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google talk

Today Microsoft made an announcement for users who use the messaging feature on; if you currently use the Outlook web interface to chat with your friends on Facebook, Google Talk, or Messenger, the site keeps a copy of your chat history in a folder. Starting this fall, the Messaging history folder will be removed.

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The popular Messenger app for Windows Phone has been updated with some interesting features and is a great solution if you use Google Talk on the go.

If you're into the app and service to keep in touch with contacts, you'll love some of the new features in this latest release. We're looking at lockscreen support in a freely available solution. Messenger can now tap into one of five notification spots on the main locksreen and display a counter. Simple but effective.

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We've previously touched on Microsoft's new email service, The service has replaced Hotmail and offers advanced functionality along with a refreshed user interface to better match Windows 8 and other products. As well as checking through email, users can also chat with Facebook and Skype contacts in the sidebar. Microsoft has now implemented support for Google Talk. 

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The past few months we’ve seen official apps slowly trickle into the Windows Phone Store. And for those services (cough YouTube, cough Instagram) that don’t provide an official app, third party developers have stepped in to provide incredible applications.

Sometimes doing a job so good it’s hard to see what companies can do better (Metrotube is a great example of this). Unfortunately, most apps require workarounds to function properly and can easily be broken by a change server side to all these apps. Right now users might experience some issues with MetroTalk and GVoice because of some authentication issues.

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For those of you who go back to the Windows Mobile days, you'll remember an instant messaging service called Palringo ( The program was its own IM service, which allowed things like voice-clips to be instantly sent along with photos and files. In addition, it was also a multi-client meaning it could support and connect (by proxy) to other IM services such as AIM, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, ICQ and more. Finally, it had support for custom Groups which were basically permanent chat rooms that one could create and invite people to, in addition to supporting iOS, Android, Symbian and Mac/PC desktops.

We reported a few months ago that Palringo was finally going to support Windows Phone, heck we even showed some early screenshots. Now, v0.5 Beta is live in the Marketplace free to use for all. Of course that beta tag means it is still in development, so all won't be perfect, but we've been using it for the last day and half with little to no issues.

The app itself is fairly well designed and what it lacks in beauty it makes up for it in functionality. We hadn't logged into our Palringo account in nearly two years yet when we did, we were instantly reconnected to our old services and up and running within a few minutes (creating accounts on the device seems to be problematic for some, so perhaps use the web first, then login). Messages were sent and received instantly, the Live Tile is double sided showing the numerical notification on one side and the message on the back.

Voice clips, arguably one of the best features, were easily recorded and sent instantly. Likewise, the second device received them nearly instantly too--impressive for a 3G connection.

Overall, even for a beta we like where Palringo is heading with this app. We imagine the final version will cost a few dollars, but so long as they keep it below $4.99 (what IM+ Pro charges) we don't see a problem. For those looking for a multi-client IM app and even sending voice clips, we have to recommend you give this a go.

Pick up Palringo beta here in the Marketplace.

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For those who remember OctroTalk, it goes back to the Windows Mobile days, like the 2008-2009 era. Heck, we worked with the developer on the earliest alpha version.

So it was a pleasant surprise to see them return to form with a Windows Phone edition of the app, supporting Mango no less. The app is v1.0 and does fetch for $4.99, which when compared to the multi-client app IM+, seems a bit high to us.

OctroTalk only supports Google Talk but it is laid out nicely and seem to work a bit better (plus with fast-app resume, handles better than IM+).  It supports pre-set statuses, push and toast notifications and even has a flipping Live Tile. The app looks to be a port of the older Windows Mobile version and so isn't completely Metro UI. It also doesn't play too well with those who use GV Max for monitoring their Google Voice information aka GoVoice e.g. our contact list turns into GVMax contact.

All in all, if you need a solid Google Talk app, this is certainly one to consider. But at $4.99, casual users would be best served with GChat or IM+. You can give the app a try here in the Marketplace with a free trial. (Incidentally, we don't know the limitations of the free trial as the app seems to work just fine and in full).

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One thing that is lacking on Microsoft's Windows Phone is some solid Google apps. Sure we have IM+, but not everyone is in love with that IM system nor the price. Gchat, which supports Google Talk and only Google Talk, is now available in the Marketplace for Mango enabled phones. And our first impression? It's pretty awesome. Here's why:

  • Push notifications for messages
  • Pinning any of your contacts as a secondary tile, with independent unread message count.
  • Off-the-record conversations, with special and delicate handling.

It's looks to be fast (app is

The app is free and looks to be ad free, so if you have a Mango phone and need Google Talk, you'll want to give it a shot as this looks very promising. Grab it here in the Marketplace.

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For those who use Flory IM client, you should have received the v2.1 update in the last 48hrs. The update fixes a lot of little bugs and has made it more stable (Venue Pro users are reporting better results).

  • Leave keyboard open after sending (new)
  • Renaming bug
  • Lockscreen settings are not saved
  • Gtalk contact authorization status not shown
  • German translation writing mistakes

So that's the good news...

The bad news is, believe it or not, this is the very last version of Flory. Why? Sort of simple. The original idea for Flory started off to fill a gap on Windows Phone 7: no good IM client. In fact, it was supposed to be only limited to a small dev community (, not public. So the fact it went from that, to being in German to going world-wide (or close to it), all without charging a dollar or having ads...well, that's a big undertaking, especially to maintain those servers.

But now with IM+ getting geared for release, Kik messenger and Skype this fall, the floodgates are open. Basically the dev feels his job is done and soon enough we'll have "professional" devs taking over the IM world on Windows Phone.

We shed a tear for a great app that filled the gap (hey, that rhymed).

