happy wars

Happy Wars battles its way onto the Windows Store with cross play support

Quirky free-to-play action game Happy Wars is now available to download from the Windows Store.

Happy Wars will battle its way to the Windows Store in December

Happy Wars, a quirky free-to-play action battle game already available for Xbox One and Xbox 360, will make its way to Windows 10 on December 15.

Xbox One version of Happy Wars is officially released after premature launch

The Xbox One version of the free-to-play action-strategy game Happy Wars is now officially released. The game, from developer Toylogic, was briefly made available for public download accidentally a couple of weeks ago.

Happy Wars for Xbox One gets accidentally released, breaking the Xbox 360 version

An Xbox One version of the free-to-play game Happy Wars was made available to download publicly by accident earlier this morning, and players who have downloaded and installed this build will find that it has broken the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Happy Wars and Worms Revolution come to Xbox 360 Live Arcade next week

Xbox Live Arcade is heating up to a boiling point lately, with top-shelf titles coming out pretty much every week (sometimes more than once a week). We’ve just posted impressions of SEGA’s latest releases, and the quality train doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon.

So what’s in store for next week? Well, on Wednesday, October 10th Team 17’s Worms Revolutions comes along, continuing the awesomely addictive Worms series. Even more exciting, Happy Wars (the first freemium XBLA game) launches Friday the 12th for all Xbox Live Gold members. Head past the break for details of both titles!

Freemium games coming to Xbox 360 starting with Happy Wars

Freemium Xbox Live games have gotten off to a rocky start on Windows Phone. Bug Village is sort of ho-hum and Glu’s two follow-up titles Gun Bros and Contract Killer sadly released in extremely buggy states. Hopefully the low quality and/or bugginess of those three games hasn’t completely soured our audience from the freemium business model... After all, iOS and the PC overflow with high quality free-to-play games.

The reason I’m talking up the freemium model is because Microsoft has finally started allowing free-to-play games to come to Xbox 360. Several such titles are in the works (including one extremely promising action-RPG that I can’t name just yet), but the first will be an online multiplayer-oriented XBLA title called Happy Wars from Japanese developer ToyLogic.