Unboxing the super green Lumia 1520 aka 'the Hulk' phone from AT&T

Last Friday, AT&T and Microsoft finally set the green Lumia 1520 loose as inventory went out to AT&T stores across the country. The green Lumia 1520 is no different from the currently available ones except for the bold, green color, and it is bold. I do not hesitate to label this green as nearly fluorescent because it is very audacious.

Although static promo shots tell one story, hands on video and some high-quality real photos tell another. Therefore, with that introduction, here is a quick look at the 'Hulk' Lumia 1520, one of the boldest Windows Phones to date.

AT&T begins selling Green Lumia 1520 with 16 GB for $199

As expected, AT&T is finally selling the super bright green Nokia Lumia 1520, complete with Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan pre-installed (you can see what is new in our review). Considering the 8.1 update came out about 10 days ago for the Lumia 1520 that makes sense.

The big question is does the green Lumia 1520 bring anything else for $199 on-contract. Unfortunately, no. This is still the 16 GB version, although you can expand that with up to 128 GB with a micro SD card. There is also no Qi wireless charging, heck, they are not even pushing the PMA charging although we're sure it can at least do that much.

Bittersweet shimmer: Nokia Glance screen shows up in Green with notifications

This morning we reported on a list of unofficial (and incomplete) changes coming in the double punch GDR3/Bittersweet shimmer update later this year. One of those new features, noted over the weekend by leakster Nawzil, were optional color choices for Nokia’s ever-evolving Glance screen.

Tonight on the Chinese social-network Sina Weibo, a low resolution (but clear as day) photo has leaked showing what Glance looks like in green. We have to admit, it certainly looks sharp. In the lower part of the display you can also see a pending notification, something which has been confirmed multiple times now.

Microsoft wants to help you go green with your PC - launches new website

Microsoft is concerned about the current state of the environment (see their electric vehicle program as one example) and wants you to take notice in their latest endeavor. The boys in Redmond have recently launched a new website to help customers “make environmentally friendly PC decisions.”

Microsoft employees are crazy for electric vehicles; pilot program for charging stations on the Redmond campus expands

Microsoft is not a company new to environmental friendliness; if anything, their “Microsoft Green Blog” proves the point every week with the latest information on how the company is trying to improve environmental sustainability. This week, the Redmond boys announced how their Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment pilot program has expanded around the campus.

The Nokia Lumia 920 shows up wearing Green for Australia, not yet in stock

Back at the end of March, a new color variant of the Lumia 920 was spotted on Nokia Jordan’s Facebook page. The green Lumia 920 was adorned with mint leaves near the bottom and it was unclear if it was an April fool’s joke or a tease (it was actually posted on March 28th, making an April 1st joke a bit untimely).

Now, E-Store Australia is listing a Lumia 920 in green, including the IDs--Part No: NOK0120 MPN: 060585--on their site with an asking price of $792 (or about $763 in USD). The device is of course out of stock with no ETA either.

Spearmint Nokia Lumia 920 leaves us green with envy

The Nokia Lumia 920 is available in a decent range of colors including black, white, cyan, red, yellow and in some places gray. A new color has surfaced on Nokia Jordan's Facebook page, green.

Call it spearmint, pastel green, lime green, or just plain old green we think it looks good. While pictured on Nokia Jordan's Facebook page there is no information on when or if this color option will make it to market.

We can only hope that if a green Lumia 920 sees the light of day, other carriers will pick it up (along with the gray). Hint, Hint AT&T.

Source: Nokia Jordan via: Techorz

HTC 8S Windows Phone pops up in green and orange versions

The Dutch Windows Phone website has revealed something interesting. Orange and green versions of the HTC 8S.

We've seen the 8S in yellow, black/white, red, and blue but could this be an indication that more colors are headed to the HTC 8S rainbow? We haven't seen any new colors added to the various pre-order listings such as the one over at Expansys.

The green version is growing on me, but what do you think? Do the green or orange colors appeal to you more than the blue, yellow or black/white versions?

Thanks, Mark, for the tip!

Nokia Lumia spotted in upcoming movie ‘The Wolverine’

Lumia 800 is the Wolverine?

We’re not sure which Nokia Lumia we see in the above pic, captured for Hugh Jackman’s upcoming ‘The Wolverine’ sequel, but that metal Carl Zeiss strip certainly gives it away.

What is odd about it of course is the color (drab green) and the flash position (it’s on the top as opposed to being adjacent). For those reasons, we’re not sure if we’re looking at a prototype, something just for the movie, an odd looking case or something else. In fact, we can’t say much more though we’ll leave some sleuthing to you folks in comments to try and deduce something. [Edit: And yes, it looks to be the Lumia 800 as that is the only one with the flash like that.]

Source:; via iWatchStuff; Thanks, Martin and Ryan for the tip

Nokia planning Green and Red Lumia 800?

A new video has been spotted created by AdContentMedia featuring the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset. And while that headset is itself pretty darn awesome what is really eye catching are those two new colors for the Lumia 800: Red and Green.

While we've seen fuchsia/magenta/pink before and we all know cyan and black, but green and red have not been shown off before and it remains to be seen if they are actually planned or just concepts at this point. Nokia has certainly experimented with other colors as described in yesterday's article on the subject and we've heard of yellow, green and white before back in December. Of course since that December interview, the white Lumia 800 (and maybe even a white 900) have come forward.

We'll throw this in the "sure, why not?" camp as we know Nokia like their colors and it would make sense for them to extend those offerings if the Lumia line keeps selling well. Personally, we're pretty excited about green and would love to see that infused in some polycarbonate goodness from our Nokia friends. What do you think?

[Edit: As pointed out in comments, these could also be soft-shell cases which have nearly the same color offerings, though it would have been more efficient to advertise that fact. Still, it's plausible]

Check the video after the break and catch the new colors at about 0:40 and onward.

Source: AdContentMedia; via Unleash The Phones