Source: PocketPC.chThanks, Chris F. (ryu2k8) for the heads up

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Flory IM, which support Google Talk and Facebook IM, has been bumped from v1.6 to 2.0. In turn, it has received a nice UI overhaul, bringing some pizazz to the popular instant messaging client. The changelog is as follows:

  • Complete redesign of the contact list
  • On/Off buttons for each supported protocol
  • New Googletalk implementation
  • New Facebook authentication (should fix most connections issues and allows connections outside Germany)
  • Push-Notifications for Facebook IM
  • Avatars for Facebook IM and Googletalk
  • Status messages in chat view
  • Improved landscape view for chats
  • New language support: Spanish

Overall, it does look a lot nicer and since it hops to your IM list directly, makes it more logical in the layout. We still noticed a couple UI glitches, but we imagine those will get ironed out eventually. Tip: Before updating, we encourage you to sign out of Flory, uninstall the application and reset your device. Then go to the Marketplace to re-download/re-install. Otherwise, you may have some stability issues (we did).

Grab Flory IM in the market here; Thanks, Alan, for the eagle eyes

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We told you v1.6 was coming and sure enough, the new Flory is now live in the Marketplace.

The biggest change is of course the availability in English (and Italian) which should make the program more accessible for many out there (we love how it still says "googles" though). The other addition is it now has built in Facebook IM, which acts through the Flory servers bringing direct, pushed chat right to your phone. Combined with the already featured Google Talk and this is one powerfully IM app.

The program is still free and after Flory upgraded their servers today, everything seem to be in working order. Grab it here, nao. Thanks, Alan, for the heads up.

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We first broke the news about Flory IM last week and it's been just smashing for us since. The developer contacted us to let us know it has been submitted to the Marketplace and sure enough, here it is. The IM app offers free Google Talk IMs plus using the jabber protocol, you can do Facebook IM, ICQ, etc.

The good news, it's still free. The bad news, it's still in German :-P No big deal though, you're all smart enough to get through the simple username/password menus to figure it out and if not, we can help in our forums.

Scan the Tag barcode above (via WP7Applist) or grab it here in the Marketplace here.

Update: Looks like Flory is going multilanguage...very soon in fact. From their Facebook page:

Important: when you update from 1.5 to 1.6, first close your gtalk connection! The servers for the worldwide release are nearly ready. We hope that all language versions get certified, so we can publish on sunday. Because we need to change dns and ip settings, there will be a serverdowntime for about 1 -2 hours. Sorry for that!

Update 2: Direct Facebook IM support is also coming in v1.6, no more jabber trickery

Thanks, Alan, for the Facebook info!

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In a surprising turn of events, our new favorite app Flory (see here) which handles Google Talk instant messaging (plus ICQ and FIM via jabber), is nearly ready for a US release. The developer Florian Seffert, who we understand is doing this all on their own, just told us in an email:

The en-US translation is nearly done and I'll release the US market version next week.

Timestamps will work then! ;-) And btw... you don't need to logout... Flory take care of all messages even when your phone is offline.

Another nice feature: all transports are secured and 256 bit encrypted... so no one can read your messages while you are writing messages on a public network.

We liked every single word in that statement and are pretty excited about having this hit the US. Anyone see this as becoming one of the top apps very quickly?

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First the good news: Flory is a free instant messaging app that supports Google Talk, has push notifications and a live tile. On top of all of that, it completely works, allowing you to be signed in and receive messages "in the background". Huzzah!

Now the bad news: It's in German and therefore only in the German Marketplace for Windows Phone. [Update: Flory is coming to the US Market very soon. See here for more info]

Yes folks, those crafty Germans have had this app for awhile unknown to us while we patiently wait for IM+. We've been running it for the last day and it's behaved like a champ. Sure, the menus are in German but you can still finagle your way through the logins.  The app works through a service called Flory, which then enables you to login to Google Talk. Incoming IMs are pushed to the device via Toast Notifications (the ones at the top) and/or the Live tile. The delay is no more than that of an SMS message, that is, it's fast and has been very reliable for us.

So how do you get this on your phone? We'll go over three options after the the meantime, check out the video hands on.

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While we gave IM+ a fairly positive review months ago, a lot of folks balked at the hefty price tag ($39.95), especially compared to free IM clients like Palringo.

Well, it looks like maybe the folks at ShapeServices, who make IM+, are going to do something about it as a "lite" version is floating around. More importantly, it appears to be free.

The main difference between "full" and "lite" is the latter doesn't have that "push" feature for IMs, GPS-MyLocation, Facebook chat or Twitter.  

However, it still supports AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, Jabber and MySpace (hah!). In addition, there's a green bar on the top that scrolls about the "full version" with an arrow to download it. Overall, not to shabby.

What's curious is the build date: September 29, 2009 Version 7.1.1 Lite. So either this is an old build or perhaps IM+ abandoned the idea? We're also hearing an update for the paid version is coming soon. Thanks goes to CaliBoyPhillip for originally posting about about this version here.

For those with MS Tag, just scan and download below ;-)

Update:  Speak of the devil, the paid version just got updated (bumped to v. 7.6.1) Early reports indicate that it finally includes Skype chat.  More later.


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One of my favorite (and free, ahem) IM solutions (Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, VOIP) is Octro as I have always found it easy to use and streamlined for simple use--plus the plugin is nifty.

Getting updated to 2.0, the Octro team has added some cool new features including

Obviously the Video conferencing is the big one here. We'll be giving it a spin here at WME headquarters this week and let you know our thoughts. Chime in with yours in comments.

Download it here

(Quick note: you need to have at least one Google Talk or Jabber account logged in before Octro will let you set the other stuff up! Download their manual from the above link to find instructions)

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