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Shortly after the Lumia 1020 launched, Nokia announced an open contest to developers around the globe. It was called Nokia Future Capture. The contest aimed for developers to dream up imaging apps and hacks to take advantage of some of the new hardware in the Lumia 1020. Nokia then chose ten ideas, flew the developers with those ideas to Sweden, and had a hackathon to see which ideas proved strongest. These are the results.

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Map Wallpaper lets you get your location at a glance

Last Saturday I got the chance to check out a Hackathon down in San Diego. It was a great event and I’ll be telling you guys about that later on. But the app that won the overall hackathon is now in the Windows Phone Store. Map Wallpaper is a clever lockscreen app that gives you your current location at a glance. Let’s check it out.

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Events like the Boston Hackathon are the places where the next must-have app are born. If you’ve never been to a hackathon you’re missing out on a great event where you can meet like-minded people with a vast array of creativity and talent. Let’s look at three of those apps you’ll hopefully be enjoying soon on your Windows Phone.

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Competition winners from a Windows Phone Developer Camp have been announced. The Dev Camp, sponsored by T-Mobile, saw a "huge" amount apps being submitted to win smartphones running Microsoft's OS. Much like we've seen elsewhere, these sessions aid developers who are new to the platform, who'd like to network and pick up on some skills and knowledge from more experienced personnel.

So what are the seven winning apps we speak of?

  • AquaGuard - a tower defense game that puts the player in charge of preventing water pollution affecting populated countries with strategically placed defenses.
  • Nastani Time.mk* - an event planner for residents of Macedonia. The app enables users to check out latest events, plan ahead and receive reminders.
  • LiquidLab - a thought-intensive game that requires the player to measure liquid in glass beakers, sounds easy? How about doing this with now measuring instruments or guides?
  • ColorFever - enjoy puzzles? You'll want to check out ColorFever. The object of this game is to paint the entire board with a single colour, but not everything is as straight forward as it sounds.
  • ProveriBroj* - a simple app that enables users to check the mobile provider of any given number. Data is supplied by the AEC database.
  • Najeftino* - this handy shopping app acts as a comparison tool, where consumers can compare the prices of multiple products.
  • Be Humane - the last winning app is a charity based solution, which provides users with the tools to view upcoming charitable events (blood donation, etc.) and more.

* denotes apps in Macedonian only.

Source: Windows Phone Dev Camp; thanks Martin for the tip!

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Are you a fearless tribesman, ready to lead the pack? We bet you are you animal, you. Microsoft and Nokia are looking to unleash a number of "code warriors" in 14 cities to pack a punch on the Marketplace by building, crafting and basically reaching their inner-zen. Cash, devices and prizes will be on-hand for those who attend so it'll  be more than worthwhile.

What's this "code warrior" hackathon all about? In each city the two companies will be hosting a number of events that will see a number of developers building apps specifically targeting gaps in the Marketplace. Apps that should be in those gaps, and are present on other platforms, will be developed by participants.

The Code Warriors is expected to be one of the pushes Microsoft will make in their plans to bring big brand developers / apps to the platform. Should you be interested in attending one of the events, be sure to check out what cities are being visited and when over at the Eventbrite listing.

Source: The Code Warrior, via: GoWindowsGo

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A few weeks ago we mentioned the results of a recent Windows Phone hackathon, where devs get together, dream up and code apps and games within a fixed time period.

One of the noteworthy games that came out of that workshop was SpaceShooterz by Cubeslam. A retro arcade space shooter, the game needed some music and some finishing touches before it headed to the Marketplace. Luckily for you, it's now live and it's a fun little number.

The game is free with no ads (for now), has excellent controls, smooth gameply with a high framerate and the music is just badass sounding. It's certainly falls into the quick-gaming category as you only have one life and no continues, but it's a lot of fun and done very well. For that, we have to recommend it.

Pick up SpaceShooterz here in the Marketplace for free. In addition, the French-only home automation app that was also coded during the same hackathon is now available too. You can grab that app, called ZibaseWP, right here.

