available. Some are so intense you can feel the g-forces pulling at you as you take on a sharp curve or get sideswiped by a competitor.

This week’s Windows Phone Central roundup focuses on the top racing games that places you behind the wheel of a car. These games have you taking on drag strips, road courses and dirt tracks. They are great gaming titles to choose from for those times you have a little time to kill but strong enough if you want to pursue a racing career.

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Sometimes, the most addicting apps are the simplest.

Today’s review of Laser Dodger in the Windows Store, truly adopts that motto and runs with it. This arcade style game comes in at a super small 5.8MB when downloaded and is completely free for all to play.  There is no reason that you should not at least give it a go and dodge some face-melting lasers.

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