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If number puzzles are your cup of tea, you need to check out the new Windows Phone 8 game Numolition.

The game’s premise has you working with a crew of demolition experts and need to flatten as many puzzles by creating combinations of two or more of the same numbered blocks. You can add or move these blocks to create the combos, which in turn can be demolished by tapping on the group. It sounds easy but harder than you may think.

Add attractive graphics, three challenging gaming modes and Numolition turns out to be a solid gaming title. Numolition was released on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone last week and in playing the game over the weekend, it is a very appealing addition to the Windows Phone 8 gaming library.

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Microsoft Studios has brought the classic puzzle game of Hexic to Windows Phone devices and Windows 8 devices. The game brings 100 challenging levels of geometric goodness in a new touch-friendly experience. Plus it's free!

The game features all new chain combos with swipe-and-match gameplay and mechanics originally designed by Alexey Pajitnov, creator of the legendary puzzle game Tetris. We've seen Hexic before as a Xbox Live title for Windows Phone 7 and the latest version looks to build upon the appeal of the previous.

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Fishy Rush is a casual game for Windows Phone 8 that takes the endless runner genre under water. With Fishy Rush, you swim your goldfish for as far as you can, collecting coins along the way.

The game is not all fun in the sun with plenty of dangers and shark attacks to avoid. You can collect coins and pearls to use in the game's store to buy upgrades and there are plenty of power-ups to help you survive the dangers of the deep blue sea. Fishy Rush isn’t a terrible game for your Windows Phone but some may find it falling a tad short of the mark.

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Rail Rush is a fun Windows Phone 8 game that places you in a runaway mine cart that you have to maneuver through endless twists, turns and obstacles.

The endless runner game was recently updated to version 1.8 to add an Easter theme to the game. Rail Rush isn’t a stranger to holiday themed such as the Christmas theme update that was pushed out late last year. The Easter theme adds a bit of color to the game, a large collection of runaway Easter eggs and adds nicely to an already fun Windows Phone game.

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Shuttle Up for Windows Phone 8, how high can you go?

Shuttle Up is a relatively simple Windows Phone 8 game where you try to navigate a shiny little ball as high as you can. While the premise is simple, game play isn't without challenge.

The challenge with Shuttle Up comes into play with barriers that will be scattered about that you have dispatch before advancing any higher. As you approach the barriers, ever so slightly they will move out of your way. Advance to quickly and you'll smash into the barriers, ending your game. In playing the game for the past few days, Shuttle Up comes across as a fun, challenging game for Windows Phone 8 but it also can be frustrating.

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Super Polygon is a deceptively simple puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 that has you navigating through a psychedelic maze that is in constant motion.

The game has simple mechanics where timing is key and the pace of game play can get the best of you. Your score is based on how long you can survive the shifting, rotating puzzle and don’t be surprised if it is only for a few seconds. Super Polygon comes across as an entertaining and challenging puzzle game for your Windows Phone gaming library.

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We haven’t mentioned the Windows Phone game Trine’s Hangman in some time. For those not familiar, Trine’s Hangman is a fantastic rendition of the classic hangman word games. The lifetime game mode tracks and saves your gaming progress, you can customize your gaming background images, and overall Trine’s Hangman is just a fun game to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

Trine’s Hangman was recently updated to version 3.0, which has a healthy change log. The most notable additions to the game will probably be support for 720p and 1080p resolutions, support for multiple accounts from one phone and fine-tuning to improve performance on low-memory devices such as the Nokia Lumia 520.

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Plane Wars is a fast paced, easy to play, but difficult to master Windows Phone 8 game. The combat strategy game includes forty-eight levels of action, five different game modes and respectable graphics.

The game also includes upgrades for your aviation fleet and special abilities to help wipe out the enemy forces. Game play is challenging enough to keep things interesting and overall, Plane Wars is an entertaining gaming option for Windows Phone 8.

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Never Future is a role-playing game for your Windows Phone that has you playing the role of a young archeologist who stumbles across a mysterious artifact that sends him to a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world full of dangers.

The game has you searching this unknown world for a way home, all the while collecting trash to re-cycle for equipment upgrades, battling monsters and completing quests. The game has a bit of a Legend of Zelda feel about it, but with a more futuristic tone. Once you get used to the movement controls, Never Future is an entertaining game for the Windows Phone gaming library.

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Zombie Tsunami is an endless runner styled platform game where you race through a city with your hungry horde of zombies, attacking and devouring citizens along the way.