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#lumiahack takes on Durban, South Africa


Over this past weekend Nokia hosted a hackathon in Durban, South Africa. Previously they have held similar events at other cities across the country, and are still having one up in Johannesburg soon. So there are many just like it, but this one was mine.

For those of you who don't know what a "hackathon" actually is, you might be surprised to hear that it's got nothing to do with hacking in the security sense. It's actually just a bunch of people hacking away at whatever the objective is, for a period of time. So, this particular Windows Phone hackathon was coders getting together and making phone apps from 4:30pm on Friday, straight through to the same time on Sunday - essentially 48 hours straight of coding joy.

The Durban event was held at the Moses Mabida Stadium - the stadium built for the Fifa 2010 soccer/ football (fight!) world cup. It wasn't on the actual field or anything- rain and computers just don't go- but rather in the room that the players do their glory walk onto the field from.

This hackathon differed from some of the international ones I have seen because this was exclusively for students (I had to use my slate as a cleaver just to get past security). Very few of them had prior knowledge of the platform, and many were actually rather new to programming. Over the weekend the guys from Microsoft did WP7 workshops to get them up to speed, and a bunch of us were there to provide support when people were stuck. The point in the whole thing was to get students excited about the platform, and to give them a jumpstart onto the WP7 bandwagon. They were each given a Microsoft DreamSpark account (which gives students all the MS software free, including a free AppHub account), and encouraged to publish at least one app onto the Windows Phone Marketplace by the end of the weekend. Nokia definitely succeeded in both of these, as many people told me how impressed they were with the platform after the weekend even though they had previously written it off, and most got at least one app submitted for certification on the Marketplace by Sunday.

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During a Windows Phone Hackathon, we witnessed what Rudy Huyn is capable of with his "Bi(n)g Maps" project that enables 28 Windows Phones to be controlled by a single device to create a massive Bing Maps app. There were two more apps developed that are more than noteworthy.

First up is Space Shooterz, developed by student Julien Noble. It's a retro-style spaceship shooter, which is controlled by either touch or the accelerometer. Created in XNA in only 30 hours, Noble is adding the finishing touches (sound - promised to be retro) and will be releasing the indie title to the Marketplace soon. Check out the video below for a quick demo of what's to come (as well as his website for more info).

The second app that requires a mention is WibasWP, another home automation solution for Windows Phone, developed by Arnaud Weil. The concept is based on "ZiBase" box, by Zodianet, and will be able to connect to sensors, receptors and remotes all over the house. Basic tasks include turning on / off lighting, and custom scenarios can be added for even more automation.

Unfortunately, no video was made available for WibasWP, but we are pleased to report that the app should be available on the Marketplace in the next few days. All-in-all, the hackathon was a busy one with around 40 apps being created by 90 developers in just 48 hours. 

More photos from the event can be viewed on Facebook.

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If you recall, way back in November one of the events at Nokia World was the announcement of the Hackathon winner. Hackathon was a development contest where 40 developers had 40 hours to create an app for a Nokia Phone. Visiarc won the contest with their Windows Phone game Duudle. Why the recap? Well, Duudle is now available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Duudle is a Pictionary styled game for your Windows Phone where you have thirty seconds to doodle a picture describing a word. Then your opponents have to guess the word from the doodle. The quicker they correctly guess the word, the more points earned.

Duudle is a multi-player, turn based game that is played online much like AlphaJax or SpellIt. You'll need to register (free) with Duudle to play online when you first launch the game.  If you signup with your Facebook account, you'll automatically see your Facebook friends who are Duudle players.  You then pick up games against your Facebook friends or in random games to make new friends. Being turned based the game takes on a relaxing pace giving players up to seventy-two hours to complete their turn.

There is a free trial available for Duudle with the full version running $2.99. You can find your copy here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, Peter, for the tip!

