Check out the life of a Program Manager at Microsoft in new video that highlights Windows Phone

Microsoft recently published a video on their “WorkingAtMicrosoft” YouTube channel depicting the fun and excitement of being a Program Manager at Microsoft.

The minute and a half long video introduces us to three current Program managers: Terri Chudzik (Lead Program Manager), Klorida Miraj (Senior Program Manager) and Bayo Olatunji (Program Manager), a few of whom work on Windows Phone.

No, Nokia is not making an Android phone [Updated]

Just to throw some water on some of the ridiculousness that is surrounding a single job call by Nokia this morning, we’re going to address this just once.

Evidently Nokia placed a job posting on the site LinkedIn that called for a “Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware”.  A few tech sites (who should really know better) said that this is “consistent with Nokia making a tentative, exploratory move into Android territory” and another site headlining “Is Nokia Planning an Android Handset? New Job Listing Suggests So”.

No, it does not...

Nokia looking for "Evangelist" for US

Nokia is searching for a US-based "developer evangelist" to lure developers to create apps for their Windows Phones.  The position, which will be based in Sunnyvale, CA, will be part of Nokia's Developer Experience team and will be responsible for engaging developers through "outreach programs and providing technical support services that enable developers to efficiently design, develop, distribute and monetize leading edge consumer experiences" on Nokia WP7 devices and Windows Phone in general.

According to the job posting, the specific duties of the Developer Evangelist will be to:

• Create excitement for and drive the success of Nokia's developer products and programs by engaging with third party developers building applications and businesses on them.
• Evangelize the adoption of Windows Phone developer products to the broader developer community.
• Participate in technical and design discussions with developers to speed adoption and ensure best practices during implementation.
• Evangelize Nokia developer products in person and online.
• Advocate for developers within Nokia, and influence our developer product strategy by working with teams across the company.

Basically, hyping the features that make both WP7 and Nokia hardware great and helping devs to leverage that. 

Nokia, and Microsoft for that matter, are trying desperately to get people to notice WP7.  Microsoft has certainly done their part to draw in devs by offering them financial incentives, free phones and marketplace prominence.  They have also ramped up advertising, including a big event yesterday in NYC and financially helping manufacturers to get the word out.  Nokia spared no expense either, spending triple the amount on advertising their new Lumia phones than they had one previous campaigns.

With WP7 lagging significantly behind iOS and Android in both market share and app marketplace size, the multi-pronged approach is a wise one.

Source: Nokia; Via: CNet