The game receives 4.5 stars over on iOS and Android platforms. In the short time we’ve spent with the Windows Phone 8 game, it is only a matter of time before Zombie Tsunami shares the same success on our platform.

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If you are in search of a minimalistic puzzle game for your Windows Phone, take a gander at Think. The Windows Phone 8 game is a word association game where you are presented with a series of drawings that you have to correctly identify what they represent.

The drawings are minimal and often include multiple items that you have to combine to solve the puzzle. Think reminds me of Pictionary just a little but with the illustrated clues already drawn-up. Think isn’t a fast paced game with a lot of bells and whistles. It is, however, a well drawn-up casual puzzle game for your Windows Phone that is a fun way to pass the time with.

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Covy Rush is an endless runner game for your Windows Phone that calls upon you to help Covy the rabbit jump over blocks and collect carrots.

The game has a bit of an elementary school appearance but game play is not without challenge. Gaming controls will take a little time to get used to and will add to the challenge until you get accustom to them.

Still, Covy Rush is not a terrible game for your Windows Phone but lacks that something, something to keep you pulled into the game. Covy Rush is worth trying but may not be attractive to everyone.

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Galactic Rush is a simple, yet challenging, endless runner game for Windows Phone 8. The game is from the developers behind Bunny Beyond and has you guiding an astronaut and aliens through various outer space themed obstacle courses.

Galactic Rush has three levels of play, upgradeable power-ups and a handful of characters to unlock. Gaming controls are a collection of screen gestures that are easy to pick up but can be a little on the sensitive side. Overall, Galactic Rush is an entertaining, casual game for Windows Phone 8.

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Zombies Ate My Doctor is a fast paced, endless runner game for Windows Phone 8 where you are racing through hospital halls, shooting up zombies and rescuing the local sheriff.

Graphics are well done, game play challenging and the game has a first person shooter element. Zombies Ate My Doctor makes a good first impression and is not a bad option to pass the time with.

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Quiz Bowl is a fairly new Windows Phone 8 game that has you matching wits online against other players in a friendly trivia match. Quiz Bowl four trivia groups that are filled with eleven trivia categories that include tens of thousands of questions.

You can challenge friends to a game or an opponent will be generated at random to compete against. Each game has about seven questions and you will have ten seconds to answer each question. The faster your response, the more points you earn.

Quiz Bowl is a decent Windows Phone 8 game that is an entertaining way to pass the time with.

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1 Phoenix Force is one of the latest Windows Phone 8 titles funded through the AppCampus project. It is a fast-paced shooter where you control a variety of Phoenixes as they battle over seventy bosses to save the Earth.

We have seen some fantastic titles being generated through the AppCampus such as Dark Lands, SongArc and Foundbite. In the short time we’ve spend with 1 Phoenix Force, it has the potential of being another success story for the AppCampus project.

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Dark Lands is a tremendously popular Windows Phone game that was updated this morning to version 1.1.4 to add cloud saving to the table.

For those not familiar with Dark Lands, it is an endless runner styled game that adds combat and role-playing game elements into the mix. The graphics are stunning and game play addictively challenging. Along with fighting orcs, goblins and other monster the game also includes unique boss battles as you progress through the game.

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When Xbox One was released in Europe, masses rejoiced that Microsoft’s latest console would include a free copy of FIFA 2014 or Forza 5. Meanwhile in the colonies, Xbox One users had no free game included and thus had to drop the value of an Xbox One along with another $60 just to get started.

Now, Microsoft is announcing that Xbox One consoles in the United States will include a digital copy of Forza Motorsport 5 for a limited time.

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SpaceScribble is a free Windows Phone game where you take command of a space ship to battle enemy vessels and dodge a rather aggressive asteroid field.

While the doodled graphics are absent of color, they are well done. The doodle-styled space ships flying across graph paper has a certain level of appeal and helps set the game apart. Game game play is rather challenging, somewhat addictive and has a nice pace. All totaled, SpaceScribble is an attractive gaming option for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

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If you are a fan of the retro look, you may want to check out the Windows Phone 8 game Space Squids. It is an endless, side scrolling space combat game with minimal controls and equally minimal graphics (which isn’t a bad thing) that is reminiscent of videos games of old.

Space Squids calls upon you to pilot your space craft, battling wave upon wave of enemy ships and bosses. While the game approaches things in a simplistic manner, Space Squids is a fun game to pass the time with and nifty addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

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