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The very last event at Nokia World last week was the announcement of the winner for the Hackathon event. Basically 40 devs had 40 hours to write up and code an application on a Nokia phone (either Windows Phone, Qt or S40). Some were games and some were apps (even HalfBrick, the makers of Fruit Ninja were there), all were pretty awesome.

In this Channel 9 video, we see the winners Peter Lindgren, Lukas Gustavsson and Hendrik Pettersson from Visiarc who won with their killer game called Duudle. It's like AlphaJax but for Pictionary on Windows Phone--you get a word, you doodle it on the device and then it is sent to your opponent who has to guess the word by seeing the image re-drawn. The faster they "get" the word, the more points. Our opinion? This game will be huge. It has a great UI, the gameplay is totally unique and it has what you folks want, turn-based multiplayer action.

The team won 50,000 euros in prizes and cash, which ain't too shabby. Hopefully we'll be seeing Duudle in the Marketplace sometime soon, after they polish it up a bit. We can't wait.

Check the Channel 9 and Hackathon videos after the break...

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Engage Digital has announced the App Developer Hackathon and Bootcamp for Windows Phone developers and those working on other mobile platforms. The Hackathon will take place on October 27, 2011 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. During the day long event developers will learn new skills, build mobile apps, compete for prizes and network within the mobile app development community.

The App Development Hackathon is being described as being for both coding gurus and beginners. There will be beginner classes plus the opportunity to tap into the expertise of the more seasoned developers in attendance. The Hackathon is a part of the App Developer Conference that runs from October 26-27, 2011. Sponsors and participants of the Conference include Pandora, Wal-Mart, Samsung, AT&T, Netflix, Qualcomm and many other industry leaders.

If you're going to be in the Santa Clara area in late October, you can find all the details on the Hackathon at AppDevHackathon.com and information on the App Developer Conference here at AppDevConf.com.

Thanks Chris for the tip!

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Attending TechEd 2011 in Atlanta? Why not check out the WP7 hackathon which will be hosted at the Omni Hotel on May 16th for 5 hours? Featuring experts in the community, developers (whether beginners or experienced) should not choose to miss out on this opportunitey if one can attend. C'mon - there's even food and beverages provided!

Products covered are; Microsoft XNA Game Studio, Windows Azure and Windows Phone 7. Not only this but 50 new unlocked Samsung Focus device are rewarded to the first 50 developers attending this event who submit their apps to the Marketplace and enter their submission to the WP7 User Group developer sweepstakes.

There are a limited number of available slots (300), so RSVP ASAP. Oh, and you have to bring your own laptop too. Register to the event using the source link below.

Source: MS Events, via: Chris Williams

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Quite a few hackathons/hackfest and meetups are beginning to appear, most notably in US and UK. It's always good to see aspiring developers getting together to share ideas, advice, learn and hone skills. The top feat I love about Windows Phone is the developer community - I feel it's much closer than competitors at such an early age of the operating system.

Anyway, I digress. A Windows Phone 7 hackfest is close approaching on the 14th of May in Ajax, Canada at the McLean Community Centre. Some points located on the website that defines the event perfectly:

  • If you have an idea for an app but don’t know how to build apps for Windows Phone, this event is for you!
  • We’ll have experts and tutors on hand to show you how to write your first Windows Phone app, and it’s easier than you think.
  • If you have the skills to build apps for Windows Phone but don’t have any ideas for an app, this event is also for you!
  • If you’ve got C#, .NET, Silverlight or XNA skills but can’t think of what to write, the Hackfests are a great place to brainstorm with other people and come up with ideas for apps.
  • If you’re looking for a job or clients, this event is also for you!
  • Okay, Hackfests aren’t actually job fairs, but they’re excellent networking opportunities, and these days, 80% of the tech jobs out there are found by networking.

The only requirements are for you to register before hand, bring a laptop (desktop if you're on steroids) and be sure to have developer tools already installed - which you should have already, right? The event begins at 9am where half-an-hour will be spent socializing and munching on some fine grub, then from 9am to 4pm is the long haul of app development.

Source: Toronto .NET group


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